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The Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain Under $300
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The Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain Under $300

|May 24, 2021

Have you been using the same old chair for years? A lot of us don’t pay any attention to the chair we use at our workstations. It's uncomfortable, and as a result of it, we suffer from subtle aches that grow into bigger pains. The problem is your chair and how long you sit in it. It’s easy not to overthink this. But if you read about how an ergonomic chair can change all that, you may be encouraged to try one. The difference is amazing! The prices on most chairs aren’t! We’ve looked around for an office chair for lower back pain under $300 and found a few and reviewed them here.

We decided to make this list of the best office chairs under $300 for people who wish to transform their workday. These chairs can do a lot – help you concentrate on tasks, do things in less time and let you be comfortable with just some minor adjustments.

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Recline

If you are always spending a lot of time in front of a PC screen, you need this ErgoChair Recline. It is one of Autonomous’ more affordable adjustable lumbar support ergonomic chairs. This chair fits all shapes and sizes; it spoils you with many adjustments that let you sit in any way you like. Slouching in normal office chairs damages your spine and causes lower back pain.

The difference with this chair is that it reclines with you! That is, you can recline as far back as you like and still have 100% back support with an ergo-unique backrest. The ErgoChair Recline has a tilt tension mechanism with 360-degree full-body support.

Autonomous ErgoChair Recline

A breathable, responsive curved backrest with a lumbar support pillow made with the best materials. You can adjust the headrest by pulling or pushing it up or down as required. The exact mechanism is on the armrests for optimal height. This is such a perfect office chair for lower back pain under $300. 

2. Autonomous Avo Chair

Finally, an ergonomic chair under $300 with lower back support that is safe for your back and the environment. The AvoChair has this chic modern egg-shaped design that you can get in four color variants. It is popular for the clean, functional ergonomics that it offers users like adjustable tension, backrest, and height.

Autonomous AvoChair

The backrest and seat have the patented elastomeric mesh cover over the molded foam interior, fitted on a diecast aluminum alloy base. The rest of the chair is made with nylon-plastic and recycled polyester fabric. The entire chair is made out of recycled materials that can support a weight of up to 250 lbs. The AvoChair is UL 2818 - 2013 Gold Standard certified as well. 

3. The Hyken Task chair from Staples

This office chair for lower back pain under $300 has excellent adjustability, build quality, and comfort. This office ergonomic chair is just right if you want a mesh chair with a cool urban design. The chair is made for the worst days of summer, with a light but durable mesh for optimal airflow. It doesn’t miss out on comfort and comes with a higher backrest and an adjustable headrest.

The Hyken Task chair from Staples

It is the computer ergonomic chair for taller people and has all the other standard adjustments: tension, seat height, tilt lock, armrest, etc. You can get the chair in many colors, and it can be fitted with strong, silent casters and 250 pounds weight support.

4. Executive Office Chair from Serta

If extreme comfort is what you need, then this office chair with lumbar support under $300 is your pick. The Serta Executive Chair looks like a classic leather office chair and has features of a modern one. It offers you a plush, super comfortable seating with bonded leather upholstery.

Executive Office Chair from Serta

More importantly, it has padding everywhere possible – the backrests, the armrests, and the seat. People of all sizes can use it as it comes with a 23-inch backrest and 19.75-inch seat width. The Serta comes with a lumbar cushion that can be detached.    

This ergonomic chair for back pain is made for people who suffer from back issues. Available in several colors, the chair can even tilt forward or backward too. It has a few unique features like huge rolling casters, cable-activated armrests, a rocking feature, and a swivel seat.

5. Big & Tall chair from Sadie

Another option in the office chair for lower back pain under $300 list is the Sadie chair. Tall people don’t have it easy when it comes to finding good, affordable ergonomic chairs. They usually need to invest in big custom chairs, just to fit their height. If you’re facing the same issue, give the Sadie Big & Tall chair a shot.

Big & Tall chair from Sadie

It is made for the taller, heavier person with a heavy-duty frame that supports 400 lbs. maximum and 30.31-inch seat width. The chair doesn't compromise comfort and support and features all the adjustable fixtures and levers you typically need. It even has breathable mesh support too.

Comfort is guaranteed with a memory foam padded waterfall design seat, height adjusting arms, and lumbar support. The only downside is the missing footrest and headrest. The chair might be too much for shorter people.

6. Dowinx Chair for gaming

If you need an office chair for lower back pain under $300 that can endure heavy office and gaming use, this is your choice. The best part is the massager in the lower part of the backrest. This massager can be charged or powered using a standard USB cable. It has top-quality PU leather upholstery that makes maintenance a breeze, abrasion resistant, and super flexible.

The chair even includes a retractable footrest with a 170-degree recline function. You can easily lean back and start gaming after a tough day at work. It is very easy to relax on the chair with recline angles that can be locked in place. The backrest has that wingback design commonly seen in gaming chairs that offers multi-point support.

Dowinx Chair for gaming

On the inside, you have an alloy frame with 6 inches of high-density foam, the LANT gas cylinder. The Dowinx Chair had a swivel seat, 180-degree backrest recline, and controllable rocking function. The seat is padded, has that waterfall slope, and can support up to 350 lbs.

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