Furniture Stores in Oshawa Canada | Buying Guide & Top List
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Furniture Stores in Oshawa Canada | Buying Guide & Top List

|Mar 16, 2024

Whether it’s for residential or commercial buildings, buying furniture is often a great challenge for property owners. People have to worry about how things fit with the place, size, looks, and the budget they have for everything. Since you are getting the products for a place you will visit often, you should take all the time you need to choose the right furniture store in Oshawa.

We are here to help you make the right choice, so read on to learn more about the different furniture stores in Oshawa, Canada, and what you should consider when picking one. Certain companies, such as Autonomous, have specific programs available for buying office chairs wholesale.

The Autonomous Bulk Order Program is an example of that. Learn more about it on this company’s website.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Home Furniture Stores in Oshawa, Canada?

There are many things to take into account when going through home furniture stores in Toronto or Ontario. All stores have different and unique features and products you won’t find in other places, so it’s a matter of which option speaks to you and adapts best to your style and taste.

While saying what furniture stores in Oshawa, Ontario, are best for you is strictly personal, the criteria for showing which options are objectively better isn’t. Therefore, you should always pick from a list of stores that meet all the standards people have about what an ideal store should offer.

The first thing you should consider is the quality of the furniture. You don’t want to buy a product you will need to replace in a few months, so it’s best for your budget to always go for high-quality durable products. Check the materials the company uses for its furniture pieces and its construction techniques.

Buying high-quality options doesn’t mean using all your budget to buy an ergonomic chair. There are many cheap furniture stores in Oshawa you can choose from, and they all offer unique features you won’t find in overpriced places. Always keep an eye on the price-quality balance of the purchases you make.

If you want to know more about a store, you can always check its reviews online. Clients are always eager to help others when they think a product is of bad quality, so you can trust what most review sites say as long as they are reputable.

The best furniture stores in Oshawa will almost always offer additional services, such as different delivery options, and they are always a decent add-on. You should also check if the company offers fair warranties and return policies. They will come in handy if you have any problem with the products you buy.

Choosing Home Furniture Stores in Oshawa, Canada

What About Office Furniture Stores?

Buying office furniture is not the same as getting home products. Since companies make them for different purposes, they have different designs, features, and prices, which are all things you should consider when buying anything. However, the criteria of what makes a decent store stays practically the same.

However, office furniture is often more expensive than residential pieces since office workers need more cabinets, space, and overall features in a desk, for example. Naturally, an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support will cost more than a traditional chair, but that doesn’t mean you should get overpriced items. Watch out for excessively high prices.

Feeling comfortable at your workplace is essential for working effectively, so the design and style of the furniture you work on becomes more important than when you buy it for other purposes. Besides that, your clients and co-workers will also see the products you buy, and you want the company to give a good impression.

As for the additional services companies can offer, some office furniture stores offer special programs to help employees and employers get wholesale office desks and chairs for a more affordable price. The same happens with delivery and assembly services, as well as add-on products.

Since these products often have more features, you will also need more protection from defective items with manufacturing issues. Try to always look for companies with decent warranties and return policies.

Having long warranties and fair return policies is a sign of being a legitimate and reputable company. However, you can always check how popular a company is and the quality of its products by checking online reviews.

What About Office Furniture Stores?

Top Five Office Furniture Stores in Oshawa, Canada

We know it’s difficult to find the right Oshawa furniture store, but we are here to help you make the best choice possible. There are hundreds of options available, which makes it impossible for most people to find the best option themselves.

Hence, we listed five of the best options available in Oshawa. All of them offer different things but share all the features and benefits we mentioned on this page, so never doubt their quality.

1. Autonomous

The first company we will review on this page is Autonomous, which is overall the best option on the list. Why? Because of the wide array of products it has available for people looking for office accessories or furniture. You will most likely find something that speaks to you on this company’s website.

It’s worth noting that it focuses on ergonomics, so it’s the right place to buy an adjustable-height desk or lumbar support chair. Regardless of that, it has a decent range of prices, which makes it easier for people working on a budget to get something for them.

Autonomous always shows how important it is for it as a company to help its clients. You can see that in its program to buy bulk furniture and the different discounts and deals it offers to employees and employers alike.

Apart from ergonomic furniture and office accessories, Autonomous offers other products, such as work pods, to help office workers have a comfortable workplace. Almost all of its products have fair warranties, and the company follows flexible return policies. Those things make it one of the best options for people in need of furniture in Ontario.

You can still buy Autonomous products if you are from another city or country apart from Oshawa, which means you can still get things from it if you are looking for furniture stores in other places in Ontario. Review websites are filled with positive reviews of Autonomous products, and its customer support team is eager to help anyone who needs it.

Autonomous furniture store in Oshawa

2. Staples

Anyone who has been looking for furniture stores in Oshawa, Ontario, for a time has heard of Staples before. This company is established in the city and has multiple locations in it. People know it for the variety of products it offers when talking about office supplies in general.

It doesn’t matter if you are an employer buying things for a whole company or a remote worker trying to get some stuff for their home office, as the products you will find here are mostly affordable. Hence, you can get all the lighting solutions, desk organizers, filing cabinets, shelving units, desks, and chairs you want here.

Staples sells durable and functional products, so you can expect excellent craftsmanship and materials that meet industry standards from this company. Although you can get anything you want from the business’s stock online, its onsite staff is also friendly and helpful.

The staff will always give you tips and guidance on product selection, assembly, and delivery options. Although its pricing is already competitive, the company often offers deals and promotions to help you save money and get all the furniture pieces you need without getting out of budget.

Staples furniture store in Oshawa

3. Global Furniture Group

Although the main headquarters of Global Furniture Group are in Toronto, Canada, it has a showroom in Oshawa, Ontario. This company focuses more on furniture pieces than the last one, so you can find desks, chairs, storage solutions, conference tables, and ergonomic products.

The best thing about Global Furniture Group is that it offers both modern and traditional designs, which is not common since many companies prefer to focus on one of the two. The durability and quality of the product should withstand the demands of a busy environment, as they are meant to last.

Even if the products you buy from this company don’t last much, the company has decent warranties and return policies. The furniture pieces you will find in this company are committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, so buying them won’t harm our planet in any way. 

We’d say that the flagship feature of this company is that it offers customization options for its furniture products. Thanks to that, customers can choose the finishes that best adapt to their taste, as well as pick the right fabrics and configurations for their needs and preferences.

Global Furniture Group

4. Source Office Furniture

Source Office Furniture is similar to the previous option but offers additional products such as cubicles and other workplace solutions. While this company doesn’t make all its products, it offers items from reputable brands. That ensures it offers furniture pieces of all kinds and a wide variety of office accessories.

Regardless of that, the main focus of Source Office Furniture is to meet the needs of modern workplaces, so it’s difficult to find something for vintage-looking or traditional offices. However, most of their products are durable and stylish while being affordable enough for you to stay within budget.

While it has a decent range of products, some options are expensive. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be a problem since the quality and service the company delivers justify the cost of the products you buy from it. You may also enjoy additional services such as installation.

This is your must-go option if you want to buy something fast and check what many companies offer on the same website. Something similar happens in the Autonomous page, which shows products from other businesses it has a partnership with. 

However, the difference between Autonomous and Source Office Furniture is that most of the products the former offers come from the company itself and not external associates.

Source Office Furniture


The last company we will review on this page is one of the most popular stores worldwide. We are talking about IKEA. While IKEA is not a Canadian business, it has several stores in Oshawa, Ontario, and they offer almost all the benefits you could get in another country.

IKEA is mostly popular for offering affordable furniture and accessories. Hence, you can buy almost anything you need for your office list from the same company. 

Due to how popular IKEA is, you can trust the quality of its products. There is also a vast range of them. You won’t only find office furniture but also décor, kitchenware, and more. Don’t expect to find something too stylish or flashy here, though.

While most of the products IKEA offers are neutral-looking, some have Scandinavian-inspired designs. There have been mixed reviews and experiences regarding this company. Most people say the staff is great, but the problem comes from returns taking longer than they should.


Overview of the Autonomous Bulk Order Program

If you are looking forward to buying bulk furniture, check out the Autonomous Bulk Order Program. In a nutshell, it’s a program developed and promoted by Autonomous that aims to make buying wholesale furniture easier and more affordable for employees and employers.

Autonomous bulk order

People making bulk orders to Autonomous will get a reduced price on all the products they buy and special deals. Besides that, people enrolling in the program will easily see the pieces the company offers in stock and get premium customer service.

These are some of the best-seller products at Autonomous:

Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Core

Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk DuoSpace

Autonomous Chair Move

Final Thoughts

The furniture pieces you get for your office or house will determine the vibe of the place, so you want them to look good and last long. All the options listed on this page are excellent choices, and you can pick any of them and expect the best quality on the market.

Nevertheless, Autonomous is the overall best choice of them, so we recommend you go for it. You can learn more about its bulk order program on its website. Visit it now!

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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