The Ultimate Desk Shopping Guide: Find the Best Office Desk for Sale in Dubai
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The Ultimate Desk Shopping Guide: Find the Best Office Desk for Sale in Dubai

|Dec 28, 2023

Office desks are central features in any workspace. The importance of picking the right desk is hugely underestimated, and finding the right one is not always as straightforward as people think. It is easy to find a high-quality office desk for sale in Dubai, but how do you pick the one for you? 

In this guide, we look at the features and elements that are most important to consider when choosing a desk- whether it is for a shared commercial workplace or your home office. It also covers the pros and cons of some popular desk styles and shares five of the best Dubai desks for sale today.

Key Considerations when Picking a Desk for a Dubai Workplace

Buying desks for a professional office space can be a challenge. Balancing budget with quality and style with functionality is easier said than done. Here are the first things to consider when buying office desks for Dubai workplaces. 

Is It Comfortable and Practical?

Desk ergonomics are the first thing to think about. Any piece of furniture someone spends a long time using needs to be comfortable and supportive. With office desks, they also need to be practical for purpose. Providing tiny, flimsy desks for people to spend long hours working with lots of materials is not putting the best foot forward. 

Think about height settings, chair space, and weight capacity. Make sure the important things are in check.

Who Is Going to Use It?

Is this desk for someone specific or to be used by many people? Will someone be using the desk for long hours, or is it just for special projects? Can the person using this desk do everything they need to do on a laptop, or will they have other supplies and materials with them?

These are a few things you can ask yourself when buying office desks. Maybe you need five small, versatile desks for a shared workspace or one big desk for team collaborations- either way, you need to know what you are looking for to help narrow the search.

What Aesthetic Do You Want for the Workplace?

Style isn’t everything, but it goes a long way. Dubai offices are known for being chic, modern, practical, and professional- and the desk adds a lot to the overall appearance.

Minimalist offices usually favor white desks. Family-run spaces often choose warm wood tones to feel more homely and personable. Professional enterprises usually pick darker, muted tones to feel neutral and serious. It all depends on what you want your office to say about your business.

What Aesthetic Do You Want for the Workplace?

Is It a Good Choice for Encouraging Productivity?

Office desks need to be more than just comfortable - they should also contribute to the culture of productivity. Businesses work best when their employees are focused, efficient, and energized. It may surprise you how significant a role the desks they use play.

Consider how to get the best from your team. If that includes standing desks or collaborative workspaces, work them into your plan.

Does Your Office Budget Allow for the Price Tag?

Budgets are less flexible when buying for a business, not just yourself. If you have a number to work with, you need to find the best desks within that range. Think about how many you need and how much you can spend per desk. Look for solutions to get more for your money. 

You can often find great deals in an office furniture sale - either stock clearance, seasonal, or during special promotions. If you can’t find the ones you want at the price you can afford in an office table sale, look into bulk-buy discounts for business clients.

Does Your Office Budget Allow for the Price Tag?

Alternative Considerations when Shopping for a Home Office Desk in Dubai

Most of these things apply to shopping for a home standing desk as well. That said, you may need to think about things a little differently if you are buying a desk for your remote personal workspace. In some ways, you have more freedom. In other ways, you are more restricted. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself.

Is It the Right Size for Your At-Home Workspace?

Space tends to be at a premium in most home offices. Whether you have a whole room or just a space in the corner, you need to consider how much space you can afford to take up with the desk.

There is usually no need for a huge desk in a home office. Instead, pick something that feels proportional to the space while providing enough room for you to work freely, comfortably, and productively.

Is It the Right Size for Your At-Home Workspace?

Does It Meet the Functionality Requirements?

Desks need to be functionally appropriate. If you only work from a laptop and need to be able to move around a lot to stay productive, then a simple sit/stand desk is best. If you work using large, heavy study books, you need a sturdy desk with plenty of space and somewhere to store papers.

Think about your priorities and how you will use the desk. It is important to feel comfortable and capable of working effectively from home.

What Style Are You Trying to Achieve?

You can add more personality to a home office, so why not take advantage of that? Think about what you want your workspace to look like and search for a desk that matches your vibe.

Is There Enough Space for Storage?

These days, most stuff is stored on the cloud- but not all of it. While commercial offices usually have specific places for filing and storage, your home office may rely purely on your desk.

It is something to think about when picking a desk style. If you don’t need storage, great, but if you do, focus on desks that can provide it.

Is There Enough Space for Storage?

Desk Styles and Comparisons

Sit-Stand Desk

The adjustable desk has taken the working world by storm recently. Many modern Dubai offices have introduced sit/stand desks into their way of working- encouraging staff to be more active and productive throughout the day. You will find an array of adjustable desk styles online- some manual and some electronic.


  • Better for physical and mental well-being
  • Promotes active working and increased productivity
  • Many modern styles to choose from
  • Very on-trend 


  • Not everyone likes them
  • More expensive than normal desks (on average)
  • Electric adjustable desks need to be plugged in

Sit-Stand Desk - office desk for sale

Executive Desk

Executive desks are exactly what they sound like- large, impressive desks for important people- usually in private or home offices. The classic executive desk design is a large central desk with a blocked front- usually with storage of some sort built-in on the side. Many are L-shaped for additional space.


  • Impressive and professional
  • Plenty of desktop workspace
  • Premium, durable materials


  • Big and bulky
  • Usually quite expensive
  • Not suitable for small or shared workplaces

Executive Desk

Workstation Desk

A workstation desk is a large desk that can be divided into multiple stations - usually with a desktop divider. The idea of this type of desk is to create a versatile place for people to work independently or collaboratively as required. Although unnecessary for most home offices, they are excellent choices in shared workplaces and offices.


  • Save space
  • Promotes working relationships
  • Practical 


  • Less individuality 
  • Could impact productivity if misused 
  • Harder to move around

Workstation Desk

Minimalist Office Desk 

Minimalistic style is a major trend in modern offices. A minimalist desk usually has four legs and a surface, with little more than a discreet drawer or cable tray connected. People often choose this style if they have limited space and do all their work digitally, meaning they don’t need much storage.


  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Looks clean and professional
  • Can reduce stress
  • Avoids build-up of unnecessary clutter
  • Chic and trendy 


  • Little to no storage
  • Can feel too bare or simple in some offices

Minimalist Office Desk 

The Best Office Desk on Sale in Dubai Today: Our Top Five Picks

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

A tried and tested classic, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) will always have a top spot on our list. Sleek, simple, smooth, and stylish- this automatic adjustable desk is a winner at home and in the workplace.

We recommend this desk for anyone making the switch to the sit/stand way of working- particularly if you are kitting out your remote workspace. It is spacious without being bulky and high-quality without breaking the bank- not to mention how seamlessly the simple black office desk design blends in with any aesthetic.

If you love this style but need more desktop space, the height-adjustable corner desk alternative in the same style is worth checking out.

2. Autonomous Desk Levitate

If standing desks appeal to you, but you prefer the appearance of a classic, simple office desk- this 4-leg standing desk could be a great solution. The Autonomous Desk Levitate is a new design that is already impressing professionals around the world.

When we first tried this desk, we were blown away by how smooth the movement was- even with a monitor, keyboard, and various desk accessories on top. It moves seamlessly up and down with the wave of a hand, despite looking like a basic minimalist office desk at first glance.

Sticking with the minimalist design theme, the Autonomous Desk Levitate only has one discreet wire for connecting to a power supply. There is space to attach a power bar at the back of the desk- a fantastic feature for any workspace.

We found this height range one of the most versatile. It works well for people of varying heights and feels comfortable in sitting and standing positions. It is one of the more expensive standing desks, but well worth the money if you want the best across the board.

3. MR Furniture N-Desk

Our top choice executive office desk for sale in Dubai is the N-Desk by MR Furniture. An executive desk should scream luxury, elegance, and style- boxes this desk certainly ticks. The interesting shape looks modern and chic but has a classic edge to it. We love how it manages to balance executive sophistication with edgy, forward-thinking design.

There is plenty of space to work with- both on the two-level desk surface and around the seating area. We felt important and empowered sitting at this desk- just what we want from a Dubai executive desk. You can choose from five premium finishes to suit the style of your office- all made using the highest-quality materials for durability.

This brand is a well-known manufacturer of the premium office desk (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar), known for quality, personalized services, and custom installations.

4. Cosmo Jazz Office Workstation

This pick is specifically for offices looking for workstation inspiration for multiple employees. Our favorite design is the Cosmo Jazz Office Workstation- a unique, space-optimizing desk that sits three.

There are a few things we love about this design. First, the high-quality EGGER boards feel smooth and durable, so you can expect them to last a while. Secondly, the generous desk space leaves plenty of room for monitors, laptops, workbooks, and more- even with the dividers up.

Lastly, we love the removable dividers. It means your staff can work independently without distraction or collaboratively on team projects without needing to move. Built-in storage makes it even more practical- and it looks stylish and professional in all the color options.

5. MICKE Home Office Desk by IKEA

If you are looking for something simple and budget-friendly, we recommend the MICKE desk. An IKEA classic and best seller, this basic but robust desk is perfect for a home office or small workstation in a bedroom.

We love how practical the desk is while maintaining clean simplicity that fits in almost any space or setup. There are two discreet under-desk drawers and a built-in cupboard for additional storage. The chair space feels roomy enough to move around comfortably, but it may be a little low for someone particularly tall.

Another great feature is the circular space cut near the back of the desk surface. It lets you feed cables through without pulling the desk away from the wall. Available in black or white, this is a great buy for anyone who needs clean, basic, functionality in a small space.


It is easy to find an office desk for sale in Dubai if you know where to look. In a city where business is always booming, having a high-quality personal or shared workstation that looks and feels professional, productive, and practical is a must.

Choosing the best desk for your Dubai office comes down to finding a style you like and working out your priorities. There is something for every price range and preference- especially with the brands and websites mentioned on our list.

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