How to Work From Home Productively and Sustainably

How to Work From Home Productively and Sustainably

|Sep 17, 2020

Over the years, our planet has changed drastically - and it still is changing right now. In recent times, we have become a lot more conscious about the ways that it is changing and what we can actually do to help save it from irreversible damage; by leading more sustainable lifestyles.

In 2020, people from all over the world had their eyes opened to how their own actions can make a difference. The spread of Covid-19 has been a game-changer in making people aware of how we all need to take active steps and work together to keep everyone safe.

But with a world of people now finding remote and virtual work to be their new normal, can we still maintain sustainable living in these new environments?

The answer is yes - and there are ways we can start implementing sustainability measures right now. Here's how to maintain your sustainability and productivity whilst working from home.

1. Save energy

We all like to feel comfortable when we're at home. By simply turning your thermostat 2 degrees up in the summer months and 2 degrees down in the winter months, you can save up to 2,000lbs of carbon dioxide annually. As well as this, using an energy-efficient thermostat can conserve energy automatically.

But you don't have to have a smart thermostat in your home to stay on top of energy-saving whilst working remotely. It's the little things that go a long way and can make a big difference if we all apply them to our lifestyles.

Save energy

Use natural light during the daytime, and remember to turn off your lights when you're leaving a room. Create less work for your AC; in warmer months, try closing blinds, shades, and drapes to stop as much sun coming in. In cooler months, do the opposite and let the sun's warmth heat your home naturally. This also an effective way to set up your eco-friendly home office.

2. Stop overbuying things

Since being based at home, we have probably all fallen victim to the tempting lure of online shopping. But shopping out of boredom can lead to overbuying, which is not good for sustainability. Studies have shown that buying less 'stuff' helps the environment and also makes us generally happier.

We should try to remember that a little can go a long way. If we shop smart, we can make sure we are buying things that we actually need, and that aren't going to all expire or become useless at the same time.

Stop overbuying thingsMake sure when you're making an online purchase - it's for something that is going to last. If you're going to be working at home for the foreseeable future, make sure you invest in furniture that's reliable and comfortable. Check out Autonomous' range of office chairs, including the best-selling Autonomous Chair 2.

3. Reuse what you've got

At the same time, as restricting how much you buy online, you may also want to try reusing the stuff you already have. Not everything needs to be updated, and some things can be used for different purposes.

Need office space? Try setting up some recycled shelves by installing any used wooden panels to the wall. You can make each panel suit whatever interior design your home has by painting and styling them to your preferred style. These are a perfect spot to store books, paperwork, and office supplies.

Reuse what you've gotDon't let your craftiness stop there - there's a whole range of creative stuff you can do with used things. If you find yourself at home with a whole load of office supplies - such as work binders - why not try repurposing them to hold bills, to-do lists, receipts, and other household must-haves?

If you are still in need of additional storage space for these reused binders, keep them nice and orderly with our user-friendly filing cabinet.

4. Make your home office eco-friendly

A new home office is a good opportunity to ensure the stuff inside it is good for the environment.

Besides letting in natural light and an outdoor breeze, there are other ways to make your home working space eco-friendly. Bring in the extra fresh air by getting some indoor plants. These will give your office space a green feel and will bring with them a better air quality.

Eco-friendly officeSeeing as you're at home already, why not also try incorporating miniature herb gardens and hanging planters to give the space another sustainable purpose?

It's also worth keeping your designated working space small with smart office accessories. That way, when you finish your working day, you will still be able to enjoy the rest of your home for other living purposes. It will also mean that everything you do inside, it leaves less of a footprint.

5. Go outside, if you can

Just because we're working from home, it doesn't necessarily mean we cannot step foot outdoors. As long as it is safe and permitted for you to go outside, make sure you find time.

Going outside and interacting with nature is actually believed to be good for the environment and effective work from home tips to be more productive. The more people talk about the wonderful and refreshing experiences they've had with the environment, the more that nature — and sustainable living — enters everyday conversations.

Go outside and take a walkBy going on trips and using businesses or services that connect us to the natural world and environment, we help show politicians and investors that people care about preserving our planet.

If you don't have a nature service or business nearby to you, why not try doing some work from your local park cafe? Or taking a break from work altogether to go on a walk-in nature.


Sustainable living has become part of our everyday lives, and this doesn't have to stop now we're working from home. Not having to commute to an office gives us more time to think about how we can actually make a difference.

It's easy to make small adjustments to your work-at-home day that means you're helping the planet, even though you're not going anywhere.

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