Ideas to Decor Christmas Lights on Shed
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Ideas to Decor Christmas Lights on Shed

|Dec 13, 2023

December comes with not just the hope of having a better year ahead but also the nicest way to say goodbye to the current year, no matter how it was. Gladly, the last week of December, with many festivities, makes the sadness of the whole year vanish and instills hope to welcome the coming days with open arms. But to make the most of the coming year, traditions need to be celebrated wholeheartedly. No matter whether you are tight on budget or short on time, some celebrations don't require much more than your spirit to be happy and make others happy. The same is the case with our Christmas décor ideas. From decorating your backyard office shed most traditionally to choosing the best Christmas lights on shed, our ideas don't require you to be expensive or lavish.

To have lots of fun with your favorite people, read below to find the best shed lighting ideas for your prefab ADU, which we think is the best Christmas celebration spot this year.

Shed Lighting Ideas Perfect for Christmas

Lighting up your shed for Christmas is the best thing you can do with minimum investment and effort. Whether you have planned a shed décor or a man cave shed theme, with the Christmas lights, the whole vibe will be elevated instantly. If you are looking for some unique shed lighting ideas for Christmas, here are our best ones.

LED Lights

It is the most energy-efficient and also a pretty choice for your backyard if you don't want to do something very big or elaborate. LED light strips along the shed structure make the best choice for shed illumination. They are easy to install and can be mounted anywhere along the structure. And the best part? You can create any Christmas figure with LED lights and light them up to illustrate the theme.

LED Lights - Christmas lights on shed

Solar Powered Lights

Backyards are all about sustainability, and what's better than solar lights when it comes to energy sustainability? These lights can store up all the energy during the day and give it up in the form of lights at night.

Fairy Lights

Never a failure, always a win. Fairy lights are the most versatile décor for any kind of event or setup. Hang string fairy lights, star fairy lights, or any kind of fairy lights, as they come in lots of designs and colors. They are easy to put on and take off and can be used indoors when done with Christmas.

Fairy Lights

LED Clip-Ons

This idea works great for a backyard Christmas tree. Rather than worrying about meters of wire reaching the tree, LED clip-on can be used anywhere despite the power source. They look great, they are battery-operated, and they come in many designs, such as LED candle clip-ons or Christmas ball Clip-ons.


To draw attention to particular details or items in and around your shed, use spotlights. For example, a spotlight can be a good option if you want to use a Christmas tree or a large Santa figure in your garden. These concentrated lights may highlight artwork or landscape features and provide breathtaking visual displays. On another thought, spotlights also work great if you have a fountain in the backyard!


Motion Sensor lights

Motion sensor lights that run on batteries are a wise option for sheds without electricity. You may be sure you have light when you enter the shed since these lights turn on when motion is sensed. However, they might not make the ideal choice for the external structure of the shed.


You can never go wrong with candles when it comes to outdoor dining setup. If you are planning a Christmas feast, then table lanterns or artificial candles are the ideal choice. They are easy to use, don’t use up electricity or big power sources and elevate the aesthetics 10 by 10. Also, for a backyard with a pool, decorating the poolside with artificial candles is the most romantic way to uplift the space, and it also gives pool safety by drawing a clear boundary!

Candles - Christmas lights on shed

DIY Outdoor Shed Lighting Project

Many people hire professionals for such jobs, but some people love to DIY everything when it comes to Christmas. And let's be honest, who has that kind of money to spend on expensive services when it's already high time to buy gifts and cook elaborate feasts? Don't worry; with our step-by-step guide on outdoor shed lighting ideas, you can work on this project without putting yourself or anyone else in danger.

Be Careful with Measurements

Since you will be spending money on Christmas lights and you want the DIY décor office shed project to be flawless, there is no room for mistakes. Make sure you measure twice and work once instead of going the other way round. Consider the parameter you will be hanging lights around, whether it be the roof, door, or window frames, and measure the area to be covered to the last centimeter. To eliminate any mistake, measure two to three times and take an average.

Be Careful with Measurements

Consider the Power Source

Some Christmas lights are battery-operated, and while they are most versatile, there are chances of faults. For electricity-operated lights, there are fewer chances of breakages or the lights leaving your modern shed in the dark and dull during the Christmas party. To make sure this doesn't happen, locate and check the nearest power outlet. Make sure it works and has no loose wiring or risk of a short circuit.

Get an Extension Cord

An extension cord is probably what you'll need to connect your outside Christmas lights to the socket. How can one select the appropriate extension cord? Make sure you get one that is long enough to reach the outlet by taking the length into account. It is not advisable to combine two extension cables for safety reasons. One of our insider tips for garden shed lighting ideas is to make sure all the wiring in the lights and cords is secured and there are no bare or loose ends. As gardens are all about water and moisture, there should be no risk of a hazard left open.

Get an Extension Cord

Test the Lights Before Hanging

Not just once but many times, it is important to test the lights before you put them in place. Because sometimes lights show up an underlying issue on their second or third use. Also, one good idea is to test the lights on the power socket you will be using in the backyard. This way, you will find any underlying issues with both the lights and the power socket.

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