How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day for Remote Employees

How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day for Remote Employees

|Mar 7, 2024

In this digital age, where teams are dispersed across the globe, it's essential to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of remote workers. Join us as we explore the significance of recognizing and celebrating the efforts of remote employees and discover practical Employee Appreciation Day ideas to foster a culture of appreciation in virtual work environments.

What Is Employee Appreciation Day?

Every year, on March 1st, businesses celebrate Remote Employee Appreciation Day. This is a significant day for numerous reasons; teams can increase employee engagement and celebrate the prior year's accomplishments on Employee Appreciation Day. It's a perfect chance to boost morale and teamwork in the workplace.

If you want to be truly loyal, you should be celebrating with your team every single day by having the best virtual team building activities, like games, awards, sharing memories, and many more.

What Is Employee Appreciation Day?

Celebrating Remote Employee Appreciation Day in 2024

Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day remotely for remote employees.

1. Play Virtual Team-Building Games

Everyone on your distributed team probably resides in a different city, state, or even nation. You can still find ways to celebrate together, even though it can be tough to come together for an in-person happy hour. When you want your team to feel more connected and engaged, all it takes is a little fun. To encourage members to get to know one another better, try out these online, hybrid team building activities.

Cards Against Normality – It is a virtual game that promotes team building via the play of a famous card game. Get your staff to send you an email with answers to a series of lighthearted questions you make. Next, see if you can figure out who said what!

Photo Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of ridiculous suggestions and have everyone on the team send in a photo that fits the description. Sort the images into several categories and organize awards for the most creative, funniest, first-to-finish, etc.

DIY Challenge - If you're seeking a less competitive activity that manages to generate conversation, a DIY Challenge could be just what you're looking for. Whether it's creating a craft, fixing up a house, or something else entirely, give your team a DIY challenge to finish. Get each other's support by updating each other on your progress.

Play Virtual Team-Building Games - Remote Employee Appreciation Day

2. Hold a Team Lunch Meeting Virtually

Consider doing a virtual lunch, coffee break, or snack time if your team is unable to meet in person for a meal. Give your staff gift cards to Uber Eats, Starbucks, or DoorDash and arrange for managers to have a virtual lunch “together” via Zoom. While eating lunch, take part in one of the mentioned Employee Appreciation Day ideas for remote workers or review the team's successes from the past year.

Additionally, you can hold a virtual sundae bar with your company if you’re looking to spark some creativity. Gather your friends on Zoom to whip up some ice cream once you’ve given them a budget and some ideas for what to buy (cookies, sprinkles, brownies, etc.).

3. Share Memories with Your Group

Asking managers to share pleasant memories from their time at the company is a great way to commemorate Remote Employee Appreciation Day. It might be about a memorable experience from a period when everyone was in the office together, a humorous Zoom event, or a significant accomplishment that required everyone to put in extra hours.

Initiate a discussion by inviting other team members to contribute their memories. Inviting people to submit photos or posts on social media platforms like LinkedIn and to mention their colleagues is a great way to spread the word.

Share Memories with Your Group

4. Showcase of Virtual Talent

Holding a virtual talent exhibition via video conference is a great way to tap into the unique interests and skills of your staff. Employees can sign up for 5- to 10-minute performance slots to showcase their musical abilities, stand-up comedy routines, interactive magic performances, or hobby workshop how-tos. As a group, they tune in to foster greater communication and appreciation for one another’s artistic pursuits.

5. Escape Room Game

For those who work remotely or in a hybrid setting, a virtual escape room party may be the ideal interactive online event. Collaboratively solving a number of riddles and obstacles is the goal, much like in a real-life escape room. Virtual escape rooms are a fun and creative approach to engaging with coworkers in a relaxed setting.

6. Surprise Delivery Treats

Unexpected presents popping up out of nowhere? Who doesn’t appreciate that? On Remote Employee Appreciation Day, have celebratory goodies sent directly to the homes of your thrilled employees. Fantastic surprises include candies, cupcake boxes, salty snack baskets, cookie bouquets, and decadent dessert platters. Include handwritten messages of appreciation as well.

Surprise Delivery Treats

7. Gift Personalized Fortune Cookies

Sending presents to remote employees is a great Remote Employee Appreciation Day idea. Having pre-made fortune cookies with a handwritten message of appreciation or welcome for every employee would be the easiest option.

Two further ideas are to provide a fortune cookie kit so that employees can make their own or to propose it as an enjoyable team activity for Employee Appreciation Day.

8. Certificates and gift sets

Discounts, gift cards, vouchers, and other inexpensive employee appreciation gifts are perfect for remote workers to receive over the holiday season when most individuals spend more than normal.

9. Spa Packages for Relaxation

Who doesn’t enjoy a surprise day off now and then? But how about taking it easy for a day? On their appreciation day, surprise your staff with spa package offerings to express how much you care about their comfort and well-being.

Your staff would greatly benefit from a day at the spa when they are able to unwind and recharge. Just make sure to purchase the packages from nearby locations or provide an allowance for a peaceful spa day if your staff are working remotely or live far apart from one other.

Your crew is going to adore this; we guarantee it!

Spa Packages for Relaxation

10. Offer Discounts on Food Delivery

Particularly for working parents juggling childcare and regular work-from-home hours, the nightly task of cooking meals can be draining. So, having employee discount programs and giving staff discounts or credits toward meal delivery apps or gift cards to nearby restaurants is a great way to express appreciation for their hard work.


Staff members are a company's greatest asset. Showing gratitude should be an ongoing process, but on Employee Appreciation Day, it's especially important to give your employees the attention they deserve and go above and beyond. Not only does it make your staff happy, which is the most essential effect of all, but our Remote Employee Appreciation Day ideas also increases morale, improves satisfaction, and reduces turnover.

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