How to Clean a Lampshade | Easy Tips & Guide
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How to Clean a Lampshade | Easy Tips & Guide

|Oct 10, 2022

Lamp shades soften the blinding glare of an exposed bulb while also making a visual statement in the space. A lamp's appearance, as well as the mood it creates in space, may be greatly changed by altering the shade. You would like to clean lamp shades and keep them spotless and in their finest condition for as long as possible because many of them might be expensive.

You can quickly and effectively clean fabric, parchment, plastic, and glass lamp shades only with a few simple items. Lamp shades from the Lamp Depot store need not be reminded to be dusted each week. Doing so may eliminate spider webs and prevent dirt from being too deeply lodged within the lamp shade fabric. A lamp shade may require more thorough cleaning due to dust buildup, residual grease, tobacco, and other airborne pollutants.

How to Clean Different Kinds of Lampshades Efficiently

How to Clean Different Kinds of Lampshades Efficiently

Lamp shades are frequently forgotten while basic cleaning, yet they could collect unattractive dust and debris that degrades the lighting in your house. We will help you understand how to thoroughly clean the type of office accessories or the lampshades you own.  

So, if you are wondering how to clean lamp shades, Implement lamp shade maintenance into your everyday routine by following our professional tips for removing impurities and blemishes from lamp shades. Before we go into the details, it is important to acknowledge the different types of materials used by lamp shades. Some of them are listed here;

  • Linen and related materials
  • Satin
  • Paper
  • Fiberglass
  • Polypropylene

You may buff your portable desk lamp's shade when it is still in its regular spot before cleaning it. Just switch off the lamp and give it some time to cool. But, be careful to complete the following steps when you begin intense cleaning:

  • Allow the light to cool fully before unplugging it.
  • Disconnect the lamp's shade if at all feasible.
  • Put on gloves while handling paper and cloth lampshades to avoid transferring grease from your palms.

Cleaning a White Lamp Shade

Cleaning a White Lamp Shade

If you are wondering how to clean a white lamp shade you got from the home furniture store, here is your answer. Most white lamp shades are made with linen as their main material. You must always get them dry cleaned if they are made of any fabric. This will stop the cloth from creasing as it dries and avoids the development of water stains. Moreover, you may dust your cloth lamp shades frequently as part of your normal cleaning routine to maintain their appearance.

Use medium-bristled brushes to eliminate scuff marks or other dried streaks you may have seen. To remove dirt off your lamp shade, whisk it away with a swiping motion. Avoid brushing a damp or oil-based discoloration on a linen shade since doing so will spread the filth and amplify the stain. Rather, treat the discolored area with a stain remover pen, then wipe and blot the spot as directed on the pen's packaging.

You may use a home remedy for cleaning, including white vinegar. However, spot-check a small area beforehand to determine how it settles. This could be necessary to experiment to discover the product and technique that usually works for your lamp's shade because tidal marks and discoloration are frequent with these kinds of shades of table lamp.

Use baking soda on greasy stains and allow it to sit overnight before brushing it away. The soda should dry up the stain and absorb the grease, making it simpler to remove. To acquire everything, you might need to apply more once.

Cleaning a Silk Lamp Shade

Cleaning a Silk Lamp Shade

If you are wondering how to clean a silk lamp shade, here is your answer. If feasible, get the silk lamp shades dry-cleaned to prevent water spots and other impurities. Because silk lamp shades are fragile, they might not stand up to the same amount of scouring as cotton or paper lamp shades. You may use a dusting or a microfiber cloth to clean the dust off your satin lamp shades.

If the lampshade is discolored, you might try using a soft-bristled brush to eliminate dried stains. To prevent damaging the cloth, take care to treat it gently. Try combining a teaspoon of detergent solution with a bucket of water and gently rinsing the affected area to get rid of stubborn stains. Let it air dry after giving a warm rinse. To hasten this procedure, use a blower, but don't leave the lamp shade moist for longer, or mold can grow on it.

Your silk lamp shade may also benefit from dry cleaning needles. Just make sure they are appropriate for the fabric before using them.

Cleaning a Dusty Lamp Shade

Cleaning a Dusty Lamp Shade

Here is your answer if you are wondering how to clean a dusty lamp shade. It is important to note that cloth lamp shades attract dust and dander like a magnet. What should you do if you can't simply toss them inside the washer? A lint picker, we've discovered, works marvels. To make your lamp shade appear spotless, brush a lint roller in an upward and downward motion on the shade.

You could remove the dirty sheets and start again with a fresh one when your lint roller fills with dust. Lamp shades are delicate and can even crack over time, so use caution. More damaging than being unclean is having a torn lamp shade. You should never submerge lamp shades made of paper and parchment in water. Thus they require a different cleaning product than fabric ones.

Moreover, water might dissolve any glue that attaches decorations or seams to your lamp shade. Due to this, these lamp shades also require careful care. 

First, disconnect the light and take the shade off. This greatly simplifies cleaning the shade. To eliminate grime and dust, use a dry microfiber towel to clean the lamp shade carefully. Clean the shade thoroughly from top to bottom and inside, and don't forget the reflector bowl. To clear dirt and dust from the shade, you may use a vacuum accessory; be cautious not to rip the RGBW modern curve lamp's shade.

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