Presidents' Day Sale 2024: When Does It Start and What Should People Expect?
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Presidents' Day Sale 2024: When Does It Start and What Should People Expect?

|Feb 10, 2024

Do you need to buy new electronics or replace your old furniture? Are you planning to purchase modern appliances for your home? One of the first major shopping holidays of the year is around the corner, and this article has been written to help you find the best Presidents' Day sale! 

If you're interested in learning what this holiday is all about or think you're ready to find the best Presidents' Day sales on your favorite items, keep reading and take advantage of this guide to save big on your next purchases. 

When Is Presidents' Day Celebrated?

Presidents' Day has historically been observed on the third Monday in February since January 1, 1971. That means this federal holiday falls on February 19 this year. 

When Do Presidents' Day Sales Start?

This holiday isn't just a celebration but represents an opportunity to save big on several product categories, including the following: 

  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Mattresses
  • Large appliances
  • Furniture and home goods 

Traditionally, it's celebrated on the third Monday in February. However, you may start seeing Presidents' Day deals long before then, as stores and retailers launch their holiday sales earlier and earlier each year. 

In 2023, the first Presidents' Day sale showed up the first week of February. This year, several retailers are already offering deals, and more are expected to drop in the coming days! 

More often than not, this savings extravaganza starts a couple of days before Presidents' Day, with most of the deals showing up on Friday of the previous week. Considering this, many expect sales to be in full swing on February 16.

When Do Presidents' Day Sales Start?

When Do Presidents' Day Sales End?

It can vary from retailer to retailer, but most Presidents' Day sales end on Monday night. Sometimes, you can still find deals in the few days following the holiday. 

Actually, some sales will continue throughout the month, meaning you may be able to shop and save through late February. Although not as common, some stores offer discounts through early March. 

However, it's important to know that stock is often limited during holidays. If you need a specific product or don't want to miss out on the opportunity to save on a big-ticket item, the best thing you can do is buy them as they go on sale.

When Do Presidents' Day Sales End?

Presidents' Day Sales 2024: What to Expect?

Now that you know more about this federal holiday and the deals you may find during this three-day weekend, let's answer another important question: What should you expect at Presidents' Day sales? 

Well, almost every store offers discounts on this day, including some specialty shops and big-box retailers. However, some products are more popular than others. 

Although you can find some deals at Nike or save a few bucks thanks to Macy's Presidents' Day sale, the truth is that fashion and beauty products aren't as sought-after as mattresses, home appliances, and electronics. 

In this regard, these are some examples of the deals you can expect at Presidents' Day sales:


Honestly, Presidents' Day isn't the best time to buy electronics. However, that doesn't mean you won't be able to find great deals. Actually, this holiday often features sales that are worth checking out if you want to save on this product category.

Brands like HP or Lenovo often offer great discounts on their items, taking up to 80% off. In other words, you could find a good computer at a reasonable price. The Best Buy Presidents' Day sale also helps customers save on big-ticket items, including laptops and video games. 

Last year, the world-renowned brand Samsung offered deep discounts of up to $1,500 on specific TVs and home theaters, which also helped many people equip their entertainment rooms while saving a lot.

Electronics - President day sale

Furniture and Home Goods

Did you buy a computer but need a high-quality office chair or a standing desk to build your setup? Presidents' Day sales often include home items. That means some events will feature furniture pieces. 

Autonomous is definitely a great place to find a great computer chair for sale and some discounted office accessories, for example. The brand demonstrated that it's ready to help buyers save by offering some of the best deals on Black Friday, so you can expect to discover great options on Presidents' Day. 

Other stores offer discounts on kitchen and dining furniture, so this holiday could be an opportunity to buy everything you need to create a beautiful and functional space at home.

Furniture and Home Goods


As explained above, fashion products aren't as sought-after during this holiday discount extravaganza. However, you can find some deals for apparel of some kind every year. 

Many discounts are modest, averaging only 20% or 30% off. However, that doesn't mean you won't be able to buy items at a good price if you're looking for clothing. Some retailers offer more savings. 

Last year, Crocs offered discounts of up to 50% with free shipping for purchases of $50 or more. Under Armour launched some decent deals, too, cutting up to 50% off plus an extra 30% off on several items.

Clothing - President day sale


Historically, the best Presidents' Day deals are on mattresses, as this is the first big sale period that occurs during the winter. Many online stores kick off sales early, offering excellent discounts on these products. 

Purple and Casper are two of the most popular options for purchasing mattresses. In recent years, they've been cutting up to $900 off product prices for Presidents' Day. 

The Home Depot Presidents' Day sale also presents buyers with an opportunity to purchase mattresses at a great price. In 2023, the home improvement retailer cut up to 30% off select products and offered an additional 10% discount. 

Why are mattresses quite popular during this long holiday weekend? Well, most people look for these products during this period because they're usually not cheap. You can spend over $5,000 on a premium option. 

However, most mattress retailers offer discounts of up to 80% on these items on Presidents' Day, so it may be a great time to buy them if you need a new bed.

Clothing - President day sale

Large Appliances

Have you ever wondered when is the ideal time to buy large appliances? Presidents' Day could be a great option! Several stores offer discounts on these items, helping people save over 50% on purchases. 

Last year, many took advantage of Lowe's Presidents' Day sale to purchase fridges, washing machines, dryers, and more. Best Buy also offers discounts on products from specific brands.

Other specialty stores, such as AJ Madison, often have good deals. Actually, this one has offered up to 30% off during its Presidents' Day sale in recent years. 

The 10 Best Places to Shop Presidents' Day Sales All Weekend Long

Are you ready to find the best Presidents' Day sales this year? This guide also lists the top places to shop all weekend long. 

Whether you're looking for a cozy mattress at a great price, an ergonomic chair with lumbar support, or an office desk for sale, you could save big by choosing the right store. To pick the ideal one, you only have to think about the products you want to buy and the discounts you expect to get. 

1. Autonomous

If you need furniture pieces for your workstation, Autonomous Presidents' Day sales are worth checking out. This brand specializes in ergonomic office tools and accessories, so you can find the best ergonomic chair on its site. 

Actually, there's a great office chair for sale at a discounted price right now! The company always tries to help customers save as much as possible on their purchases. 

Autonomous also focuses on technological innovation and is committed to helping people improve their health, whether they work from home or in an office. That's why this brand offers many other products besides chairs and office accessories

Do you need a home standing desk to improve your posture, boost your productivity, or reduce back pain? That's something you'll definitely find in this store. Autonomous also sells tiny homes, exercise equipment, lamps, outdoor furniture, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and more!

Autonomous President day sale

2. Lowe's

Are you planning a home project? The Lowe's Presidents' Day sale could be the ideal opportunity to replace your old appliances or kitchen hardware. 

During the upcoming three-day holiday weekend, you may be able to find massive deals on the tools and items you need to improve your home at Lowe's. Some options include smart home products, bathroom faucets, and select accessories. Also, this retailer offers discounts of 50% or more. 

3. The Home Depot

The Home Depot Presidents' Day sale is quite interesting since this home improvement retailer always has hundreds of hidden deals throughout this long holiday weekend. 

If you're looking for home appliances, you'll be able to find dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators with up to 30% off. Also, The Home Depot often offers bathroom vanities, shower heads, toilets, and faucets at discount prices on Presidents' Day.

The Home Depot

4. Casper

Are you looking for bedding-related products? Casper may be the ideal place to buy them! This retailer offers mattresses with memory foam/spring hybrid at discounted prices. You can save over 20% while revamping your bedroom with high-quality items! 

Also, Casper Presidents' Day deals often include discounts on bed sheets, pillows, duvet covers and inserts, sleep masks, and more. 

5. Best Buy

The Best Buy Presidents' Day sale is already live! That means this retailer is offering great discounts across multiple products to help you save big on your next purchases. 

However, this is just a snippet of what Best Buy will offer on Presidents' Day, as this store often launches all the deals a week before the federal holiday. 

Moreover, this retailer offers massive price reductions, free shipping, and bundle savings every year. Some of the items you can buy are laptops, TVs, appliances, and headphones.

Best Buy President day sale

6. Macy's

Are you looking for winter apparel and outerwear? The Macy's Presidents' Day sale features an extensive collection of items in this category. This department store is one of the few places where you can find fashion deals. 

However, Macy's always offers discounts on other categories besides clothing, including home decor, gifts, and beauty products. 

7. Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places to find Presidents' Day deals of any kind. The world's largest retailer usually offers discounts in several categories, including the following: 

  • Appliances
  • Rugs
  • Kitchen tools
  • Furniture
  • Fashion
  • Beauty

Right now, there's a winter sale on Amazon, which hints that there will be great Presidents' Day deals in the coming weeks. Some of the products you can find are travel mugs, vacuums, food storage containers, and more.


8. eBay

eBay is another of the best places to find Presidents' Day sales, as this company offers many products in different categories at great prices. 

Presidents' Day deals always vary. However, eBay is one of the stores that usually kick off these sales, starting earlier with decent discounts. This year, there's a 15% coupon that buyers can use to save on electronics, mattresses, furniture, and appliances. 

9. Purple

Purple is one of the best stores for those who want to find deals on Presidents' Day. The brand offers high-quality mattresses and pillows, which often come with free returns, free delivery, and a 100-night trial. 

However, things get better on Presidents' Day, as Purple sales often feature steep discounts on the store's products, allowing customers to save up to $900.

Purple President day sale

10. Samsung

Whether you're looking for large appliances or tech devices, Samsung might have some great deals for you. In previous years, the brand has helped people save over $1,000 on their purchases. 

This manufacturer specializes in electronic and smart appliance technology, so you can take advantage of Presidents' Day deals to buy TVs, fridges, laptops, phones, and more. 

Final Thoughts

Do you want to find a high-quality office chair for sale at an excellent price? Are you planning a home improvement project and want to save on the tools or appliances you need? Presidents' Day can be the right occasion to get the best deals to purchase such items. 

In 2024, this federal holiday will be celebrated on February 19, but many stores are already offering deals. Check out the previous list and don't miss out on the opportunity to save big with the best Presidents' Day sales!

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