Pros and Cons of Sitting on a Ball Office Chair at Work
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Pros and Cons of Sitting on a Ball Office Chair at Work

Autonomous|Oct 15, 2021

A ball office chair is nothing but an office chair that employees can use to do some stability training and enhance their strengths. We all know that sitting for long hours can have a bad effect on your posture. But using a balance ball office chair has its own share of disadvantages or cons. The top 5 advantages and disadvantages of using a ball office chair are as follows.

The Pros of Sitting on a Ball Office Chair

Pros of Sitting on a Ball Office Chair

1. A ball office chair can improve your core strength

The stability ball office chair does not provide any kind of back or arm support. As a result, your body needs to provide support to itself. When you sit on the exercise ball in your office, it helps you to engage all your muscles and abdominals. Therefore, you can buy an ergonomic chair that will give strength to your muscles and build your endurance. 

When your muscles become stronger, your core strength will improve. This will allow you to work on your strengths. 

2. Burns extra calories

Your muscles do not engage while you sit on a normal office chair. But your muscles engage when you are active sitting on your ball work chair. This can increase your heartbeat, and it burns a few more extra calories.

This ball office chair can further boost your metabolism to help you lose some weight. In addition, it is an easier exercise in comparison to hiking outdoors. Also, it does not involve any complicated steps. 

3. Promotes proper balance

If you do not have the right coordination skills, it can jeopardize your balance. This is where the best ball office chair comes in. It will allow you to work on your balance and improve it. Sitting on a ball office chair can be more difficult in comparison to sitting in a normal office chair. 

The above is because of the fact that if you do not properly sit in your ball chair, you can easily slide off from it. Therefore, you will have to improve your balance. Among all the ball office chair benefits, it helps to enhance your stability. 

4. You can perform additional stretches

You can perform additional stretches

Sometimes sitting on an 8 hours office chair can cause strain on your back. As a result of this strain, your back will start aching. A ball office chair comes with facilities for you to easily perform additional stretches. 

These stretches can help to alleviate your back pain. Moreover, it will provide a deep stretch by supporting your back. This will eliminate all kinds of discomfort from the back. 

5. Increases your movement

Understanding how a ball office chair increases your movement will help you identify the benefit of ergonomic chairs.  For instance, your ball office chair will always be in motion. It can allow you to bounce, adjust your positions, or rock the chair. 

Some employees bounce lightly in their ball office chairs. Thus, by always moving, this chair increases your energy levels. This can increase your productivity. 

The Cons of Sitting on a Ball Office Chair

The Cons of Sitting on a Ball Office Chair

1. It makes your backside uncomfortable

After you sit on your ball office chair for a few hours, you will feel some soreness. This is because it does not provide support to your back. After you get up from your chair, you will notice that the soreness has gone away. 

However, this can happen with any chair. You can do some occasional back stretches as this chair allows you to do that. Hence, you will quickly be able to snap out of the discomfort. 

2. Often rolls away

Since this chair comes with a ball-like shape, it sometimes rolls away. This is because not all office floors have a plain level. Therefore, unlike a flat chair, it rolls down on the floor when you try getting up. 

But it will not affect the functionality of the chair in any way. This is because it provides you with ergonomic features to alleviate back pain. But, if you find its rolling annoying, then you can hold it down with another hand when you get up. This will prevent it from rolling away. 

3. It makes you feel tired

Sitting on an office ball chair can exhaust you and make you feel tired. It can be due to the particular reason that it slides away easily. Every time it happens, it will cause you a certain degree of mental and physical exhaustion. 

This exhaustion is what helps you to lose calories and get back in shape. In case you are not fit, it can intensify your exhaustion on several levels. This is because it will take time to boost your slow metabolism. But, you will slowly get habituated. 

4. Can make it hard to concentrate

Can make it hard to concentrate

As most of your time goes to adjust your chair, it burns away all your energy. Once when all your energy goes away, you will find it hard to hold your concentration for longer periods of time. This can affect your productivity as you will take a much longer time to finish your tasks when your concentration is low. 

This is why some workplaces do not allow any forms of exercise. It is because of the fact that it can lead to several ergonomic injuries. Also, people can mistakenly trip over the ball office chair. 

5. Can lead to accidents

Speaking of injuries, the ball office chair can sometimes hurt your neck and back. If somehow, it takes a wrong turn, it can cause irreparable damage. To fix this, you may need to spend thousands of dollars.

Therefore, if you decide to buy this chair, you need to weigh all its pros and cons. This will enable you to make the best decision.

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