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Linak Standing Desk Replacement Reviews 2024
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Linak Standing Desk Replacement Reviews 2024

|Dec 3, 2023

Many kinds of work-related stress can build up and affect the work efficiency of a person in several ways. Out of many work-related strains, we tend to pay attention to the mental ones only. In contrast, physical strain in the workplace is one of the biggest contributors to low efficiency and other emerging work-related health problems. Hence, suitable solutions like an ergonomic standing desk, a comfortable, ergonomic office chair, and ergonomic accessories are some solutions to make your working experience a little lighter and breezier.

Thus, in order to make a workplace more comfortable, many brands have introduced their products with varying specifications and qualities. Linak standing desks are a popular ergonomic line of products deemed suitable for a variety of workplaces. Linak desks, equipped with several control features at once, help in improving your work experience. In this article, we will, in detail, review the best Linak adjustable desk you can find.


The link desk frame is made up of metal, which is to add durability and strength to the structure. The standing desk legs can bear up to 300 pounds of weight; hence are suitable for a dual to a regular size triple monitor setup, too. Other than that, the tabletop is made up of high-quality wood, which is high density and hence has some weight but doesn't hinder the desk movement in any way. The heavy electric motor systems compensate for the heavy tabletop.

The desk is the perfect definition of plug and play, and all the wiring within the design is internal, hence giving no loose cable ends or an untidy appearance in any way. Only the panel cables and keypad control system are visible so that you can control the desk even in the dark.

Material - Linak standing desk


The design and construction of the link desk are simple yet stylish. The desk also comes with an option for customization so that you can choose the color and frame options of your choice. Unlike a whole readymade frame structure, you can choose the three different frame parts to mix and match the final product of your choice. The desk is highly simple to integrate, designed well, and creates the perfect setup for your home office. The assembly comes under 5 minutes once you get hold of the instructions which come mentioned with the desk. Moreover, another unique thing about the Linak standing desk is that it comes in two frame options.

Desk Frame 1

The desk frame 1, also known as the flexible solution, lets you play with the choice of combining any desk line product to get a final result of your choice. You can choose from a variety of Linak desk frames, standing L desks, Linak control box, desk panels, and top frames to get a fully customized solution. Moreover, you will also enjoy the peace of mind of having all reliable Linak components only. You can also select the suitable foot variants too.

Desk Frame 2

The Desk Frame 2, known as the intuitive solution, is another fun way to purchase the product of your choice from the Linak studio. The preassembled beam serves as a concealment for all wiring in this solution, and this frame comes with a standing desk cable management system, which just has a few components and is intended for simple assembly. You are prepared when you choose; combine it with complementary lifting columns, feet, and a desk panel. A highly powerful central motor powers the Linak Desk Frame 2 via a synchronous shaft. As a result, the Linak Desk Frame 2 can support 160 kg in both dynamic and static loads.

Another catchy feature of the desk frame 2 is the clean and uncluttered design. The lifting column does not have any nuts, bolts, or visible punched holes. Taking the neat cable management further, the DF2 only shows a touch control keypad to adjust the desk height.


The adjustability of the Linak ergonomic desk line is commendable in many ways. The brand has earned a design award for its considerable packing of features in a single product. Whether it is their L-shaped standing desk or a rectangular height adjustable desk, the link offers a smooth, easy operation up and down drive. You can also set regular reminders, which help you switch from sitting to standing on a scheduled basis. The desk itself helps you maintain an optimum balance of standing vs sitting throughout the day.

Other than that, you will enjoy 4 preset memory settings, which can cater to several different individuals in a single desk. The Bluetooth connection also helps you control the desk from afar, and the LED light strip provides clear visibility of the digital keypad.

Desk Panels

Another intuitive feature of Linak office desks is the Linak desk panel. The link desk panel DPG1C is integrated to set any desk into the most ergonomic operations. The link desk panel can be operated via smartphone, whether you have an iPhone or an Android. The desk panel allows you to set multiple heights and even preset different height settings in the memory. The desk panel will then slide automatically to the predetermined height once you softly push the control panel. There are a total of 4 heights that you may program.

Desk Panels


Standing desks are considered as easy to use products once you get a hold of them, but only a few brands cater to features that increase the longevity of your product. The link desks come with built-in safety features desired to improve the desk life and keep the desks from scratches or scuff marks.

The first safety feature is the anti-collision technology, which ensures the furniture does not collide with any hard surfaces. The standing desk height adjustment itself stops its movement as soon as it comes in contact with a hard surface. Other safety features include the desk having smooth round edges, which prevent the user from getting any cuts or marks in case of colliding with the desk.

Safety - Linak standing desk

Additional Features

Suppose you desire a rolling workstation out of a sudden but have a stationary desk; then no need to worry. The Linak desk addresses this issue, too. You can also make the Linak Desk Frame 2 rollable by adding castors that the buyer must supply. Simply use threaded castors instead of the Linak Desk Feet's adjustable feet. Your Linak Desk Frame 2 is now also rollable as a result. However, installing casters doesn't mean your desk will be rolling away uncontrollably, as the wheel casters also have the option to be locked.

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