How to Decorate a Desk: Ideas to Add Personality to your Workspace
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How to Decorate a Desk: Ideas to Add Personality to your Workspace

|Apr 14, 2022

Deciding how to decorate a work desk is more complicated than you may think. Many contributing external factors influence what you are allowed to do, what you can do, and what you want to do. When you begin to decorate a desk, ideas are likely to come from all over the place, but how do you turn those ideas into an attractive, functional, and personalized workspace? 

In this guide, we look at some of the most popular desk design aesthetics and tips on how to decorate a work desk without losing the professional aspect. Everyone can use a little guidance and inspiration, and that is exactly what we aim to provide! 

Pros and Cons of Desk Decorations for Work

Those who work in offices will spend most of our week in the workplace. Because we spend more time there, the workplace becomes a primary residence. However, daily life may become monotonous and repetitive with so much time spent at work. Since many people might lack the capacity or power to demand such a significant shift in their job load or day-to-day routines, they influence their workspaces. 

Our office workstation reflects who we are as individuals in certain ways. Our workstations may reflect our preferences, interests, and even personality qualities. However, this can only occur if we put together a little effort to create a more 'warm and inviting ambiance. A drab, uninspiring, and dreary workstation might hinder our productivity.

Our total working happiness may be significantly improved by personalizing and beautifying our workstations. Although some may consider desk decorations for work to be workplace clutter, others may regard it as a significant personal representation. So, we will take you through some ideas for customizing your work area with that in mind.

Before we start, let’s look at the positive and negative aspects of desk decoration for work. When done well, office décor for work adds tremendous value to a space and to the people who work in it, but there is plenty that can go wrong. 

Pros of Desk Decoration for Work

Pros of Office Desk Decoration

Individual personalities add value to a workplace and help reduce that cold corporate feeling.

  • When people are allowed to express some individuality at their desks, they feel more comfortable and included.
  • Sometimes a standard desk setup is just not practical for everybody. One size does not fit all.
  • Excellent ideas come from individuals that can be rolled out to the whole office to improve working life, for example, an innovative new desk accessory.
  • Remote working is becoming more and more common, so individuality is more accessible than ever!
  • The modern world is all about showing who you are in every aspect of your life - why should work be any different? 

Cons of Desk Decoration for Work

Cons of Office Desk Decoration

  • Too much of a good thing turns bad, and over-decorated desks and cubicles can become an eyesore.
  • Some people associate desk decoration for work with mess and clutter, which is true in some cases.
  • Some businesses need to maintain a highly professional or clinical appearance, in which case desk decoration for work may be inappropriate.
  • It can be hard to know the line. What is acceptable and what is not? What aids productivity, and what detracts from a professional mindset?
  • Decorations can become a distraction if taken too far.
  • In an office setting, it can be hard to maintain a uniform look at the same time as encouraging people to show their personalities. It can become a tough job for the person in charge to keep things fair. 

Modern and Professional Office Desk dDecoration Ideas

Did you realize that the correct office desk décor may help you improve your attention, inventiveness, mood, plus efficiency by transforming your working space? – To learn how to decorate office spaces, follow these simple professional office desk decoration ideas for increased usefulness and efficiency. Either you want to update your office table arrangement or merely would like to freshen up your desk decor!

Looking for inspiration? Here are five decorative desk setup ideas that are bang on trend for this year. Our work office desk décor ideas include:

1. Minimalist Office Desk Decoration Idea

Minimalist Office decorate desk ideas

The minimalist desk has long since been the reigning champion of office décor and design. Minimalism lends itself well to office life, as it champions the idea of less is more. Less clutter equals more thinking space, fewer distractions equal greater productivity. 

Use only what is necessary, forgoing the bells and whistles in exchange for maximum functionality, but in a stylish way. 

2. Simplistic and Sophisticated Standing Desk Setup

An automatic standing desk is the signature piece of office furniture for 2022. People everywhere are making the switch to this new way of working and setting up a desk. Better for your health, your mind, and your workflow, a standing desk is a decoration in itself. 

Of course, the decorate desk idea is to add to the sleek and streamlined approach of the standing desk by complementing it with basic yet helpful accessories. Add one or two soft touches, a splash of color, and you have nailed the trend. 

3. Mixed Texture, Minimal Color

Mixed Texture, Minimal Color for decorate desk ideas

Color is not the only design tool that can spice up your work setting. Mixed textures are a modern and extremely effective way to add interest to a space without overpowering the surroundings. 

Keep the color palette natural, and basic then switch things up with your material choices. Think modern mesh chair, classic wooden accents, metal finishes, and a leather desk pad in your decorate desk idea. 

4. Maximalist Done Right

If you are feeling bold, why not go to the other end of the scale and tackle a maximalist design. Some people just love stuff and find a minimalist setup uninspiring. Maximalism does not mean clutter - it simply means filling your space with things that inspire you. If you need to be surrounded by color and pictures and texture and productivity gadgets to get creative, don't let us stop you! 

5. The Great Outdoors, Indoors

Going green is always a good decoration desk idea. Adding plants and natural materials to your workspace is said to help with stress and anxiety. Wooden surfaces and accents add to that spacious outdoorsy feeling that so many people love. Low-maintenance plants are the best choice as they don’t need too much attention.

6. Make Your Workstation More Personal by Adding New Elements

Make Your Workstation More Personal by Adding New Elements

Pens, notebooks, or customized and personalized calendars bring a sense of individuality and refinement to your workstation. Personalized images in attractive frames are a simple way to quickly improve your attitude while also bringing a touch of affection to your office. Whether it's keepsakes, artwork, or artistic embellishments, go by what makes you happy without overwhelming or cluttering your workspace!

7. Put a Live Plant on Your Desk to Liven Things up

Adding houseplants to your workplace might help you relax and feel more at peace. We aren't suggesting that you put fresh flowers on your table every day. Add a splash of green, making a very low-maintenance office desk decor! Purchase a pair of succulent plants since they are affordable and easy to care for.

8. Please Make the Most Use of Your Workplace Accouterments

Please Make the Most Use of Your Workplace Accouterments

This is another idea of desk decorations for work for you. It is more about blending fashion and pleasure when styling your workstation. Desk decorations that are both attractive and useful tick all the boxes. Artistic desk organizers include color-coordinated stationery items. You can reduce the mess by adding dimension to your desktop with pen holders, document sorters, etc. Don't forget about the colored pushpins in amusing shapes!

9. Fill in the Blanks with Your Personal Favorites

When we work in a workplace, we are frequently forced to stare at a computer monitor for long periods. It's often great to take breaks, and what better option to do it than by reading a few chapters from one of our favorite novels.

10. Colored Mouse and Keyboard Mats

Colored Mouse and Keyboard Mats

The majority of keyboard or mousepads are bland, monotonous, and simple. To liven up your workplace, consider purchasing a custom-made mat to add that special touch, including photographs from your most liked TV series, films, and singers.

11. Try Your Hand at Making Your Office Desk Décor

Make the most of your weekend by doing some DIY projects, which are another great part of our desk decor ideas! Have a good time making amusing décor for your office. Make some interesting tassels to put on your walls! To make a proper, elegant method to store scattered office materials, paint spray boxes like gift baskets! Cut printed tape to decorate your QWERTY keyboard, desk drawers, and other surfaces. The possibilities are unlimited; be inventive! You can also invest in Enkel Studios Work Smarter Set.

12. Keep a Colorful, Personalized Blanket at Your Workstation

Keep a Colorful, Personalized Blanket at Your Workstation

It's vital to feel comfy at your workstation when working. Keep a shawl or a fleece at your workplace or on your computer desk to give elegance and warmth to your workplace. You may change colors to match your décor, and you can also add your name to make it more personal.

13. Space-saving Organization Options

Here is one of the interesting desk decorations for work. Utilize space-saving office products such as the Gold Triangle File Holder while designing your work desk to make it fuss-free. Apart from the triangle file holder, you can look for clever gadgets for making your desk organized, tidied up, and beautiful, from desktop organizers to stand-up notebooks to multi-functional desk accouterments. 

14. Add a Lamp to Your Workspace

Add a Lamp to Your Workspace

You may require your private lamp based on the illumination in your workspace. A light may significantly improve the ambiance of your desk. Why not try for something even homier rather than a more usual business-looking lighting?

15. Organize Your Stationary in a Fun Way

With all of this new equipment, such as the wire office desk organizer and vegan leather desk mat or the DeltaHub minimalist desk pad, we'll need to find a place to keep it all. Having a colorful and distinctive stationery organizer like the Rose Gold Desk Organizer is far superior to having dull and monotonous ones.

16. Add a Mirror to Your Workspace

Add a Mirror to Your Workspace

Offices are known for being cramped and uninviting. While incorporating everything mentioned can assist in creating a livelier and customized atmosphere, your desk may still seem cramped. A mirror may provide the impression of additional space.

17. Add Wallpaper to Your Drawers

Applying wallpaper to your cabinets for desk decorations for work, either inside or outside, may provide your office equipment a complete makeover. Nuance is important with this one. Don't use wallpapers to cover every part of your cabinets. You'll end up making them appear cheesy in the end.

18. Apply the Sticker to Your Keyboard and Personalize it

Apply the Sticker to Your Keyboard and Personalize it

A customized keyboard already created might be rather costly. Keyboard decorations such as stickers, on the other hand, are also accessible. These make it simple to add color and artwork to your keypad, making it seem more fascinating and distinctive.

19. Add Your Favorite Family Photos

Whenever we feel unhappy or worried, viewing a photograph of anyone we care about might help us relax. Whether it's a photo of your children, spouse, or pets, make sure the photos you pick are suitable.

20. Put Your Favorite Snacks on the Desk

Put Your Favorite Snacks on the Desk

Snacks are a great way to break up a long day. Putting them in your workplace may help improve our spirits and give the workstation a good appearance. Just be cautious not to overindulge in the sugary treats.

Top Five Things to Remember about Office Décor for Work

Sometimes the hardest part of a revamp is knowing where to start! Here are five and the most essential things to remember when you decide to decorate your desk. We have also included five top tips to help you plan out your next desk look! 

1. Prioritize a Productive Desk

Prioritize a Productive Desk to decorate desk ideas

productive desk is essential for effective working, whether at home or in the office. Poor lighting, unnecessary clutter, and a dysfunctional layout are some of the things that could detract from productivity. 

Whatever office desk decoration for work you decide to include, make sure it adds value and aids your day-to-day working life. In some cases, it may be a psychological aid; in others, a practical one. A productive desk setup with proper office decor for work is organized in a way that boosts functionality on every level.

Top Tip: Minimize clutter and maximize productivity with the Autonomous magnetic desk organizer. The ultra-durable pods are customizable on the bamboo bases so that you can make the look your own. Never struggle with a messy desk again! 

2. Think About Your Surroundings

The type of place you work in must influence your decorate desk ideas. You cannot have the same creative freedom in a strictly professional corporate office suite as you can in your home office, for example. Before you make any additions or changes to your desk or cubicle, think about how appropriate they are and consider checking with someone. 

Of course, if you work remotely or in an office where individuality is encouraged, go for it! The important thing is that your desk or cubicle décor looks like it belongs to the area surrounding it. 

Top Tip: Take inspiration from the central color scheme in the place you work. Look for the base colors, a.k.a, the walls, the furniture, the floors, etc., and continue it into your décor choices. Next, check what accent colors you can see and consider desk accessories in this tone. You can push the boat out and get creative, but if you use this technique, your desk is sure to look cohesive. 

3. Start with the Essentials

Start with the Essentials

Even the most beautifully decorated desk idea or cubicle is no use if the basic ingredients do not work. Start by choosing a height-appropriate and space-efficient desk if you do not already have one for your office decor for work. 

A top-quality ergonomic office chair is the next big-ticket item on the list, and its importance is paramount! The chair you pick determines how comfortable you are going to feel while working and how well supported your back and neck are. Although this has nothing to do with desk aesthetics and decoration, it matters a lot. Besides, how can you enjoy a beautifully decorated productive desk if you are uncomfortable all the time?

Once you have the desk and chair, think about what items are truly essential and prioritize getting them right. After these items are installed, you have a better idea of what space you have to play with. 

Top Tip: Ergonomic chairs can become part of your décor. Many options come with multiple color choices and are extremely fashionable. If you are going for modern and quirky decorate desk ideas, check out the AvoChair. Alternatively, for a sleek and professional aesthetic, consider the ErgoChair Pro.

4. Balance Professionalism with Personality

Individuality is important and valuable to businesses as a whole, but so is professionalism. Adding your personality to your workspace is great and encouraged in most modern workplaces. However, it should not detract from your identity as a professional person with a job to do. 

Even if you work completely remotely and your office décor is not limited by company policy or guidelines, it is still worth working on a balance for your own good. Psychologically, an over-personalized desk makes it harder to focus, especially if you are at home. Keep some level of distinction between a work zone and a casual zone. 

Top Tip: A desk cover is an excellent organizational tool that also allows you to express personality. Depending on the style you go for, they can cover most of the desk or only the area immediately in front of you. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, bringing an instant sense of personality to your desk or cubicle décor without overpowering the professional space. 

5. Don’t Over-Do It

Don’t Over-Do It

When choosing your office desk accessories, resist the temptation to just get everything! There are so many excellent things to choose from, all of which can add value to your desk set up and make it look great. The trick, however, is to pick the right ones for you and keep them simple. 

If you add too many accessories or too much decoration, your desk goes from looking smart and stylish to some kind of jumble sale for office equipment. Think about the space you have available and what you really need. Sure, add in a couple of things that are more of a luxury than a necessity, but keep it under control. 

Top Tip: Look for inspiration on Pinterest or office websites such as Autonomous. Having an image to work from and customize to your preferences is easier than starting from scratch. It also helps you to reign in your decorate desk ideas and prevent them from spinning out of control. 

Cubicle Décor

Cubicle decorate desk ideas

Cubicle décor works much the same as decorating an open desk, except you have the possibility to utilize the dividing walls. This opens up a bit more wiggle room and gives you more space to work with. 

As far as aesthetics and guidelines go, everything is the same. You should still stick to the color scheme of the office as a whole, keep things simple and practical, and avoid anything overly distracting. However, the privacy of a cubicle desk does allow you a little more independence to add a few personal touches. 

Popular Cubicle Desk Decor Ideas

  • Make use of the vertical space for storage. Floating shelves or stacked storage boxes work well in this setting.
  • Add plenty of light. Cubicles can be a little dark sometimes, so adding some desk lighting is highly beneficial and a good use of space.
  • Attach a magnetic board to part of your cubicle wall to keep things neat, tidy, and out of your way. A few magnets help you keep important notes and reminders in clear view without causing clutter on the desk.
  • Brighten up your cubicle with some artwork, photographs, or even wallpaper, depending on your personal taste and what your office allows. The vertical space is the perfect gallery- just don’t choose something overly distracting.
  • Play around with your desk setup and layout. Where does your monitor get the best light? How easily can you reach everything you need? Is everything in its optimal place?
  • A cluttered cubicle can feel claustrophobic, so prioritize minimalist storage and organization accessories. 

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

When deciding how to decor a desk with a suitable decorate desk idea, ideas come in plenty of shapes and sizes. None are right, and none are wrong, but they should be tailored to your environment and responsibilities. 

Find inspiration, tie it in with the place you work, choose smart accessories that add value, and let your personality shine in a creative but professional way. Be it your private corporate office, your cubicle in the bullpen, your remote home office, or any other workspace - any setting can benefit from a décor upgrade. 

Stick to the tips on how to decorate work desk, and you can't go far wrong. Don't be afraid to introduce a little bit of you into your business life, but remember that it is a professional environment, and productivity is key!

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