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The Ultimate Guide to L-shaped and U-shaped Office Desks
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The Ultimate Guide to L-shaped and U-shaped Office Desks

|Jan 3, 2024

A U-shaped office desk is a unique type of workstation with three segments, forming a "U" shape. Some come with storage solutions, while others offer a simple workspace to get your tasks done. Unlike the standard brown and white desks, these types of tables are on a whole new level. 

On the other hand, an L-shaped office desk is a workstation with two segments, forming an "L" shape. These types of furniture can help save space, making it the perfect option for some professionals. In this ultimate guide, we will go over the differences between an L-shaped and an office U-shaped desk. 

Keep reading until the end, as we will also go over a U-shaped workstation buying guide and explore the different workspace setup ideas to ensure maximum productivity. Let's get started! 

The Differences Between L-shaped and U-shaped Office Desks

There are stark differences between an L-shaped and a U-shaped home office desk, some of which include the following: 


Although an L-shaped office desk provides enough surface area for all of your work requirements, it is only suitable for home or small workspaces. You can easily fit it in a corner to save space, making it a perfect workstation for some professionals. 

On the other hand, a U-shaped home office desk with a hutch is a fantastic workstation for workplaces with open spaces or offices that want to move away from the traditional cubicle-style look. 

It is larger than an L-shaped desk setup and can accommodate multiple professionals. However, it's best suited for receptions and meeting rooms.

Space - U-shaped office desk


Comfort is essential for professionals, whether they are working from home or in an office. Poor desk ergonomics can adversely impact your health, increasing the risk of vision problems, back and neck pain, and wrist, hand, and shoulder pain. 

It's important to invest in workstations that offer the perfect height adjustability, allowing you to rest your elbows at a 90-degree angle. This prevents hunching over and ensures an upright position. 

When it comes to desk ergonomics, both an L-shaped and a U-shaped home office desk come in different variants, providing you with many options to choose from. 

Some professionals might find U-shaped office cubicles more comfortable than L-shaped desks because of their larger surface area. It allows them to spread their tasks on different segments of the workstation, helping them clear out the space when working. This can lead to better productivity.

Comfort - U-shaped office desk


Those concerned about mobility when purchasing an executive desk set should consider L-shaped workstations over U-shaped office cubicles. 

L-shaped desks are easy to assemble, and some units come with alloy wheels, allowing you to push the workstation easily to your preferred location. You can move around the unit to find the perfect setting. This is not possible with a U-shaped office worktable. 

An office U-shaped desk is much larger than an L-shaped workstation. It contains multiple segments and components, making it challenging to assemble. Since these are bulky units, moving them around without pulling them apart is also tricky. 

We highly recommend checking out an adjustable-height desk if you're looking for a convenient workstation that is ergonomic and incredibly mobile.

Cable Management

A cluttered workspace can cause an employee's productivity levels to drop significantly. Professionals need to adapt solutions that help them reduce clutter while managing cables. Fortunately, most workstations come equipped with grommets and attachments that can help with wire management. 

An L-shaped workstation offers better cable management than a U-shaped home office desk with a hutch, as it has fewer segments. This makes it easy to route the wires, ensuring a clean look. 

A U-shaped office desk requires advanced cable management solutions. Although it comes with grommets and other attachments, it may not be sufficient if you have too many gadgets and computer accessories.

cable management - U-shaped office desk

Monitor Management

If you're looking for a small computer desk for your home or workplace, you may want to consider an L-shaped workstation. This type of worktable has enough surface area for a multiple monitor setup, allowing for increased productivity. 

Sometimes, an L-shaped workstation may not offer enough space for all of your gadgets, equipment, and files. Professionals looking for more space may be better off purchasing a U-shaped home office desk, as these types of worktables offer a larger surface area for multiple monitors, including vertical screens.

Monitor Management - U-shaped office desk


Although some L-shaped workstations come with drawers to store all of your stuff, it may not be enough.

Those looking for more storage space may want to invest in a U-shaped office desk with a hutch. These have shelves for your files, folders, gadgets, and even office decor. 


Since L-shaped desks offer a more simplistic design with fewer segments, they are much more affordable than U-shaped workstations. While you may find cheaper variants of the U-shaped desk, keep in mind that they may lack certain features or fall short on durability. 

Which Types of Offices Are Perfect for an L-shaped and a U-shaped Office Desk?

Due to the different purposes they are built for, you cannot place L-shaped or U-shaped office desks in every type of workplace. 

Here are the different types of offices where you can use an L-shaped office desk: 

  • Home offices: If you're a professional who is working from your house, you may want to purchase an L-shaped home office desk over a U-shaped workstation, as it takes much less space. It is also the perfect table that caters to most individual's work needs.
  • Open offices: An L-shaped office desk is an excellent workstation for offices with an open space layout. Having these types of tables in closed rooms may create a claustrophobic environment for professionals to work in, which is why they fit perfectly in modern workspaces.
  • An office with limited space: Small businesses with limited space may benefit from having an L-shaped office desk. These can easily fit in corners, allowing business owners and professionals to utilize the available layout efficiently.
  • Offices with flexible arrangements: Some offices like to change things around once in a while to accommodate different work needs. L-shaped desks are the perfect workstations for these types of businesses or organizations, as they're easier to assemble/disassemble and move around than a U-shaped home office desk.

Which Types of Offices Are Perfect for an L-shaped and a U-shaped Office Desk?

If you are a professional in any of the following work setups, you may want to consider a U-shaped executive desk with a hutch: 

  • Executive offices: A U-shaped office desk offers a prestigious look that not only provides enough surface area for all of your work tasks but also looks great in an executive setting.
  • Team workstations: Those professionals working in a team may benefit from a U-shaped curved desk. It allows employees to brainstorm or work together without taking up too much space in an office.
  • Receptions: Working as a receptionist for a busy company can be hectic. From rerouting calls to handling mail, applicants, and guests, the workload can be overwhelming to manage. With a U-shaped home office desk with a hutch, professionals can easily manage the clutter, store all of their documents, and tend to the visitors.
  • Client-facing roles: Those working in client-facing roles, such as sales and consultancy, may want to invest in a U-shaped office desk. These workstations allow you to sit across the clients and address their concerns or needs. 

A Comprehensive U-shaped Office Desk Buying Guide

Save yourself some massive headaches; we are here to guide you on purchasing your first U-shaped office desk with a hutch. There are a couple of things you should look out for, some of which include the following:


Cost is one of the major considerations when it comes to purchasing furniture, which is why deciding on a budget prior to shopping for a U-shaped office desk is essential.

Since U-shaped workstations are much more expensive than other types of desks, professionals should expect to pay more. Cost can range anywhere between $500 and $6,000, depending on many different factors, including size, materials, and features.



If you're looking for an L-shaped home office desk, it's important to note that this type of workstation may not offer much storage. In a workplace setting, professionals may require drawers and cabinets, which is something that you should consider when purchasing furniture. 

A U-shaped office desk with a hutch is an excellent option for all those professionals who want to get their tasks done while having access to all of their belongings. 

Since there are so many options to consider, you must prioritize your needs and determine how much storage space you require. 

Professionals should remember that as the storage space (cabinet and drawers) increases, so does the price. Make sure to take the time to determine a decent budget before investing in a workstation. 


The last thing anyone wants is to spend a lot of money on a wobbly table that won't even last for six months. Durability should always be a priority, as it can help professionals narrow down their options and choose a U-shaped office desk that is perfect for their work needs.

Cheap materials can save you money, but they may not be a stable or durable option. Expensive materials don't necessarily mean you're getting the best product. 

It would help if you did your research, as affordable options can also be durable but may only offer a few features.


Choice of Materials

You can find U-shaped office desks in many different materials. Some come with wooden tops, while others may have a metallic finish. There is also the design aspect that you should consider. 

To find the perfect U-shaped executive desk with a hutch, professionals should identify the materials that complement the office's aesthetics and design. 


Unlike an L-shaped worktable, a U-shaped office desk is much heavier. The weight can go all the way up to 700 pounds, depending on the number of cabinets and drawers you want. 

There are three factors that can affect the weight of a U-shaped workstation, and these include the following: 

  • The type of materials used;
  • Dimensions; and
  • The number of storage compartments. 

The weight of the desk can also affect the shipping cost, and you may need an expert to assemble the workstation for you if it's large or too heavy.


Inspiring Workspace Setup Ideas with a U-shaped Office Desk That You Should Explore

Here are a couple of inspiring workspace setup ideas that you can explore with a U-shaped office desk: 

An Executive Den

There is nothing that soothes the soul of a professional in a managerial position than an executive den. These are sort of man caves for the working elite. 

Placing a U-shaped office desk in the middle of the office room and pairing it with an ergonomic high-back chair can offer a dominating and confident feel. This is important for all those looking to establish authority in the workplace and also gives potential clients the assurance that they are in good hands.

An Executive Den

Multifunctional Workstations

Small businesses or startups can create a space where all of their talented employees can work together, brainstorm, and interact, allowing for better communication in the workplace. A U-shaped office desk with a hutch is the perfect workstation for teams or professionals who are working on the same project. 

Professionals can dedicate one side of the U-shaped workstation for computer-related tasks, another for all of the paperwork, and the third for collaborating or sharing ideas. 

Tech-centric Workspaces

Those working in tech companies know the hassles of working with a lot of gadgets and multi-monitor setups. There may be too many wires, which could lead to a cluttered look. Programmers may enjoy the cable management solutions offered by U-shaped office desks. 

Conference Rooms

A U-shaped office desk is an excellent piece of furniture that you can place in a conference room. They come in various dimensions, and some have extended arms that can accommodate a lot of professionals. These are fantastic for meetings and collaboration purposes.

Conference Rooms

Final Thoughts

Since a U-shaped office desk is much more expensive than an L-shaped workstation, and it is not easy to return, you must take the time to determine your needs before investing in one. Do your own research before spending the cash!

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