IPEVO TOTEM Panoramic Conference Camera Review
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IPEVO TOTEM Panoramic Conference Camera Review

|Feb 26, 2024

Having a dependable conference camera is crucial in the constantly evolving world of virtual communication. One attractive option is the IPEVO TOTEM 180, which claims to provide a 360-degree view and revolutionize online conferences.

Therefore, I reviewed this cutting-edge panoramic video conference camera in depth to evaluate its capabilities, functionality, and effect on online collaborations.

IPEVO TOTEM 180 Conference Camera Review

The IPEVO TOTEM 180 Panoramic Video Conference Camera has a remarkable 180-degree vision, this little plug-and-play gadget can capture the entire room, creating an immersive meeting experience. We can now have more refined virtual interactions with the help of AI auto-framing and noise reduction.

The IPEVO EyeStage control is what really sets this camera apart; it allows us to have full control over the display of online presentations. The AI features of the EyeStage improve the overall experience, whether it's face tracking, AI-driven movement following, or spotlighting meeting attendees. In fact, it's useful for distributing printed papers through a camera as well.


1. AI-Powered Conference Camera

The IPEVOs’ innovative system handles the video switching process effortlessly and adds an extra layer of convenience thanks to the AI integration. When the presenter moves around the area, the camera will follow suit and zoom in on any extra subjects. I can effortlessly toggle between the 360-degree panoramic view and the 120-degree close-up view of the group using the integrated button.

Although it works well in my work-from-home office, this conference camera can be adjusted to fit a variety of room sizes, from small huddles to medium conference rooms. Additionally, the lens AOV slider on the IPEVO camera can change the vertical angle of view depending on the camera’s position on the table, which is tilted 12º.

AI-Powered Conference Camera - Panoramic video conference camera

2. Cameras & Built-in Mics

The built-in microphones and cameras of the IPEVO Totem 180 are revolutionary. With Video Stitching Tech, the two separate cameras - each with a 4-megapixel sensor - work in perfect harmony. It takes two channels of video and stitches them together to give you a bird’s-eye view of the whole conference room, including all of your attendees. Conveniently, you can alter the framing depending on the size of the meeting room by pressing a button that switches between a 120-degree and 180-degree field of view. The incorporation of AI, which further elevates convenience, is even more astounding.

All it takes is a single touch of the yellow button to activate the camera's smart switching technology. Beyond that, IPEVO has integrated an AI Stage Auto Framing function, which is functionally equivalent to Apple's center stage. A small annoyance in an otherwise remarkable arrangement is that the camera would periodically zoom in too closely on the objects.

Cameras & Built-in Mics

3. Impressive Video and Audio

Next, the IPEVO Totem 180 panoramic conference camera’s audio and video quality is top-notch, which is competitive with industry-leading conferencing solutions. With two integrated omnidirectional microphones and a single click, you may turn on noise reduction and enjoy crystal-clear audio. During online meetings, all parties are able to hear each other clearly, thanks to the 5-meter audio pickup.

4. Intuitive Panoramic Camera

My online conferences are now a breeze with the IPEVO Totem 180’s user-friendly panoramic camera. You will face no inconvenience thanks to its intuitive design and several built-in controls, such as the ones for the camera, AI Stage, mic, and mute/unmute functions.

The 180-degree video conference camera is a compact and stylish desk gadget and has smart features that make it easy to carry around. For quick and easy online video conferencing, I always use this panoramic video conference camera now. It doesn’t matter how big the room is; no complicated desk setup is required.

5. Plug and Play

The IPEVO camera’s connectivity is extremely convenient. Automatic connections to numerous video conferencing platforms are made possible by its high level of flexibility and compatibility. These platforms include Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and many more. Everything has been a breeze thanks to the plug-and-play connectivity, which only requires a USB-C port on my computer to use the included USB cable.

Pair It With


When you pair this panoramic camera with the vocal speakerphone, it becomes one seamless experience. The speaker on this office accessory produces cleaner, less bass-heavy music, and its 360-degree design makes it easy for anybody in the room to hear clearly, no matter where they are sitting. Furthermore, the top-mounted microphone is not only very good, but it also has Two-Way AI Noise Reduction, and a 40-hour battery life is also included.

Plus, what's great? We were able to record audio from any direction thanks to the Omnidirectional Mode. There were some ambient noises as we activated the AI mic, but afterward, it was hardly audible. The battery backup was also useful; it lasted long enough to cover three meetings that took place on the same day.

IPEVO EyeStage Software

Hybrid conferencing, presentations, and document sharing were the primary goals of the developers of the IPEVO EyeStage. Features like picture-in-picture, split-screen, automated switching, and face tracking are part of EyeStage’s powerful but user-friendly AI technology. You can effortlessly merge two video streams into one output for use with video conferencing apps by using TOTEM with EyeStage.

The Pros and Cons


  • Panoramic View: A full view of any meeting room is guaranteed by the panoramic view’s 180-degree field of vision.
  • Intelligent Tracking: One way to make virtual meetings more engaging is by using the camera to follow the speaker automatically.
  • High-Quality Video and Audio: Your conference will be more enjoyable with crystal-clear audio and sharp 1080p HD video.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Thanks to its plug-and-play design and user-friendly controls, setting up and using this cool desk accessory is a breeze.
  • Versatile Connectivity: The TOTEM 180’s adaptable connectivity makes it suitable for use with a wide range of devices and conferencing systems, thanks to its support for both USB and HDMI connections.


  • Price point: While the TOTEM 180 does have some advanced capabilities, the price tag can put some people off if they are on a budget.
  • Limited Physical Adjustments: Controlling the physical changes (pan, tilt, and zoom) is mostly done through the remote. Thus, there isn't much room for immediate manual adjustments on the camera.

The Pros and Cons

In Conclusion

Those in the business world who want to take their virtual teamwork to the next level should consider the IPEVO TOTEM Panoramic Video Conference Camera.

Businesses that value easy remote communication will find the IPEVO cameras' extensive capabilities and user-friendly design to be valuable despite the price point. For me, the TOTEM 180 has been a great home office essential for all my virtual meetings.

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