How to Manage a Remote Team with 5 Essential Tips
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How to Manage a Remote Team with 5 Essential Tips

|Dec 14, 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for many businesses. With the need for everyone to stay at home, it is imperative to maintain communication between you and your team. Remote team productivity management requires everything to go smoothly to get the right outcome. There are good strategies you can use. When you consider how to manage a remote team, keep in mind your expectations against the reality of the current work environment.

Expectation Versus Reality

When you consider how to manage a remote team, set your expectations carefully. Remote team productivity management involves major adjustments. It includes time management, personal interactions, and an ergonomic design. Keep your workers happy with a step-by-step guide on how to stay connected.

Below are five essential tips to help guide your team to efficient work productivity. As a manager, you need to adjust to the year 2020. As long as you communicate directly with your team, you can increase the overall work productivity for all your projects. Follow these five tips on how to manage a remote team.

5 tips for efficient work productivity 

1. Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics is the scientific practice of making the workplace both safe and comfortable. Whether it’s correct body alignment or how you place your keyboard and monitor, ergonomics is a great method to reduce injury risks. Otherwise, you end up with workers with body pain, stress, and fatigue. As an employer, you need your employees to have ergonomic chairs with standing desks. There are benefits for both your team’s physical and mental health. It improves oxygen flow, energy, and blood circulation. Ergonomics are an effective means of how to manage a remote team.

Ergonomic design

Consider the ErgoChair 2 for your ergonomic needs. Autonomous provides a chair fully customizable for maximum support and comfort. Below are some pros and cons:


  • High-quality materials provide the best comfort
  • Back support prevents body pain and stress
  • Flexible lumbar support maintains posture
  • Versatile armrest, tilt control, and seat slider
  • Wide variety of color schemes
  • Affordable monthly payments


  • Slightly expensive

You can also provide your team with complementary SmartDesk.

Whether they are the L-Shaped variation or the standard SmartDesk 2 and SmartDesk Premium, these standing desks are strong and durable. Below are the pros and cons:


  • Adjustable height settings for your preferences
  • Heavy-duty steel frame for maximum support
  • Dual-motor system lifts the desk effortlessly
  • Minimalist design for a modern look
  • Personalized space for your workplace
  • Affordable monthly payments


  • Slightly expensive

2. Maintain a Schedule

One way on how to manage a remote team is with a consistent schedule. Keep in mind everyone has their own biological clock, so they might work different hours than you do. However, you should remind them the best time to work is throughout the day. If your workers put off work until later in the night, they have less time to finish. Your body is at its best during the day. Make sure your workers are following a good schedule.

Maintain a Schedule

Update regularly throughout the week. If something comes up with any of the workers, let them know to contact you immediately. Take a look at everyone’s shifts and make sure projects are done on time. If everyone is consistent, then management becomes much easier.

3. Get Your Team Involved

Harvard did a study that suggests most workers feel left out during team projects. Since everyone is working from home, you lack personal communication between all your team members. There’s no need to worry since you can still interact with them through other means. Remote team productivity management should involve online communication.

Get your team involved

Emails are a good way on how to manage a remote team. Give your team regular updates on what is going on. Earn trust within your team. By checking in with your team members frequently, you can build a good communication relationship.

4. Try Video Conference Calls

One step you should take on how to manage a remote team is Zoom. It is a useful means of video communications. After you and your team download the app, you can set up video and audio conferences. Find a good time to schedule these calls to interact with your team on current project goals personally. Communication is a great way to improve productivity and manage remote workers.

Try video conference calls

5. Limit Distractions

Remote team productivity management should remove any distractions from the workplace. Since your team works remotely, you are not there in person to figure out what might distract your team. However, there are ways to limit distractions. Let your team know to get a good amount of sleep and eat healthy superfoods. What happens is they gain maximum potential for energy gains throughout the day. The more tired they are, the more likely they become restless and lose focus on the task at hand.

Limit distractions

One way on how to manage a remote team is with a clean workspace. Your team should avoid clutter on their work desk. Ergonomic space should allow your team to work without any distractions. It also means if they listen to music, it should be calm and relaxing. Also, let them know to limit their Internet usage during work. Breaks are recommendable, so your team can refocus their energy.

Managing Remote Employees: Productive Methods Work

Remote team productivity management can be successful if you carefully follow these steps. Managing remote workers doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Once you learn how to manage a remote team, you may start to see increases in work productivity for your projects. From personal involvement to maintaining a consistent schedule, it is important for you and your team to prioritize communication. Even if everyone works from home, you can still contact them with several means. Whether you use video conference calls or send out emails, keep your team updated on all their projects. Build a strong level of trust with communication and consistency for the best results.

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