Setting Up a Cozy Home Library for Book Lovers
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Setting Up a Cozy Home Library for Book Lovers

|May 26, 2023

A cozy home library is a luxury you’ll be able to have with little creativity. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a fantastic book. 

How to Build a Cozy Library?

There’s an interior design principle called ‘prospect and refuge.’ It states that humans need a sweeping view or vision of the future (prospect) and somewhere to feel safe (refuge). 

Think about the table you usually choose at your favorite restaurant. You might pick a place where you can see everyone (prospect) but near the window because you find it cozy (refuge). 

These two factors come together and make humans feel good in ways that you might not always be able to explain. When it comes to a small home library, you should mostly rely on ‘refuge,’ so the design of the place must reflect that. 

To achieve this, you’ll need to go through several steps. Follow the next guide to make sure you get the best results: 

A Dedicated Room or a Dedicated Space

Some people are able to get a room or a prefab ADU that they use solely as their library. However, if you can’t access either of those options, the best candidate for a reading space is a place you usually use to relax. 

A sunroom or your living room will be ideal. You need to put some space aside to turn it into a small cozy home library.

A Dedicated Room or a Dedicated Space

Plan What You’re Doing

You can’t put together a small home library unless you plan beforehand. To get the best results, you’ll need to sketch the space you have available and list out the items you’ll need to turn it into a cozy reading nook. 

In many cases, people need to get measuring tapes and make sure they’re buying furniture that fits their available space. 

Even though this step is unimportant for some, it’s actually essential. You should never skip it because you’ll risk buying items that don’t fit or look how you want them to. 

Choose a Style or Combine Different Things

You’ll have to make some decisions when it comes to putting together your modern home library. Are you going for a classic look, or do you prefer a more modern ambiance? 

There are numerous combinations available for you to style your library. However, you should understand your preferences since it makes the process smoother and much more fun.

Choose a Style or Combine Different Things

Rely on Practical Shelving So Your Library Is Not a Museum

Some places say ‘Curl up, grab a book, and get comfortable.’ However, others evoke ‘Sit straight and don’t touch anything.’ 

You need to make sure that your shelves are accessible if you want your cozy home library to be for use and not for show.

If you’re adding children’s books, for example, you should keep them low, so they can research them and then put them away. 

Put your favorite books at eye level. That way, when you enter the place, you’ll see books that you want to sit down and read. 

If you add any precious heirlooms, you’ll have to put them up high to make sure you don’t worry about mishaps. 

Lastly, don’t worry about overly styling your shelves or arranging them in such a way that you can’t access the books. 

Cozy Lighting

Lighting is one of the essential factors when it comes to making a room feel inviting. You might have the best reading position, but if you can’t see properly, you won’t want to spend too much time in your nook. 

Natural light can completely change how a room feels during the day. Alternatively, you can use artificial lighting if sunlight is not an option. 

Your space will have a specific function: it’ll be a mini home library. Therefore, you need lighting that’s specifically for that task. Each chair should have a lamp that readers can adjust. 

At the same time, you’ll need ambient lighting to create the atmosphere you want in the room. 

Generally, the best idea is to go for pools of light instead of perfectly even lighting since it can make you feel like you’re in a warehouse.

Cozy Lighting for cozy home library

Comfortable Sitting Options

In many small library room ideas, you’ll notice that getting a comfortable chair is essential to bring your space together. 

Most people prefer a chair to sit and read in instead of a sofa in their modern home library. Furthermore, it should be both emotionally and physically comfortable. Remember the principle of ‘refuge’? It applies here. 

To make sure the chair evokes a sense of refuge, it’ll have to face the door, which allows the person to feel safe because they know no one will sneak up on them. 

Clearly, it’s likely you won’t be able to arrange every door in the room so that it faces the door. However, keep in mind that having your back to entrance points might be psychologically uncomfortable. Try to do your best! 

A Focal Point for Readers

Any cozy home library can benefit from a focal point, especially if you put it together at home. 

If your room has a natural focal point, take advantage of it and orient it around it. In some cases, this might clash with not wanting your chair facing away from the door. 

Keep in mind that on many occasions, there will be only one best seat in the room. It’s not a problem since it’s likely one person will use your modern home library at a time.

A Focal Point for Readers

How About Building a Backyard Home Library at Home with ADUs?

Another fantastic alternative for a small home cozy library is to get a prefab ADU and turn it into a work pod

prebuilt studio could potentially solve many of the issues you might encounter when designing your mini home library because you’ll get enough space to arrange your books and work-from-home supplies and devices. 

Why Are Prefab ADUs Gaining Fame?

If you take a look online, you’ll see many people suggesting outdoor reading nook ideas. It’s because prefab ADUs are quickly gaining fame! 

Many people love ADUs because they allow them to separate their work life from their leisure time. At the same time, they provide you with plenty of space for you to decorate your surroundings and make sure they boost your productivity and mood. 

Even though a studio shed might be more expensive than other alternatives, it’ll be worth it. At Autonomous, you’ll find different options to choose from, and they’re all top-notch, so you’ll be completely satisfied with what you get.

Why Are Prefab ADUs Gaining Fame?

Reasons Why You Should Get a Prefab ADU

There are many reasons why people use a prefab ADU as a cozy home library. On one hand, you’ll get much more space to organize your favorite books. 

Furthermore, if you have pets, you can make your ADU an animal-free zone and make sure your books and valuable items are safe from harm. 

Your ADU could become your productivity sanctuary. Although many workers don’t notice it, it could be what they need to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

Another reason to get an ADU is that you won’t have to sacrifice your privacy while you’re working or reading. Sometimes, people just need some alone time, and that’s exactly what you can get with an outdoor office pod

Lastly, incorporating an ADU into your house will allow you to increase its value. If you ever decide to sell or rent it, the office pod will help you earn more money from it.

workpod for writer

How to Decorate Your Prefab ADU?

Decorating your ADU is probably the best part of turning it into a modern home library. There are numerous ideas to try, so here are five of the best tips you might like to remember: 

Involve Your Whole Family

Most people live with their loved ones. Whether you’re alone with your partner or have numerous people around including kids and dogs, you can involve them and make the decoration process fun. 

If there are small kids, they can help with simpler tasks such as putting small objects on shelves. The process may take longer than you expect, but you’ll get to make memories that will last forever, so it’ll be worth it. 

Plan Before Starting

As the article mentioned before, you shouldn’t start before planning what you’ll do, and it’s even more critical when it comes to decorating an ADU.

Your ADU will be a self-contained living space, and it could even have a bathroom. However, for it to work perfectly as a workstation and a library, you’ll have to plan out the way you want it to look. 

Imagine how your favorite furniture would look inside it and make sure you’re considering the space you have available and the items you’ll need to arrange your devices and supplies. 

Once you have an idea of the things you want, you can start browsing for them in different stores.

How to Decorate Your Prefab ADU?

Look for Inspiration Online

You might have a rough sketch that includes words such as ‘sofa,’ ‘desk,’ and ‘bookshelf.’ However, you may not know the style you’re going for yet. 

Online, you’ll find many different alternatives and ideas, including numerous inspirational pictures for you to see what others do when designing ADUs. 

Remember that you don’t need to do what someone else did. Instead, rely on the ideas and pictures to get inspired, think about your own needs, and choose something that showcases your personal preferences. 

Choose Something That Aligns with Your Needs

Aesthetic places are fantastic, but you should design your ADU to guarantee it’s both functional and beautiful. 

Think about the purpose of your cozy home library. You’ll probably get it because you want to organize your books, be able to read comfortably, and get some work done. 

Therefore, you’ll most likely need an ergonomic chair, a spacious and sturdy desk, a comfortable lounge sitting spot, and bookshelves, as well as other storage options. 

The items you choose and how you arrange them will depend on your specific needs. Therefore, take some time to evaluate what would be best to increase your productivity and allow you to relax, and pick the most convenient products for it.

Choose Something That Aligns with Your Needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is getting an ADU a good idea?

It’s a fantastic idea since you’ll be able to separate your home space from your work. At the same time, you’ll have much more room to organize your books and supplies. 

Why should I get an ADU for my home library?

Getting an ADU for your mini home library is a fantastic idea because you’ll be able to decorate it at leisure, use its spacious inside to organize your beautiful books, and get the privacy you need when you want to read and relax. 

How can I design a home library?

To design a home library, you’ll need to make a plan that considers your needs and budget. Sketch the available space and measure it to guarantee you’re not buying anything that doesn’t fit. Furthermore, ensure that you’re going for a style that matches your personal preferences and personality. 

Why are ADUs convenient?

They’re convenient because they give you privacy, allow you to increase the value of your home, and let you have a separate space to engage in different activities. 

Should I only use natural lighting in my home library?

Although natural lighting is fantastic, you’ll probably need to add artificial lights when you’re reading at night.

Final Thoughts

A cozy home library is the ideal place for bookworms. You can go there when you need a break from work or when you feel like getting away from the hassle of your life. 

With a mini home library, you can immerse yourself in your favorite stories while getting the privacy you want. However, there are so many design options that you might have a hard time choosing your favorite. 

Now that you thoroughly understand the process and know that getting an ADU is probably the best idea, it’s time for you to do things yourself. Design your dream reading nook and have fun!

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