Outdoor Living Room Trends: What’s Hot in 2024?
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Outdoor Living Room Trends: What’s Hot in 2024?

|Jan 7, 2024

If you’re like most people, you’re looking for outdoor living space ideas that will help you transform the outside into something you can use. Homeowners everywhere are finding children returning to the nest and needing extra income in the form of renting out a bedroom or basement. 

Regardless of your needs, it’s time to consider updating the outdoor living areas so that you have more space to enjoy yourself. 

Roughly 80 percent of all consumers claim that their outdoor living spaces are more valuable now than ever before, according to the ICFA (International Casual Furnishings Association). This indicates a growing trend of people who want to branch out and live or work outdoors. 

Today, you’ll learn about the top trends this year, which will likely carry into 2024 and beyond. This includes buildings you can put on the property, shed floor ideas to spruce it up, and how color matters. Let’s dive in!

Outdoor Living Room Trends This Year

1. Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

When focused on your outdoor living design, don’t forget to bring in some coziness and light to the mix. If you plan to stay outside into the night, you’ll want a fireplace or fire pit to help you banish the darkness for a little while. There are various styles available, including large options and small tabletop versions. 

While most people choose them because of their aesthetics, they also add comfort and warmth. You can use your outdoor space in the colder months without fear. It’s wise to consider weatherproof versions that run on propane or natural gas for the best results.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

2. Multifunctional and Modular Furniture

If you want to create an outdoor living room on the patio or deck, you might not have a ton of square footage to work with. That’s okay! You can use multifunctional and modular furniture that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. 

The pieces are often lightweight enough to move them around and let you transition between experiences or events. For example, you might have a dining set that can double as a bench, sectional, or remote-work desk. 

3. Hanging Furniture

What could be better in your outdoor living spaces than seeing a porch swing? It immediately transports you back in time to simpler days and relaxation. The iconic style offers sway-all-day comfort! 

You can also find other suspended furniture, including hammocks and hanging daybeds, which are more modern. However, before you buy any hanging furniture, it’s wise to ensure you have a solid structure to support the weight of the piece and any people sitting on it.

Hanging Furniture - Outdoor living room

4. Eco-conscious Designs

When considering your outdoor living design, you might want to think about companies that use responsibly sourced materials. It’s become a buzzword over the last few years. However, it’s not only about what it’s made of but where and how it was made. 

Eco-friendly practices are the defining feature of outdoor furniture designs. You can bring sustainability to the backyard by: 

  • Purchasing products made of sustainable materials, such as infinitely reusable and recycled plastics
  • Reducing your carbon emissions by purchasing local or using companies with more efficient shipping methods
  • Supporting companies with minimal-waste manufacturing practices
  • Harvesting rainwater (if allowed in your state/city) and focusing on water conservation methods
  • Using drought-resistant and native plants for landscaping
  • Choosing solar-powered lights
  • Upcycling materials in your large or small backyard projects

Eco-conscious Designs - Outdoor living room

5. Sculptural Styles

There are so many outdoor living space ideas to consider, but curvy forms, lighting, and outside furniture are always on trend. They should continue to be popular among homeowners for a while. Generally, people are choosing more contoured shapes and fluid lines that blend well with nature’s colors and features. 

6. Visually-appealing Textiles

People often use fabrics with different patterns and textures to please the senses while enjoying their outdoor living areas. Consider a checkered tablecloth in bright colors, but it’s quite smooth (like silk)! Bold and big stripes with softness in them are also great. 

When you consider the outdoor fabrics, make sure the materials are designed for the area. They might not be waterproof, but they’re often a little more durable and can withstand wind and a little rain. 

7. Outdoor Art

Do you want a personal touch for your outdoor living room? You can buy outdoor art to do this. The details often work well to create a welcoming and cohesive environment that brings people outside. 

Options can include: 

  • Hanging photographs (in waterproof frames) around the place
  • Using stone sculptures in the garden
  • Displaying hand-painted pots by the doorways in the backyard

Outdoor Art - Outdoor living room

8. Multiuse Spaces

Do you want more room for different activities? It’s easier than you think to transform your outdoor living spaces into something magnificent. Some homeowners put in a multipurpose area with various zones that combine into one coherent place. 

For example, you might split the patio in the middle, allowing one half to be a dining area and the other to be a relaxing place for after-meal cocktails. 

If you don’t have a patio or already have a plan for it, consider creating a backyard workroom with an ADU. You’ll learn more about this later. 

9. Warm Color Palettes

People often focus on places that are welcoming, so homeowners want to bring in inviting and happy hues. When considering your outdoor living space ideas, focus on warmer colors for the fabrics, materials, and lighting. This will offer a cozier mood after the sun goes down. 

You can also choose warmer shed colors that will look more natural in the outdoor area. However, some people go with bolder or brighter shades because they want the space to pop. Either way, you’ll have something you enjoy seeing whenever you step outside.

Warm Color Palettes - Outdoor living room

ADUs – A Great Idea for Family Gathering in the Backyard

Whether you have a shed on the property or not, you may find that it’s already full. Removing all the items that typically gather there would be challenging. Still, you can always set up an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) to create a backyard area for the family to enjoy and hang out.

After checking out some cool shed ideas inside, it’s wise to learn more about an ADU, its benefits, and what to use it for. Let’s dive in! 

What Is an ADU?

A prefab accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a secondary unit on a residential lot. Though the term sounds institutional, it’s often used to describe this housing option.

Overall, it’s just an extra living space for the property. It can add value to the home and offer a guesthouse for visitors and family members. Likewise, you can use it as a gaming room, home office, or anything else. 

There are many forms of ADUs, such as mini ones, prefabricated ones, and those you build yourself. Usually, the units are designed for various uses and can be detached or attached to the primary residence. 

Typically, ADUs are designed to meet all local building and zoning codes. Therefore, you won’t need a permit to put one on the property (in most cases). It’s still wise to check with your local city authority to ensure that you don’t require a permit. 

Cities might limit how you can use the space. For example, a bedroom might cause problems because there’s no closet.

What Is an ADU?

Benefits of Building an ADU

Using an ADU as an outdoor living room or home office can be highly beneficial. The advantages include: 

  • More Value – Though ADUs cost a lot, they will add value to the property. Potential buyers see this as an asset and will likely be happy to use it.
  • Privacy – When loved ones come to visit, they often feel out of place. Whether they’re sleeping on the couch or in one of your beds, it gives a strange vibe. With an ADU, they have their own privacy and can use the space as a bedroom.
  • Versatile – You can use an ADU for almost anything, including a home gym, gaming room, living room, or home office. Some cities don’t mind you using them as bedrooms, which can also bring in extra rental income.

Benefits of Building an ADU

What Can ADUs Be Used For?

With the right ADU design, you can use it for just about anything. Here are the top options: 

  • Home office
  • Yoga/gym space
  • Pool house
  • Music/art studio
  • Guest house/room
  • Rental unit
  • Outdoor living room
  • Lodging for caretakers and nannies

workpod for gym

Why Should You Use an ADU as an Outdoor Living Room?

With all the outdoor living space ideas you learned about, you may wonder why an ADU as a living room is beneficial. Let’s look at the ways: 

  • Gets You Outside – Even if you’re in the ADU, you’re still out of the traditional house, which means you can enjoy nature more fully.
  • Gathering Place – Instead of worrying about how you’ll accommodate the family in the big house, you can send them to the outdoor living room in the ADU to enjoy a movie or simply talk.
  • Personal Relaxation – Having a special place you can go when you’re feeling overwhelmed is great. You might want to watch a movie no one else likes or simply meditate quietly. An ADU helps you do this!

Why Should You Use an ADU as an Outdoor Living Room?

Top Three Autonomous ADUs

Transforming your outdoor living spaces doesn’t have to be difficult, and some homeowners are content with buying dining room furniture and putting it on a patio. However, that might not help if you’re suddenly working from home more often with no room to do your job.

Autonomous has three different ADUs to help you work comfortably without the added cost of renovating your entire home. Let’s check them out now! 

Autonomous WorkPod

The WorkPod offers many benefits. You can buy it with or without furniture, change the window placement, and can even install it yourself in a few days. 

Overall, the home pod features a weight capacity of 2.9 tons, is 98 square feet, and doesn’t require a permit in most areas. Plus, it’s designed to stand on any terrain, so you don’t have to lay a concrete foundation beforehand. 

If you’re tired of being distracted by family members while you’re trying to work, the WorkPod from Autonomous is a great alternative. It’s sound-insulated, so you get the peace and quiet you need, but there are ceiling-to-floor windows that offer inspiration from nature. 

The WorkPod is fully wired, so you simply put it together, and it’s ready for anything. Whether you want a home gym, office, yoga studio, or a place to chill out, it can be that for you!

Autonomous WorkPod Versatile

Those who need a little extra space might like the WorkPod Versatile from Autonomous. Overall, this prefab studio is designed to fit right in the backyard without the disruptions and headaches that often accompany a home renovation. 

If you get it furnished, you’ll get a sofa, coffee table, desk, a few cabinets, and some shelves. Whether you want to work or relax, it’s all ready to go after it’s installed, which can be done in a few days. 

It’s also fully wired, so it features the connections and sockets needed for electricity and climate control. There are also three color modes to offer mood lighting. 

Likewise, you can adjust the foundation posts, so it’s designed to be stable and flat on any terrain. Set it up on a rocky outcrop or rough ground. The WorkPod Versatile will distribute the weight evenly!

Autonomous WorkPod mini

If you require a smaller space and still like the backyard pod idea, the WorkPod mini is an excellent solution. It offers the same sleek design and high-quality build as the traditional WorkPod from Autonomous, but it’s more affordable and minimalistic. 

In fact, you can set up a gaming room, yoga studio, extra bedroom, or a small home office. You just make it work for you! Plus, it’s pre-wired and features multiple outlets, allowing you to connect it to your primary power source and move in. 

You won’t need a permit (in most areas), and you can assemble it yourself. However, some homeowners might be more comfortable having a professional install the WorkPod mini.

Conclusion for the Hottest Outdoor Living Room Trends

Are you having trouble fitting everything you need in your home? Instead of searching for a house, buying, and moving to another area, you can create an outdoor living design that transforms your outside space into something you could use! 

Having an outdoor living room is a great thing. Many people choose ADUs to create television rooms, rec rooms, and even work-from-home offices. The options are limitless, and Autonomous has three products you might like. Choose the one that meets your needs and budget constraints, and you’re ready to enjoy life on your terms!

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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