Integrating Height Adjustable Corner Desks in Open-concept Spaces in 2024
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Integrating Height Adjustable Corner Desks in Open-concept Spaces in 2024

|Nov 21, 2023

Having a height-adjustable corner desk can be the ideal solution for an office that uses open-concept spaces. In such situations, it is important to encourage teamwork and collaboration, and a desk that easily accommodates more than one worker is the perfect choice.

However, shopping for a good standing desk can be quite difficult, especially with the many different brands that are available online. If you are not careful in your selection process, you could easily end up buying the wrong desk, which might cost you a lot more down the line. 

This is why we compiled this review to help you decide whether the Autonomous Desk Expanse is the right desk for your needs. By the end of this article, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the kind of desk you need in your open-concept space. 

Benefits of Corner Desks in Open Offices

When you invest in a high-quality corner desk with adjustable height, it can bite off a huge chunk from your budget for office furniture. As such, you have to be clear on how you intend to use your standing corner desk, and the kind of benefits you can expect.

After using the Autonomous Desk Expanse for a few weeks, our team found that this kind of desk can provide the following advantages to its users:

More Workspace

One of the main reasons for choosing a corner standing desk over a regular option is that you need more space to use for daily tasks. In that regard, the Autonomous Desk Expanse delivers very well on its promise of a greater amount of workspace. 

Even if you plan on using three monitors as well as a host of other accessories, such as desk lamps, keyboards, CPUs, desk organizers, etc., you will find that the Autonomous Desk Expanse easily accommodates all of them, while still leaving you with plenty of space to do your work.

Benefits of height adjustable corner desks in Open Offices

Accommodates Two People

In an open-concept space, team members are often expected to work closely together on certain projects, and even share a single workstation as part of the collaboration process. If this is the case, you will need a desk that can easily accommodate two people, and an electric height-adjustable corner desk can do that. 

Each of the two modular segments that make up a corner desk can be used as a dedicated work area for a single worker. Since the employees are not facing each other, or sitting side by side, they can even enjoy a degree of privacy in cases where they are working on different projects. 

More Ergonomics (Easy Access to Accessories)

When working with many accessories, it can be frustrating to have to reach for the stuff that you need all the time, especially if you are working on a long desk that puts things well out of your reach. 

However, when sitting close to the corner of your L-shaped desk, you will find that everything on your desk is within easy reach. You do not even have to stand up, which is great for maintaining high levels of productivity.

More Ergonomics (Easy Access to Accessories)

Separation of Tasks

On an L-shaped standing desk, it is possible to work on two or more different tasks without each getting in the way of the other. You can set up one project on a single modular segment, and then start working on another even before completing the first one. This gives you the benefit of having a kind of two-in-one desk for your office. 

Increased Storage Space

If your work generates a lot of paperwork, or you use many accessories regularly, desk storage might be one of your top priorities when shopping for office furniture. An electric corner standing desk has a lot of space underneath to accommodate extra drawers or cabinets, which means you will never have to worry about a lack of storage. 

Enhanced Aesthetics

With the right corner standing desk, your workstation can be the centerpiece of your entire open-concept space. There are many designs to choose from, with some great options available, such as the Autonomous Desk Expanse.

How to Select the Right Corner Desk for Your Open Office?

It is not always very easy to choose the right height adjustable corner desk for your office. Often, you have to balance between what you want and what you can afford. However, considering that you want to use your desk for many years, this is a decision you have to make very carefully. 

When choosing a proper L-shaped desk for your office, consider the following: 

Room Dimensions

If you only have limited office space to use, you have no choice but to buy a small standing desk. On the other hand, in very wide-open spaces, your corner desk needs to be large enough to not get swallowed up by the entire room. You need to take proper room measurements to help you decide what size desk to buy. 

Room Dimensions

Desk Orientation 

Besides desk dimensions, you have to also consider the shape of your office, and the placement of windows and doorways. This will help guide you when choosing the right desk orientation for your needs. You have to choose between a left-sided or right-sided L-shaped desk because the two cannot be used interchangeably. 

Intended Tasks

What sort of work do you need to do on your corner desk with adjustable height? Answering this question will help you choose between important features of your desk, such as weight capacity, surface area, and the quality of material. 

Storage Needs

If you require plenty of storage, you will need a corner-standing desk that comes with a lot of drawers. Failing that, having adequate space beneath the desk for an extra cabinet is the next best thing. 

Quality of Material

Finally, careful consideration is required when choosing the type of desk materials your corner desk will be made of. While aesthetics is important, it is best to go for a robust desk that is built to last.

Quality of Material

Ideas to Arrange the Corner Desks in Open Office

If you are wondering how to arrange your height-adjustable corner desk, here are some great L-shaped desk layout ideas to consider: 

In the Corner/Center/Beneath a Window

Your first big decision is to decide where you are going to place your corner standing desk. Each choice has its benefits. If you place it in the center, you increase accessibility in an open-concept space, while placing it in the corner will leave more room for other office furniture. Alternatively, you can also place your desk beneath a window to enjoy working in a well-lit area.

In the Corner/Center/Beneath a Window

Add an Ergonomic Chair

The best companion for your corner desk with adjustable height is an ergonomic chair. This will allow you to continue enjoying many health benefits, even during the times you are seated behind your desk. 

Use Multiple Monitors

One of our favorite corner desk setup ideas involves the use of multiple monitors. Whether you plan on playing online games or analyzing multiple charts on online markets, having two or more monitors on your desk will give your workstation a unique look.

Invest in High-quality Accessories

The accessories you choose for your electric corner standing desk are also important. Consider buying a high-quality keyboard, mouse, monitor stand, desk lamp, etc.

Invest in High-quality Accessories

The Autonomous Desk Expanse – A Must-have for Open Concept Spaces

Your choice of office furniture goes a long way to determining how well you will be able to conduct your work daily, and the image your business portrays to any clients or customers who visit your office. As such, this is a choice that needs to be made after a lot of consideration. 

However, we understand that with so many height-adjustable corner desk options on the market, choosing the right one can be difficult. That is why we conducted an in-depth search to find the perfect desk for any office that has adopted the open space concept. 

After testing out many different brands, we finally landed on the Autonomous Desk Expanse as the ideal choice. Our team had a blast using this highly versatile and well-designed adjustable height L-shaped desk. 

Who This Review Is For?

If you are in the market for an electric height adjustable corner desk, this review is for you. After using the Autonomous Desk Expanse for a while, we feel that it will be able to meet the daily requirements of any regular office employee. 

Considering the many factors you have to think about when buying office furniture, this review is meant to highlight the virtues of the Autonomous Desk Expanse so that you can see what benefits you will enjoy with such a desk in your office. 

This review is mainly targeted at offices that subscribe to open-concept spaces. Such office design usually comes with a lot of unique requirements that the features of the Autonomous Desk Expanse are ready to meet. After reading this review, you will be able to decide whether this desk is the right choice for your needs.

Who This Review Is For?

Features of the Autonomous Desk Expanse

Also called an L-shaped height adjustable desk, the Autonomous Desk Expanse is an electric corner standing desk that comes loaded with a wide range of fantastic features. As an ergonomic desk, it does its job very well by allowing you to adjust the height of your desk easily. In a matter of seconds you will be able to switch from sitting to standing, all thanks to the triple electric motor that powers the lift mechanism.

Furthermore, as part of an open-concept workspace, one of the things you will be worried about is disturbing your co-workers whenever you adjust the height of your desk. However, you will be happy to know that the Autonomous Desk Expanse has a whisper-quiet motor that hardly makes a sound. When we tried it out in our office, our team was impressed at the effortless, smooth, and ultra-quiet lift mechanism. 

You usually expect to load quite a few accessories on a corner desk. In our case, we decided to set up a triple arm monitor, CPU, desk organizers, keyboard, mouse, and other common accessories to create a fully functional workstation. However, thanks to the 400-pound weight capacity of the Autonomous Desk Expanse, it was able to handle all these accessories with ease, even while the height was being adjusted.

In terms of range of height, the Autonomous Desk Expanse can be adjusted from 29.4” to 48”. This was enough to accommodate even the shortest or tallest members of our team. The desk comes with an electronic keypad with enough memory for four programmable settings, meaning all you will need is the touch of a button to adjust your desk. 

Whenever we review furniture, the quality of the materials is always a major talking point. In the case of the Autonomous Desk Expanse, the solid steel frame and warp-proof MDF wood top were a winning combination. This is a desk that has been built to last, and the five-year warranty for the frame and one-year for the top are indications of the confidence the manufacturers have in this product. 

As a bonus, when you buy this desk from Autonomous, you will get a free cable tray, which is something every modern office needs, especially if, like us, you plan on placing multiple monitors and accessories on your desk.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a good height-adjustable corner desk, you will need to focus your search on quality furniture brands, such as Autonomous. Start by figuring out how to style an open-concept office, and then consider the Autonomous Desk Expanse. With its long list of impressive features, this is the perfect desk to suit all your requirements.

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