KeySmart SmartCard Review: The Slimmest Card Tracker Ever
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KeySmart SmartCard Review: The Slimmest Card Tracker Ever

|Feb 13, 2024

Embark on a discerning journey with me as we explore the realm of smart technology and unravel the KeySmart SmartCard, a smart gadget for men and women alike. In this first person exploration, I will navigate through its intricate features. Join me in this comprehensive KeySmart SmartCard review where we dissect the seamless fusion of cutting edge technology and practical elegance that defines the KeySmart SmartCard. 

What is a Tracking Card?

A tracking card refers to a compact and technologically advanced device created for monitoring and locating personal belongings. Designed to be slim and lightweight, these cards utilize technologies like Bluetooth or GPS, allowing users to track their location through dedicated apps. Commonly used for preventing the loss of items such as wallets, keys, or important documents, some tracking cards, like the KeySmart SmartCard, provide additional features such as seamless integration with smartphone apps.

What is a Tracking Card?

Product Overview

Seamless Integration with Apple Find My App

The KeySmart SmartCard stands out for its seamless integration with the Apple Find My app. By adding the SmartCard to this app, users gain access to a wide range of possibilities. They can easily locate their misplaced items in nearby areas or tap into the extensive Apple Find My Network that spans across the globe. With the SmartCard, finding lost belongings becomes effortless and stress free. 

Proactive Notifications by Find My

It works the other way around too. Once the KeySmart SmartCard gets connected with the Apple Find My app, the app notifies you to ensure that you do not forget your SmartCard behind. Imagine this scenario, you are getting ready to leave a cafe, and accidentally leave your wallet with the SmartCard on the table. Thanks to the app's notifications, your iPhone, CarPlay, or AirPods will promptly alert you, preventing any potential loss.

Proactive Notifications by Find My

Redefining the Concept of Ultra Slim Design

The KeySmart SmartCard not only excels in its cutting edge tracking features but also sets a new standard with its exceptional design. With a thickness measuring under 2mm, equivalent to approximately two credit cards, it proudly holds the distinction of being the slimmest tracking card available. Its ultra slim profile effortlessly integrates into your wallet without adding any unnecessary bulk. 

Lanyard Slot - A Practical Feature

The KeySmart SmartCard offers a convenient built-in lanyard slot, making it an essential tool for individuals who rely on ID cards or security badges for daily access. This practical addition eliminates concerns about misplaced badges resulting in inconvenient visits to HR or possible security risks. This makes SmartCard an ideal welcome gift for new employees.

Lost Mode - A Reliable Helping Feature

If your KeySmart SmartCard happens to go missing, the Lost Mode feature becomes your valuable companion. It allows you to access the card's last known location on a map and displays a personalized message containing your contact information to anyone who finds your card. This thoughtful addition significantly increases the likelihood of recovering a lost card and having it returned to you.

Lost Mode - A Reliable Helping Feature

Wireless Charging for Unmatched Convenience

Charging devices can sometimes be bothersome, but not with the KeySmart SmartCard. Simply place it on any qi-enabled wireless charger and forego the need for a specific charging cable. This small yet important convenience significantly enhances the overall user experience. 

Extended Battery Life - Dependable Tracking for Months

The KeySmart SmartCard addresses a common concern with tracking devices, the need for frequent recharging. With an impressive battery life of 5 months on a single charge, you can bid farewell to the constant worry of your tracker running out of power when you need it most. Trust in its reliability for extended periods without interruption.

Extended Battery Life - Dependable Tracking for Months

Waterproof and Ready for Adventures

The KeySmart SmartCard is designed to handle unforeseen mishaps. With an outstanding IPX7 waterproof rating, the highest possible, it can withstand spills, splashes, or even accidental submersion in water. It can survive up to 30 minutes in 3 feet of water, ensuring durability in various situations. Rest assured that your SmartCard is built tough and ready for any adventure.

Fast Shipping, Easy Returns and 2 Years Warranty

When you decide to acquire the KeySmart SmartCard, a cool unisex gift idea for adults, you not only gain access to an innovative tracker but also enjoy prompt shipping.  All purchases made on the KeySmart website are shipped within 24 hours. Furthermore, the company provides a hassle free return policy, allowing you to return undamaged items within 30 days of receiving them. Additionally, the SmartCard is backed by a reliable 2 years warranty for added peace of mind.


Does KeySmart SmartCard work with Android?

Yes, the KeySmart SmartCard is designed to work smoothly with both iOS and Android devices. Regardless of whether you possess an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you can effortlessly incorporate the SmartCard into your everyday life, benefiting from its advanced tracking capabilities and convenience.

Are smart cards safe?

Absolutely, safety is of utmost importance to the KeySmart SmartCard. It implements industry standard encryption protocols to guarantee the security of your data. This device places a strong emphasis on safeguarding user privacy while delivering a dependable tracking solution for personal belongings.

How does the SmartCard integrate with the Apple Find My app?

Just watch this 3 mins guide by KeySmart on YouTube. The guide explains how to set up your SmartCard, including the charging instructions and adding the SmartCard to the Find My app.


To sum up, my investigation of the KeySmart SmartCard reveals an impressive blend of technology and elegance. This personal analysis and KeySmart SmartCard review demonstrates that this card is more than just a tracker. Its compatibility with the Apple Find My app, slim design, and waterproof durability redefine the world of smart home gadgets and gifts for the office. From my own experience, I have found that this device seamlessly integrates into my daily life, highlighting that the KeySmart SmartCard is not only a tracking solution but also a testament to how innovation and practicality coexist in modern living.

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