How to Care and Clean your Leather Office Chair

How to Care and Clean your Leather Office Chair

|Mar 16, 2021

Office chairs are an essential feature of your work environment. When you choose an office chair, it is vital to consider its features and the type of material it is made from. Deciding on the deluxe option of a leather office is going to add the impression of elegance and luxury to your workspace. Leather chair care is going to require your attention; however, once you get into the routine of caring and cleaning your leather office chair, the process becomes tranquil. 

Are you an office worker considering the choice of leather for your office chair? Are you wondering how to care for a leather chair and cleaning leather chair? Are you looking for expert advice on ergonomic office chairs for your work environment or alternative materials to leather before making a purchase? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Autonomous is here to help. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about leather chair care, how to maintain a leather chair, and leather alternatives for your office.

How to Take a Leather Chair Care

If you have decided to invest in a leather office chair for your work environment or conference room, you have guaranteed that you are going to create a good impression on prospective customers and clients. Leather is debatably the most valuable material for an office chair, and it essential to maintain your leather chair by keeping it clean. Cleaning your leather chair helps elongate the lifespan of your office chair.

Caring for and cleaning your leather chair is going to take a certain amount of upkeep and attention from your side. Take note of the following considerations on how to care for leather chair care:

  • Avoid using alcohol or chemical-based cleaners. These cleaners are harsh for the leather and can cause color loss and peeling.

  • Do not use a colored cloth to clean your leather, as the dye of the cloth could transfer to your chair.

  • Use a color-neutral cloth that is damp and wipe your office chair to remove dirt, grime, and dust build-up.

  • Dry your leather office chair thoroughly with another dry cloth.

  • Apply a leather cream to a third cloth and gently massage your seat

  • Allow your leather office chair to dry out naturally before using it again.

  • Try to build a routine to frequently clean your leather office chair.

How to take a leather chair care

Leather Office Chairs Vs. Mesh Office Chairs

Leather chairs in your office or conference room are going to have a visual impression of class and comfortability. Leather seats are a durable and high-quality option for your workspace.

Leather office chairs are capable of supporting office workers for long periods of work at their desks. The natural thick padding of leather provides lumbar support for crucial regions such as the lower back. Many leather office chairs have ergonomic features such as adjustable height, armrests, and adapting to the unique size and shape of its user. A leather office chair is a great investment for your work environment as it provides comfort, support and is a long-lasting piece of furniture if it is concerned about leather chair care.

Leather Office Chairs Vs. Mesh Office Chairs

1. Leather Office Chairs

The advantages of investing in a leather office chair:

  • Image and aesthetic

A leather office chair is seen as a prestigious investment that is guaranteed to create a better look and feel for the work environment. Leather chairs are the perfect investment for an office worker or firm to showcase class, distinction, elegance and leave a lasting impression. 

  • Durability

Since the introduction of genuine leather chairs in the office, they have stood the test of time. It is a well-known and proven fact that leather is a durable material. A leather office chair will last for a prolonged period making them the perfect long-term investment in condition of well leather chair care.

  • Protection

Leather chairs can protect themselves and do not require a lot of maintenance. The natural protection of leather allows the users to easily clean and maintain their leather chairs. Cleaning a leather chair is as simple as wiping down the chair with a damp cloth.

  • Comfort

Leather chairs offer an excellent level of comfort to their users, unlike any other office chair.

  • Hygiene

Hygiene is a vital factor in the office environment. The cleaning of a leather chair and the absorptive features of the leather material help keep the work environment clean and hygienic.

Leather Office Chairs

The disadvantages of investing in a leather office chair:

  • Cost

The price of a genuine leather office chair tends to be a bit hefty. 

  • Prone to scratches

If you have invested in a leather office chair, you cannot be rough with it as they are prone to scratches.

  • Difficult to identify genuine leather

There are various cheap imitation leathers on the market, and it can be challenging to differentiate between what is real and what is fake.

2. Mesh Office Chairs

Alternatives to a leather office chair include a mesh chair such as the Kinn Chair by Autonomous or the Autonomous Chair 2 by Autonomous.  Mesh chairs were a revolution in the seating industry.

Mesh ergonomic chairs are brilliant alternatives to fabric or leather material office chairs.

The advantages of investing in a mesh office chair:

  • Ventilation

Mesh office chairs are designed with an open structure that promotes ventilation. The circulation of air brings comfort and relaxation to the user of the seat.

  • Lightweight and easy maintenance

Mesh office chairs are simple to move around the workspace as they are lightweight. Ergonomic chairs such as Autonomous Chair 2 by Autonomous are going to add a minimalist aesthetic to your office environment and do not require a lot of maintenance. 

  • Availability

Mesh office chairs are easily available and can be found at any good furniture shop or purchased online through the Autonomous website.

  • Cost

Mesh office chairs are a cheaper option than a leather office chair and still offer a sleek and professional look.

Mesh Office Chairs

The disadvantages of investing in a mesh office chair:

  • Comfort

Mesh office chairs are supportive, adjustable, and flexible; however, they cannot compete with leather office chairs in terms of the level of comfort offered when used for long periods.

  • Durability

The design of a mesh office chair is not as durable when compared to a leather office chair. Leather office chairs age and wear better than mesh office chairs.

  • Limited Designs

The variety of options for mesh office chairs is limited in terms of appearance, styles, and colors.

The Final Verdict

When deciding on choosing an office chair, the most essential feature you should consider is comfort and easy to have leather chair care. Leather office chairs are an excellent investment that offers your work environment a classy and elegant look. Mesh office chairs are a brilliant economic option that is easily available and offer fantastic benefits such as ventilation while working.

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