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Interesting Coworking Space Design Ideas You Should Try
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Interesting Coworking Space Design Ideas You Should Try

|Sep 2, 2022

A published study found that 16% of the companies worldwide are entirely remote, while some are partially remote and some follow a hybrid working mode. Though this figure seems tiny for a world where there wasn't a concept of employees working from home, these ever-growing stats show how remote work is taking over the workplaces. Organizations are finding a perfect solution in between with numerous benefits of remote working and not forgetting the challenges. This has given birth to many concepts you might not have heard before.

A coworking space is a common terminology that you might have encountered when talking about remote work. While the name itself translates some of the meaning, one does not know how coworking spaces work, their benefits, and the best type of coworking space design. In this article, you will find all you need to know about a coworking space, design ideas, and the reasons to choose it over a conventional small open office design.

What is A Coworking Space?

What is A Coworking Space?

When people gather in an open area to work individually on various projects or in groups on the same tasks, that is what is meant by the term "coworking." Because most people in a coworking environment don't work for the same firm, it differs from a normal office workspace. Along with a lot more, coworking spaces have all the conveniences you would find in a conventional workplace. Flexibility is a key differentiator because coworking spaces don't require long-term leases. You can book a spot at a coworking space the day before and get yourself a proper workstation for the day.

Depending on your need, they are like renting a workstation for a few hours or days. You will find basic amenities like Wi-Fi, printers, and typically some conference room present in every coworking space. Some also offer tea, coffee, and snacks. Some will put startup resources like digital assets, coaches, and consultants at your disposal. Some people might have access to 3D printers and other technology you don't always have. Some cost-effective coworking spaces are more basic, including only a desk and Wi-Fi. It all depends on what you need and what type of workspace you desire.

Best Coworking Space Design Ideas for Productivity

Since a coworking space is a shared space where no fixed number, mindset, or type of employee will come to work, coworking space design needs to be one for all. They must be planned with huge consideration and a size that fits all. However, this seems impossible; with a few tips and coworking space floor plans, you can bring a solution that works for all. Here are some tips and tricks to design a productive coworking space.

Open Air Benching

Open Air Benching

Modern work areas are best exemplified by open-air benching. There are no special considerations or designated seating. It's just a table and chair that are empty and waiting to be used.

This is for those who only require a laptop desk and an ergonomic chair for a straight posture. For the process to succeed, high-tech equipment is not specifically required, nor is pin-drop stillness desired. A coworking space must contain a significant portion of open bench workstations to function effectively.

Health Friendly Workstations


Many people are health conscious, and those are the ones who read. Office work and a sedentary lifestyle have damaged our health more than a lot; hence it is viable to consider health-friendly practices. For those healthy gangs, you need to consider healthy ergonomic workstations.

This includes adjusting and ergonomic standing desks, which are proven to provide numerous health benefits. Though each workstation has to be ergonomic for your coworking space to pass the right standards, having a corner dedicated to standing desks is a wise choice because then people can choose to be with those who stand up and down various times a day and not be a distraction for others. You can also purchase all ergonomic furniture through the employee purchase program and build a cost-effective coworking space.

Private Workspaces

Private Workspaces

Some people need to eliminate noise when they are working. Hence, they will opt for this type of work setup, and if your coworking space doesn't have private workspaces to prevent distraction at work, then the design is a failure. To get private workstations, there are many things you can do. Work pods are a wonderful way to separate noise and distractions even in the middle of a busy room. Secondly, you can also opt for corner desks facing the end of a wall and providing a noise-free work setup.

Private Collaborative Spaces

Private collaborative spaces are typically used by groups even though they take up larger land areas. Startups, small businesses, and study groups seek a peaceful setting where they may conduct their business uninterrupted. That could refer to a space separate from the coworking facility's primary work rooms.

Envision Long-Term Plans

Envision Long-Term Plans

Most coworking members want flexible workspaces that are simple to scale. And to do that, you must first concentrate on the floor plan's layout. Plan the coworking space layout carefully in advance.

Choose an open concept if your space is limited in size. Additionally, if your space is huge, you can experiment with various-sized offices and conference rooms. Second, movable walls are preferable to those built of brick and mortar if you want to keep your area flexible. Therefore, all it takes to provide a member with a larger office is to move a few walls.

Right Type of Lighting

Adequate lighting is one of the most crucial elements of any workplace. You should ensure that each workspace in a coworking space has its lighting. A distinctive lamp or fixture can distinguish between a dim, cavernous setting and one that is exciting and motivating.

Storage Options

Storage Options

Suppose your workspace isn't tidy or messy-free, then its going to be a problem for everyone who works there. A messy workplace can create a frustrated mindset; hence employees won't feel so productive coming to such a place. Hence it is vital to have proper storage solutions. A system of lockers works well since each person can supply their lock and utilize one as needed.

Coffee Station

Even if they come with their Starbucks Frappuccino in hand, providing a coffee workstation will always play to your benefit. Have a dedicated space where the workers can come and prepare their coffee. If you want to move a step ahead, you can hire a barista who excels in their coffee-making skills and provides the right fuel to recharge all day.

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