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Practice Seated Leg Stretches to Relieve Pain While Working

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Having leg pain while you are sitting can cause irritation and discomfort. It can especially become a potential problem while you are working. Seated leg stretches will remove your leg pain by providing some relief. In addition, it will enable you to carry on with your daily tasks without disruption. 

When you practice leg stretches, it improves the strength of your leg muscles. In addition, it will enhance the strength of the other muscles and joints which are associated with your legs. However, you have to pick some simple leg stretches and practice them thoroughly every day while you are working. This will enable you to turn this into a habit. 

Top Seated Leg Stretches, Which You Can Try While Working

Hamstring Stretches

Hamstring Stretches

These are sitting leg stretches that you can try when you are working. Hamstring muscles are present on the back of your upper leg. You have to get down from your ergonomic office chair and sit on the floor for this exercise. 

First, from your waist, you have to bend forward. You have to do it for as long as you can while you keep your legs straight. You have to do these seated leg stretches at least three times.

Hip Flexor Stretches

You need to sit on the floor for these seated back stretches. In the beginning, you have to make sure that your back is straight. After you do the former, it is essential to put the bottom of the feet close together. 

Later, you require bringing the heels towards yourself. Then, you have to push the knees down to your floor. In the end, you have to hold this position for thirty seconds.

Calf Stretch

Calf Stretch

Sometimes, you need to try out stretches that are different from your regular sitting cross legged stretch. For instance, calf stretches are one of the best seated stretching exercises. The muscles around the calves contribute most to leg pain. As they become tighter, they need stretching to release some of the leg pain. 

Start by sitting on your ground while keeping your legs straight at the front. You can place a yoga strap or towel around the feet. Try to keep your knees and back straight and pull the strap towards the body by putting the toes straight. Hold your breath naturally before you release for thirty seconds.

Quadriceps Stretches

Quadriceps is a set of four different muscles which sit at the front of your thigh. You have to keep the knees straight, which must be your primary purpose. In addition, the Rectus femoris is a quadriceps muscle that flexes the hips. Pain can occur in this area due to prolonged sitting and ergonomic injuries while working. 

Hold the chair for keeping balance and while keeping one leg to the ground, lift the other leg. After doing this, bend your knee in a gentle manner and pull the feet close to the buttock. This seated wide leg stretch will remove all your pain, and you can work without any interruption. In addition, to get better results, you can try the same with your other leg. 

Inner thigh stretch

Inner thigh stretch

The inner thigh stretch gives stability to your knee and hip joints. When you work your inner thighs, you help to eliminate your leg pain. At the same time, it strengthens and tones your legs. 

You can perform this inner thigh stretch both by sitting and standing. You can bend the right knee when you shift your whole body until you feel some stretch on the left thigh. 

Hold this cycle for the purpose of relaxed breathing. Later, bend your left knee and repeat the same process for extra benefits.

Seated raise heel stretch

It is the best seated chair leg stretches. While sitting cross legged on a chair, you can try out this seated raise heel stretch. For this exercise, you need to wear some ankle weights. This seated leg stretches will enhance the consequent effects of this exercise.

When you experience some leg pain while working, you can simply lift your heels from the floor. Then, contract your calf muscles. Before you lower the heels, take a pause when you put them back on the floor.

Heel slide stretch

Heel slide stretch

These are seated leg stretches, which are a modification on hamstring curls. It strengthens the muscles that are large and spans the back of your thighs between the knees and glutes. Engaging your core will strengthen your abdomen as well. Besides, it will prevent your leg pain while you are busy with your work. 

For this stretch, you have to sit on an office chair with a leg rest. You need to bend your knees and keep a wide hip distance while putting your feet flat on the ground. The toes must point upwards towards the ceiling when you extend your right leg and keep its heel on the ground. While doing the above, engage your hamstrings and glutes. You have to try this around twelve times before you switch to the other leg.


When you sit for a long time while working, it can cause a great amount of pain to both of your legs. In a consequent manner, it can manifest in your entire body in the form of hip and back pain. Hence, to avoid such side effects of prolonged sitting, you can try out the above seated leg stretches exercises. 

For instance, you can practice the hamstring stretches three times during your work hours. If you spare thirty seconds for practicing the hip flexor stretches, it can be very effective. The calf stretch releases the excessive tightness of your calf muscles and prevents your leg pain from getting worse. Lastly, you can try quadriceps, inner thigh stretches, and other heel stretches to eliminate leg pain permanently.

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