Guide For A Simple And Inexpensive Homeschool Desk Setup
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Guide For A Simple And Inexpensive Homeschool Desk Setup

|Jun 22, 2021

Even if it isn’t very common, statistics say that at least 1,690,000 students in the U.S. are homeschooled. However, how many of them have an appropriate homeschool desk setup where their children can be comfortable and pay attention during class?

Whenever you want to look for homeschool desk ideas, you’ll go to websites like Pinterest. Although the images have excellent ideas, they are often unrealistic and do not suit the lifestyle of many people out there, which can be disheartening in so many ways.

Homeschooling is a hard task and trying to keep up with it in a disorganized or inappropriate environment. For that reason, today, we'll help you learn how to build a desk setup for homeschool so that you and your kids can have space where you can keep with their education as you should. All of this will be achievable without spending too much money.

There are tons of homeschool desk setup ideas that basically "obligate" you to purchase expensive stuff. However, you should know that this is not necessary, and throughout the steps we're going to explain next, you'll understand why.

Step one: Add in the writing surface

There are multiple decks out there you can use for a 2-person desk setup. It isn't necessary to purchase "fancy" stuff as it is very likely for you already to have a spare table or chairs around your house.

Although many guides on the internet suggest using a height-adjustable desk, it doesn’t have to be a “must.” Also, a standing desk setup has little difference from a regular desk setup.

Step one: Add in the writing surface

Back to the main topic, all you really need to start homeschooling your children is a sturdy, durable writing surface and comfortable chairs where you can sit for a couple of hours. For instance, folding chairs or tables can do the trick without you necessarily having to spend hundreds of dollars on sophisticated stuff.

Tech desk accessories” are not a must as well. You and your kids probably already own everything you need while you’re at the desk.

Location of the desk

Where will you place the desk in your homeschool desk setup? Remember that everything else will be based on its location. You should select an area that has plenty of wall space and where you can add in a desk and some chairs without them obstructing the way or having problems with other furniture. It is important to keep the environment as clean and “spacious” as possible so that you and your children can feel comfortable when it’s time to learn.

Location of the desk

Once you've figured out where to set up your desk, it will be time to work on the other areas so that this space can be appropriate for educational purposes.

Step two: Keep in mind that a homeschool room needs wall space.

You'll need to sacrifice some space in the walls to set up an educational atmosphere where your kids can feel like they're at school. You can take some inspiration from other homeschool room set up pictures, but remember that you don't have to follow the exact pattern.

Step two: Keep in mind that a homeschool room needs wall space.

Here is some of the stuff you’ll need for your homeschool room walls.

1. A whiteboard

It is well-known that visual learning is more effective. Thus, a whiteboard is one of those essential items that every homeschool room needs. Also, you’ll probably use it for pretty much everything, especially more “tricky” subjects like mathematics.

Visual learning may help your kids understand each lesson better, but you don't need to purchase an enormous whiteboard, especially if you don't have as much space on your wall. As long as it is possible to write and erase easily and it is placed where your kid can easily see what's written on it, it's okay.

There are inexpensive whiteboards, or you can also make your own for less than twenty dollars.

2. Storage

Although these are not necessary, it will be a nice touch to add shelves to your homeschool room setup, especially if your kid loves crafting or you both are more of an "artsy" person. Plus, kids are always curious, so placing all of this stuff on shelves will keep it safe for future lessons.

You can get some floating shelves at affordable prices, or you can make them your own and place them at convenient locations.


Remember to differentiate between the stuff you use every day and the stuff you often don't need. This way, it will be easier for you to set up the storage with a filing cabinet or shelves for your homeschool desk setup.

You may also include a bookshelf where you can store all the material you'll use for the classes. It will add some extra space as a surface and storage and will also make the room more appropriate for an educational environment. You can make a small bookshelf yourself, or you can purchase an affordable one in many stores out there.

Step three: Get your school supplies.

We know you may not be able to spend that much, but every homeschool needs school supplies. There is no way to escape. You don't need to purchase what other people recommend or what you see in other homeschool desk setup ideas because you may not need those items and also because you may end up spending too much.

Step three: Get your school supplies.

Before buying something, wait until you get your curriculum. It will very likely include a list of all the items you are required to possess on hand.

You'd be surprised once you learn that you are not required to spend hundreds of dollars on stuff you may not need in the end just to make the room look "fancy."


And that's it. You don't need much to set up a homeschool room setup at your home. It is easy to build an environment where your children can learn and feel comfortable simultaneously without spending that much.

However, please keep in mind that education is constantly fluctuating. Hence, as your children grow up, you will need to purchase new stuff and incorporate them into the room so that they can be properly educated.

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