Light Up Your Life: Introducing Lumi Charge II and Lumi Charge T2W
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Light Up Your Life: Introducing Lumi Charge II and Lumi Charge T2W

|Aug 12, 2021

Over the years, Autonomous products have grown in popularity as reliable, accessible and smart office tools used and loved by millions of customers around the world such as Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) and Ergochair Pro. But one persistent bit of feedback we’ve heard a lot from our customers can be summed up as simply, “We want more!”

While we’ve made many exciting additions to our product line over the past couple of years, we’ve actively looked for ways to expand our offerings so our customers can enjoy more great, reliable solutions for their home and corporate offices. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with some other high quality brands to bring you new products directly through our store!

Lumi Charge on Autonomous

Many of you have been waiting to find the perfect lamp accessory to go with your Autonomous Desk and Autonomous Chair. We’ve got great news for you. The wait is now over.

We’re proud to introduce the Lumi Charge II and the Lumi Charge T2W! These two lamps double as charging hubs for your most-used smart electronics that support wired and wireless charging. Some key highlights:

Lumi Charge II:

Lumi Charge II

This wireless charger for any three smartphones is very useful and adaptable because of its mix of wireless charging, a docked charger in the front, and a built-in USB connector on the rear.

When motion is detected by the LumiCharge II's built-in motion detector, the night light comes on automatically. There'll be no more wandering about in the dark looking for a switch! LumiCharge II will take care of you. This very flexible LED desk lamp will perfectly shed light on every detail you need, whether you're working with a broad desk surface or lighting up a specific section of the room, thanks to its ultra wide angle rotation of up to 330 degrees.

A built-in LED smart display with an adjustable backlight lets you see the time, date, weekday, and temperature at a glance. Your clock and calendar will keep up to date even if your LumiCharge II loses power, due to a built-in CR 2032 battery.

The LumiCharge II is unrivaled in terms of design and materials sophistication. Its sleek, modern design gives a bit of flair to your home while being simple enough to integrate seamlessly into any setting. A silver ion-infused high gloss UV coated paint protects the LumiCharge II. Silver ions' antimicrobial qualities inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria on the LumiCharge II's surface, making it a long-lasting and safe solution for people and families alike.

Lumi Charge T2W:

Lumi Charge T2W

Listen to your favorite music while getting work done and charging your phone with the built-in bluetooth speaker. You may use the built-in microphone to answer phone calls and view movies on your phone with crystal clear sound. Alexa and Google Assistant are also compatible with the LumiCharge T2W.

This LED light delivers exceptional optimization for every area at home or in the business, with three changeable colors and ten degrees of brightness. You don't have to reset it every time you turn it on because it remembers your most recent settings. At whatever time of day, give your eyes the best illumination possible. The integrated complete calendar display keeps the date, time, and temperature at your fingertips at all times. You won't have to raise a finger to stay on top of your schedule.

Simply scan a specific QR code to connect to the ewelink platform, create and sync your profile with the voice assistant of your choosing, and you're ready to go. Plus, the LumiCharge T2W remembers your most recent setting after you've altered your lights. There's no need to re-adjust each time you turn it on.

Get yours now!

You can be the first to purchase these by logging into the Autonomous Employee Purchase Portal on our homepage, which will give you early access as well as additional corporate discounts. The products will be available to everyone who shops on our site from August 18th, listed under the Accessory category. 

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Keep an eye out for more great products headed your way in the Autonomous Store, and check it out today for some of our other great products available now.

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