Our Top Picks for Ball Chairs for Office in 2024
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Our Top Picks for Ball Chairs for Office in 2024

|Jan 9, 2024

Several unhealthy workplace practices are now deemed unsuitable for the physical wellness of employees. One such workplace behavior is sitting all day in front of the desk. Sitting for prolonged periods poses unhealthy effects on physical wellness, such as strain on the back, neck, and shoulders. It also ruins posture and general health; sitting is also related to promoting high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol levels, and heart problems. Which is why, many modern places recommend using a standing desk and the comparison of calories burned standing vs. sitting is proof how standing is much better than sitting.

But the truth is, it is not possible to eliminate sitting from our lives, especially for office workers. Fortunately, some ways exist to minimize the negative impacts of sitting. A ball chair for office is one such solution that encourages bodily movements throughout the day. Even though an exercise ball chair might seem unsuitable for a professional workplace, a yoga ball office chair physically engages the core muscles and improves sitting posture.

This article will cover some top examples of ergonomic chair balls and a buying guide to help you choose the right product.

Top 5 Ball Chairs for Office

Upgrade your workspace with versatile seating options! Dive into the world of ball desk chairs, yoga office chairs, and exercise ball office chairs. Boost productivity and well-being with these ergonomic choices, perfect for active sitting and improved posture. Discover the ideal blend of work and wellness in our curated selection, making your office a healthier and more comfortable place.

1. LifeSpan Fitness Yoga Ball Chair

The lifespan yoga ball is a fun work chair that is stylish and suitable for professional to cool workplace setups. The ball chair has a soft and comfortable surface, providing an anti-slip effect, and you can practice different types of postures for an ergonomic sitting throughout the day. The ball chair encourages micro-muscle movements to prevent physical fatigue throughout the day. The lifespan yoga ball chair is rated a full 5-stars by customers.

LifeSpan Yoga Ball Chair

LifeSpan Yoga Ball Chair

Item weight7 lbs
MaterialNon-slip rubber fabric
Weight capacity400 lbs
StylishAvailable in only one color
Lightweight and portable

2. Gaiam Stability Chair

For beginners who need help switching to a balance ball entirely, the Gaiam ball chair has a supportive platform. It is rated 4.5 stars out of 5. And the textured vinyl surface looks shiny for office spaces with a durable finish. Like other Gaiam posture chairs, the stability chair is also known to promote ergonomic sitting in the workplace.

Gaiam Stability Chair

Gaiam Stability Chair

Measurements22"W x 31"H x 22"D; 13 lbs
HeightFor those 5'-5'11" tall
Compatibility52cm balance ball
Weight Capacity300 lbs
300 pounds weight capacityIt takes a lot of time to inflate
Durable build quality

3.  Trideer Office Ball Chair

The Trideer ball chair for office is highly robust, has rough ridges for comfort, and is non-slip. If you like sitting on knees, the chair helps with natural posture correction. The chair fully supports the buttocks along with no slipping, even with crossed legs. The ball chair is also made of BPA, a hazard-free plastic. The chair is rated 4.5 stars by customers who have tried it.

Trideer Office Ball Chair

Trideer Office Ball Chair

Item Weight5 lbs
Weight Capacity331 lbs
Non-toxicThe pump becomes loose after some time
Ideal for taller people

4. UrbnFit Exercise Ball

The Urbnfit is a 4.5-star rated high-quality ball chair with an appealing color and design. The ball chair is perfect for people who love sitting on the floor, as the low height keeps you comfortable. The ball chair for office engages your core and keeps the back and abdomen muscles naturally aligned for fatigue-free sitting.

UrbnFit Exercise Ball

UrbnFit Exercise Ball

Sport TypeExercise & Fitness
Weight Capacity600 lbs
It has a 600 pounds weight capacityThe air pump is slow
Can also be used in pregnancy
It has a non-slip surface

5. Safco Stability Chair

This 52-cm office stability chair has a teardrop form to ensure enhanced support for the buttocks. With a 275-pound weight capability and simple swiveling, it is incredibly sturdy. Just enough for a strong core engagement, the chair is too comfortable for those who think sitting in a ball chair without a backrest is tiring. Due to its design and support, the chair is rated 4 stars out of 5.

Safco Stability Chair

Safco Stability Chair

Seat Dimensions17.5"D x 22.5"W x 23"H x 15 lbs
MaterialVinyl upholstery, steel legs, PVC
Weight Capacity275 lbs
Easy to maintainExpensive
Easy operative hand pumpNot suitable for taller people

6. YogaBo Ball Chair

Presenting the YogaBo Ball Chair—a ground-breaking amalgamation of style and practicality. This desk chair with upholstery hides a subtle base that not only strengthens the structure but also rethinks what an office chair should be. Designed to encourage optimal posture, this chair distinguishes itself from standard ball chairs with its luxurious, machine-washable fabric.

This exercise ball office chair is a great exercise tool in addition to providing perfect balance thanks to the little ring at the base. Say goodbye to slouching and hunching and welcome enhanced stability and core strength in a seat that not only improves your office with style but is also very comfy. The Yogibo is a contemporary, workout-friendly replacement for your old desk chair that will improve your workplace.

7. JFIT Ergonomic Comfort/Stability Balance Ball

If you're looking for a new way to improve your posture and strengthen your back, try the JFIT Ergonomic Comfort/Stability Balance Ball. With its innovative ergonomic design, it surpasses the ordinary and provides a more pleasant seated experience compared to typical ball seats—all while engaging core muscles throughout the day.

For a sitting experience that is both pain-free and supportive, try using this ball. It will help with back discomfort and contribute to proper spine alignment. This balancing ball is the perfect ergonomic solution, combining health and comfort for users up to 6'1" tall. Or, you may add an extra inch of height with the optional risers. With JFIT, you can finally put an end to pain and welcome better health.

8. Safco Zenergy Ball Chair

The Safco Zenergy Ball Chair is a dynamic option that will enhance your sitting experience by keeping your body moving. With its gentle rocking and bouncing, this chair encourages good posture and strong core muscles while providing an active sitting experience that improves balance and attention. The Zenergy chair offers the same postural advantages as a yoga ball without the fear of rolling over, thanks to its four solid legs and anti-burst training ball. Installing the legs and feet together will give you a sitting height of 23 inches; installing the feet alone will give you a height of 20 inches. This sleek, modern ball chair will help you embrace current style. It comes in a variety of colors to liven up your workspace. This Greenguard-certification also adds value.

9. Gaiam Essentials Balance Ball & Base Kit

A 65-centimeter balancing ball that can serve as an ergonomic chair for your desk, a prop for at-home yoga and stability exercises, and an integral part of the Gaiam Essentials Balance Ball & Base Kit is a great way to amp up your exercise regimen. The detachable, inflatable ring base keeps the ball from rolling around as you work out, and it's also possible to use it on its own.

The high-quality rubber construction and anti-burst design provide long-lasting support for users weighing up to 300 pounds, ensuring their safety and comfort. For hassle-free assembly, the package comes with an air pump. This all-inclusive and easy-to-use Gaiam Essentials package will propel your fitness quest to new heights.

10. Aramis Ball Chair

Meet the Aramis Ball Chair – your ally in maintaining proper posture whether you're at home, in class, or at the office. Crafted from premium Italian resins, this ball is not just durable but also ergonomically beneficial, targeting core muscles through trunk and abdominal engagement. With four stable legs, the ball stays in place, making it ideal for exercises and stretches. Elevate your sitting experience with the Kaytor ball, designed to offer posture benefits and the flexibility for workouts and stretches. Experience comfort and support in any setting, making this yoga office chair a versatile addition to your lifestyle, promoting both wellness and functionality wherever you are.

11. Elite Height Adjustable Ball Chair

The Aeromat Ball Chair line's Elite Height Adjustable Ball Chair will revolutionize your workstation. This ergonomic masterpiece improves your well-being in addition to modernizing your surroundings. Its height adjustability (20" to 23") makes it suitable for a variety of workplaces and guarantees a personalized sitting experience. It encourages improved posture, circulation, and core firmness by using instability-induced motion. Easy glide caster wheels provide ease, and the 360° swivel base ensures stability and smooth movement. It has an oval-shaped, removable ball seat with anti-burst qualities, unlike other ball chairs. With its lightweight design and 280-pound weight capacity, this ball chair revolutionizes comfort, support, and usefulness, making it a perfect fit for any modern workstation.

The Pros of Sitting on a Ball Office Chair

A ball chair for office is nothing but an office chair that employees can use to do some stability training and enhance their strengths. We all know that sitting for long hours can have a bad effect on your posture. But using a balance ball office chair has its own share of disadvantages or cons. The top 5 advantages and disadvantages of using a ball chair for office are as follows.

1. A ball office chair can improve your core strength

The stability yoga ball office chair does not provide any kind of back or arm support. As a result, your body needs to provide support to itself. When you sit on the exercise ball in your office, it helps you to engage all your muscles and abdominals. Therefore, you can buy an ergonomic chair that will give strength to your muscles and build your endurance. 

When your muscles become stronger, your core strength will improve. This will allow you to work on your strengths. 

Pros of Sitting on a Ball Office Chair

2. Burns extra calories

Your muscles do not engage while you sit on a normal office chair. But your muscles engage when you are active sitting on your ball work chair. This can increase your heartbeat, and it burns a few more extra calories.

This ball chair for office can further boost your metabolism to help you lose some weight. In addition, it is an easier exercise in comparison to hiking outdoors. Also, it does not involve any complicated steps. 

3. Promotes proper balance

If you do not have the right coordination skills, it can jeopardize your balance. This is where the best ball office chair comes in. It will allow you to work on your balance and improve it. Sitting on a ball chair for office can be more difficult in comparison to sitting in a normal office chair. 

The above is because of the fact that if you do not properly sit in your ball chair, you can easily slide off from it. Therefore, you will have to improve your balance. Among all the ball office chair benefits, it helps to enhance your stability. 

4. You can perform additional stretches

Sometimes sitting on an 8 hours office chair can cause strain on your back. As a result of this strain, your back will start aching. A exercise ball chair comes with facilities for you to easily perform additional stretches. 

These stretches can help to alleviate your back pain. Moreover, it will provide a deep stretch by supporting your back. This will eliminate all kinds of discomfort from the back. 

You can perform additional stretches

5. Increases your movement

Understanding how a ball chair for office increases your movement will help you identify the benefit of ergonomic chairs.  For instance, your exercise ball chair will always be in motion. It can allow you to bounce, adjust your positions, or rock the chair. 

Some employees bounce lightly in their ball office chairs. Thus, by always moving, this chair increases your energy levels. This can increase your productivity. 

The Cons of Sitting on an Exercise Ball Chair

1. It makes your backside uncomfortable

After you sit on your yoga ball office chair for a few hours, you will feel some soreness. This is because it does not provide support to your back. After you get up from your chair, you will notice that the soreness has gone away. 

However, this can happen with any chair. You can do some occasional back stretches as this chair allows you to do that. Hence, you will quickly be able to snap out of the discomfort. 

The Cons of Sitting on a Ball Office Chair

2. Often rolls away

Since this chair comes with a ball-like shape, it sometimes rolls away. This is because not all office floors have a plain level. Therefore, unlike a flat chair, it rolls down on the floor when you try getting up. 

But it will not affect the functionality of the chair in any way. This is because it provides you with ergonomic features to alleviate back pain. But, if you find its rolling annoying, then you can hold it down with another hand when you get up. This will prevent it from rolling away. 

3. It makes you feel tired

Sitting on an office ball chair can exhaust you and make you feel tired. It can be due to the particular reason that it slides away easily. Every time it happens, it will cause you a certain degree of mental and physical exhaustion. 

This exhaustion is what helps you to lose calories and get back in shape. In case you are not fit, it can intensify your exhaustion on several levels. This is because it will take time to boost your slow metabolism. But, you will slowly get habituated. 

4. Can make it hard to concentrate

As most of your time goes to adjust your chair, it burns away all your energy. Once when all your energy goes away, you will find it hard to hold your concentration for longer periods of time. This can affect your productivity as you will take a much longer time to finish your tasks when your concentration is low. 

This is why some workplaces do not allow any forms of exercise. It is because of the fact that it can lead to several ergonomic injuries. Also, people can mistakenly trip over the ball office chair. 

Can make it hard to concentrate

5. Can lead to accidents

Speaking of injuries, the ball office chair can sometimes hurt your neck and back. If somehow, it takes a wrong turn, it can cause irreparable damage. To fix this, you may need to spend thousands of dollars.

Therefore, if you decide to buy this ergonomic chair ball, you need to weigh all its pros and cons. This will enable you to make the best decision.

How to Choose the Right Ball Chair for Office?

Choosing the right ball chair will enhance your posture and meet your needs. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a ball chair for work or gaming.

Chair size

The chair should be tailored to the user's size to offer support and comfort. The two elements affecting chair size are user’s size are weight and height, and a ball chair size too big or small might become uncomfortable and potentially unstable.

Safety features

The ergonomic chair ball should have a strong foundation and other features, like a non-slip bottom, to stop the ball from rolling or slipping. It should not have loose stitches or a rough textured surface. Ensure the chair you choose has the required safety features to prevent injury.

Customer reviews

Look for a company with a solid reputation and many good customer reviews to ensure you are buying reliable and high-quality goods. Customer reviews are a great way to analyze the quality of a product before making a purchase.

Weight capacity

Another crucial aspect to consider is the yoga ball office chair's weight capacity. Get a ball chair that can support at least 20 pounds more weight than you need.

Chair material

Another crucial aspect to consider is the material of the ergonomic chair ball. The material to make the ball should be strong, long-lasting, non-slip, and sustain repeated use. To be used throughout the warmer months, the material must also be breathable; it is crucial to mention.

How to Choose the Right Ball Chair for Office?


Are office ball chairs good for you?

Ball chairs strengthen core muscles while improving core stability. Office ball chairs have many advantages over workplace chairs.

Can you sit on a ball chair all day?

For beginners, sitting on a ball chair all day is unhealthy. It is advised to begin with a 2-hour per day time on a ball chair.

Is it better to sit on a ball or a chair?

A ball chair is less recommended than an ergonomic chair as prolonged use can strain the spine.

Are ball chairs good for your back?

Yes, ball chairs are reported to improve back muscles and strength by engaging the back muscles during sitting.

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