5 Desk Setup with a Laptop & Monitor - Ideas for 2022
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5 Desk Setup with a Laptop & Monitor - Ideas for 2022

AutonomousAutonomous | Sep 19, 2021

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Organizing a desk setup with a laptop and monitor can be challenging. If you don't even know what to buy, you might have a hard time figuring out the best way to ensure your workspace is effective and aesthetically pleasing. Read on and find out more about all the things you should keep in mind. 

Setup Essentials for All Remote Workers

If you're a remote worker, you probably have some ideas you could try for your laptop and monitor setup. However, you might not know what to buy before you start organizing everything. 

Before you start examining all the laptop setup ideas, you should take a look at what you need to get. Many people believe they just have to put their laptop on a desk to get started, but that's often a mistake if you want to have an adequate workstation. 

If you don't have the right items for your laptop workstation setup, you may suffer from several consequences. On the one hand, you could have health issues such as back pain or neck discomfort, especially if you lack a proper chair or desk.  

On the other hand, your productivity could drop. Not having an organized workstation with everything you need to complete your tasks might lead you to waste time unnecessarily because you have to get up and get what you require to get the job done. 

In other instances, your lighting might be so poor you could quickly get tired and need breaks, which is also not convenient. Therefore, before thinking about organizing your desk setup with laptop and monitor, you need to take a look at the following essentials and make sure you have them all: 

1. Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is possibly the most important item you could include in your workstation. If you have one, you can ensure you take care of your back's health and prevent many issues. 

When you buy an ergonomic chair, you might notice that your neck and back immediately start feeling better, especially if you've never used one before. However, other parts of your body might also benefit from it, such as your legs. 

Having an ergonomic chair lets your blood circulate correctly each time you're sitting down to work. Therefore, you are less prone to suffering from leg cramps and similar problems. 

There are many ergonomic chair options, so you should carefully examine them before making a choice for your desk setup with laptop and monitor. It's one of the most crucial items you have to get, which is why you should make a list of all the pros and cons of each model first. 

Furthermore, if you've never bought an ergonomic chair before, you should keep several things in mind. A good suggestion, for example, is to make sure that the chair offers adjustable features, which gives you the chance of adjusting your sitting spot the way you want. 

2. Desk


The second most important item to get for your laptop or desktop setup is your desk. You need a great desk to accompany your fantastic ergonomic chair, especially if you constantly need to revise documents, or if you require space to organize different items. 

One of the most popular items for a desk setup with a laptop and monitor is an adjustable standing desk

The SmartDesk is often a great option as well. It offers more features than a classic model, and it often allows you to customize it in many different ways. 

Even though there are many desk setup ideas, with an adjustable standing desk, you can alternate between sitting down and standing up while you work.  

If you've never worked while standing, you might wonder how that could benefit your laptop or desktop setup. The truth is that standing up from time to time helps blood rush through your legs and the rest of your body, which is essential if you work for many hours. You probably don't want to experience numbness, cramps, or pain, which is why changing your position is a wonderful idea. 

3. Adequate Lighting

Having the right lighting in your laptop workstation setup is as important as buying a good desk and chair. If your workplace is not properly illuminated, you may be less productive while you're working, and you might even end up suffering from eye strain. 

The best way to ensure your workstation is adequately illuminated is to invest in a LED desk lamp since it may give you all the features you need. If you buy a lamp, you may adjust its position and ensure it lights the specific spots you want.  

Additionally, in many cases, you can adjust the lighting itself, so the lamp might work if you want to ensure you don't overly illuminate your surroundings or work in the dark.  

Overall, a good lamp might be the solution you're looking for your laptop desktop setup if you want to take your workstation to the next level. Fortunately, there are hundreds of different models out there, and you can choose one that's both functional and beautiful. 

4. Monitors


Working with a laptop is not particularly easy, especially if you need to switch from one document to another one, or regularly check different tabs. Therefore, having more than one monitor is essential if you want to optimize your work and guarantee you have the best items in your workspace. 

If you already have a laptop, having one or more additional monitors is a fantastic idea. Even though you would have to invest some money in it, it could help you in the long run. Instead of wasting time switching between different documents or websites, you can simply open one thing on each screen. 

Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that multiple monitors mean adjusting each of them, so they're in the right position. When the items are incorrectly placed, you could end up sitting on awkward postures, and that could eventually lead to suffering pain or discomfort. 

Your screens should always be directly at eye level, and you should try to reduce the glare by properly adjusting the angle. In many cases, you may want to try buying a monitor arm, which allows you to easily personalize the position of your monitor.

5. Keyboard

If you take a look at different laptop setup ideas, you might notice many of them neglect the correct positioning of the keyboard. Unfortunately, people often forget it's as important as adjusting every feature on their chair. 

Therefore, when you're organizing your desk setup with a laptop and monitor, keep in mind that the keyboard is just as relevant as the rest of the items you're placing. 

Your keyboard should always be directly in front of your body, and you should make sure you place it correctly in your laptop desktop setup. There is no universal positioning of the keyboard because it completely depends on your body. Therefore, you should make sure your shoulders are relaxed while you work, your hands are straight, and your elbows are at the right angle. 

6. Accessories


The most fun part of checking out laptop setup ideas is browsing through all the accessories you could include in your workspace. 

Even though your laptop workstation setup should be efficient and perfectly organized to help you get your work done, you can also have fun while you're choosing everything you're including, especially if you want your home office to have a specific style. 

Your office desk décor includes everything from a cork desk pad to indoor plants you might want to buy to give your workstation a more natural look. Additionally, you can even make things more fun by choosing a specific theme to work with. Who would say no to a Disney-themed workspace? It might make you want to spend more hours in front of your computer! 

Five Desk Setup Ideas

Now that you know the essential items you must get to organize your workspace, you can make a list and start ticking them off once you find the perfect models for you. 

After that, though, you need to know how to organize them correctly to have the laptop workstation setup you've always dreamed of. Check out the following ideas, and find the one that works best for you: 

1. Classic Setup

Classic Setup

You can never go wrong with a classic setup. It's the easiest one you could go for, and it's the one you might choose if organizing interiors is not your thing and you simply want something practical to help you get your work done. 

With a classic laptop workstation setup, you simply have to position your desk and chair in the best angle you can with regard to your windows and lighting. Commodity and effectiveness are the two most essential things, as you probably don't have many decorative items to add anyway. 

2. Modern Setup

Modern Setup

Another common laptop and monitor setup is the modern one, which differs from the classic setup since you probably bought a desk and chair with a completely different style. 

Lighting is everything when it comes to a modern desk setup, which is why many people buy colored LED lights as the perfect accessories for this kind of workplace. You can place them on the edges of your desk or even on the ceiling, always making sure that you have other light sources to provide you with the illumination you need. 

3. Corner Desk Setup

Corner Desk Setup

Having a corner desk to organize your things is one of the most useful ideas you could try, especially if you want to save some space. 

Your desk setup with a laptop and monitor doesn't need to be overly complicated. At the same time, you should never feel like you need to change your whole living space just to have a home office. Sometimes, you simply don't have much to work with, and that shouldn't discourage you. 

If you get a corner desk, you can organize your laptop, monitors, keyboard, and even some decorations. The most important thing is to try out different laptop setup ideas and find the one that’s perfect for your space. 

4. The Space-saver

The Space-saver

Similar to the corner desk setup, the space-saver can be your saving grace if you don't have much space to work with. 

The space-saver is characterized by using different monitor arms, especially if you have more than one extra screen. Instead of buying a big desk to organize all of them, you can simply use the arms and position them however you want. 

5. Extravagant Setup

Extravagant Setup

The last way to organize your desk setup with a laptop and monitor is to have an extravagant style, which is the perfect idea for people who like to go all the way. 

With the extravagant setup, you have to pay much attention to the decorations because they're the most relevant aspect of it. Of course, you also have to position your desk and chair but to achieve the extravagant part, you need to play around with all the decor. 

To make your workspace look extravagant, you have to include different colors or even combine various styles. You could, for example, use both colored LED lights and decorative figurines, statues, or similar objects. 

Why You Should Have an Ideal Setup for Your Laptop and Monitors

The ideal laptop and monitor setup is not only a way to organize your space adequately. It's also a form of self-care because you need it to ensure your health. In the long run, sitting down on an inappropriate chair or using a lopsided desk could make you suffer from a lot of pain. 

Therefore, you should think all the laptop setup ideas are simple ways to organize your workspace, so you can work while also taking care of your body.  

Each laptop workstation setup idea is unique, and you should pick the one that best suits your space and needs. No two remote workers are the same, so examine each option and choose the perfect one! 

Keynote Takeaways

Making a desk setup with laptop and monitor might sound easy, but it can get very complicated, especially if you don't even know where to start. However, now you know you have to buy essential items and organize them in a certain way. Thus, you can get started!

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