Best Ladder Desk for Maximizing Extra Space – Top 5 Picks
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Best Ladder Desk for Maximizing Extra Space – Top 5 Picks

|Nov 30, 2023

What is the major challenge you came across when working from home? The sudden switch to remote work has been stressful for all of us for one reason or another. Some lack privacy, some cannot get a private dedicated workspace, and some find it too challenging to focus on work with the chaos of life around them, while most of us feel our work-life balance being compromised.

Either way, certain things make this transition or work from home easier on us, and the choice of the best ergonomic office desk is one of those. Yes, the best home office desk you choose for your needs has a huge impact on how well your entire home setup will be put, and you cannot ignore the importance of a good desk. But what makes a desk good for you, and how do you know which desk is wrong? One can get confused among the many types of DIY office desk ideas and functions. Hence it is important to judge the different types and then decide accordingly.

This article will discuss the famous ladder desk for compact spaces. A 2 or 3-shelf ladder desk is a space-efficient office desk that you can adjust in any work setting regardless of size or space. There are many benefits to a ladder desk with drawers and shelves, and below we have covered all that.

What is a Ladder Desk?

A ladder desk, as the name implies, is characterized by its angular supports and shelves, giving it an appearance similar to a ladder. Because of its innovative design, it can rest against a wall and takes up very little room on the floor. Ladder desks are great for small apartments, college dorm rooms, and even unused corners of bigger homes because they take up less room than regular desks.

A ladder desk is a writing or computer desk attached to a ladder-style bookshelf or is a freestanding structure that includes a desktop and shelves or storage space for books and other goods. Many variations of this desk come in the form of a ladder desk with drawers or keyboard tray, providing you with an extra platform to place your keyboard or other accessories.

Ladder desks are known to be very handy for limited space. Though they are not as spacious as an L-shaped desk or a DIY L-shaped desk, a leading advantage is that they don't need extra square footage compared to the work area they provide.

A ladder desk's size, style, and features vary greatly, and although some bookshelves can be purchased at home, others are already constructed into space as a permanent construction. The desk is usually relatively tiny and used for writing or using the computer, while the bookshelf portion might vary in size depending on the model.

What is a Ladder Office Desk?

Why Choose a Ladder Desk?

Beyond their space-saving prowess, ladder desks offer several advantages:

  • Versatility: Ladder desks can be customized to fit various needs. Add shelves for storage, incorporate a drawer for extra organization, or even attach a hanging lamp for task lighting.
  • Cost-effective: Building your ladder desk allows you to control the cost and use materials that suit your budget and style.
  • Aesthetic appeal: The clean lines and modern design of a ladder desk can enhance the aesthetics of any space.
  • Increased productivity: Having a dedicated workspace can significantly improve focus and productivity.

Promotes organization: The built-in shelves and drawers encourage organization, keeping your workspace clutter-free.

Top 5 Picks of the Best Ladder Desk

We all have had the chance to work from home during the pandemic. Most of us are now permanently working from home in our comfort zone. However, with this comfort zone comes endless challenges, such as organizing a workspace, removing distractions, and creating office-like privacy.

Accommodating a workspace becomes even more of a task if you have a small room. A ladder desk can be a lifesaver in such situations. These unconventional desks with additional storage space are perfect for people running short on working space. Let’s discuss 5 of the best ladder shelf desks in this post that will transform your average workspace into a functional and efficient unit.

1. EUREKA Multi-Function Ladder Desk: Dual Pegboard

The EUREKA ladder desk is an innovation worth the praise. This sleek and modern ladder desk is made from eco-friendly smooth carbon fiber, providing the desk with an additional layer of structural integrity that can withstand much weight. For all those workaholics who spend their entire days in front of a computer screen, the EUREKA ladder desk has a tailored mouse pad and proper heights between the shelf and the top.

The two additional shelves at the top can provide massive space for storing office supplies and other essentials. The desk works great for gamers and is a multi-purpose desk that works in many situations.

EUREKA Multi-function Ladder Desk

EUREKA Multi-function Ladder Desk

Dimensions43.30”L x 23.62”W x 62.59”H
Weight capacity330 lbs
Warranty5 years
Ample workspaceAssembly required
Versatile functionalityLimited color options
Ergonomic design
Durable materials
Efficient cable organization

2. DVG VIFAH District Indoor Metal 2-Tier Ladder w/ Desk

The DVG VIFAH ladder shelf desk is a 2 in 1 office furniture configured as a desk or a bookshelf. The furniture is made from premium quality MDF wood with a dark brown accent that gives the desk a good-looking texture. Apart from that, the fixtures are made from metal, providing the desk with great structural strength.

There is ample storage space on the 2 desk shelves, allowing you to store your essentials and books. Overall the desk is a simple yet elegant design that works well with an office or room.

DVG VIFAH District Indoor Desk

DVG VIFAH District Indoor Desk

Product dimensions33"L x 19.5"W x 71"H
Desktop Dimension30.5"L x 19"W
First shelf30.5"L x 9"W
Second shelf30.5"L x 11.5"W
Floor to bottom of desktop29"
Weight capacityDesktop 88 lbs, 44 lbs per shelf
Warranty1 year
Space-saving solutionLimited weight capacity
Versatile for various tasksIt may require additional seating
Modern and stylish design
Durable construction
Convenient storage options

3. Skyline Decor Walnut Brown Wood: Black Metal Shelves

If you are looking for a sleek and stylish ladder desk with a drawer, the Skyline Décor Walnut desk is the perfect option. The modern industrial-style desk is made from heavy-duty particle board, giving it an aesthetic wooden feel and texture. Moreover, the legs and supports are made from iron metal, providing amazing durability.

The Skyline ladder desk can be used according to your preference. Either install it in any corner of your room or wall-mount it. The desk comes with abundant room for storage. However, assembly is required when you purchase this furniture, and you might also need additional tools to install the unit.

Skyline Decor Walnut Brown Wood Desk

Skyline Decor Walnut Brown Wood Desk

DimensionsOverall: 32.7"W x 19.7"D x 63"H
Open Storage: 14.5"W x 4.5"D x 5.75H
Table Top: 31.3"W x 19.7"D
Legs or Clearance: 28.9"H
MaterialParticle Board and Iron Metal
ColorWalnut Brown and Black
Warranty1 month
Stylish and modern designMay require assembly
Durable wood and metal constructionLimited color options
Adjustable height for ergonomic comfort
Ample workspace for productivity
Easy online purchase and delivery

4. Monarch Specialties Leaning Ladder Desk

Do you have a small space and are struggling to make the best use of it? Well, not anymore, as the Monarch Specialties folding computer desk is ideal for small spaces. The furniture blends perfectly in any setting, such as a home office, family room, or bookshelf.

The desk is manufactured of high-quality wood of Dark Taupe color, which gives it a contemporary look. Such a look works best for light-tone background rooms. The product has been rated as a great value for money. However, some customers complained about the sturdiness of this ladder desk and that it cannot hold a considerable amount of weight.

Monarch Specialties Leaning Ladder Desk

Monarch Specialties Leaning Ladder Desk

Dimensions19"D x 25.5"W x 61"H
ColorDark Taupe
Mounting TypeFreestanding
Space-saving solutionLimited weight capacity
Stylish and modernLacks sturdiness
Versatile storage options
User-friendly assembly process

5. Benzara Contemporary Style Ladder Desk

Finally, we have the Benzara contemporary-style ladder desk, known for its modern and bossy look. The furniture is made from top-quality wood of dark accent that works great for light-tone rooms. The desk features triangular side panel supports that provide it with a great level of structural integrity and durability.

The desk weighs around 78 pounds, so it might be tough to install it since it is a bit bulky. Apart from that, this desk has 3 open shelves and a drawer that gives it the additional storage space needed to store important office supplies and essentials. When buying the product, make sure that everything is in place, as customers have complained about missing pieces. Lastly, assembly of the product can be a bit of a hassle.

Benzara Contemporary Style Ladder Desk

Benzara Contemporary Style Ladder Desk

Dimensions61"H x 33.5"W x 21.75"L
ColorDark Brown
Stylish and modernIt may require additional wall support
Versatile for various room stylesLimited weight capacity
Sturdy and long-lastingAssembly required
Provides organized storage

Pros of Choosing a Ladder Desk?

Modern workplaces or modern home office setups are less about expenses, large setups, and huge purchases, but they are more about convenience. This is how the concept of a ladder desk has emerged. The idea behind this desk is to provide a solution that works as a workstation and can be used for other purposes in your home office.

Since each space in a house is precious, a ladder desk doesn't just limit a corner to work needs, but with all the extra space and portability options, you can benefit from this desk in many different scenarios. Here are some advantages of a ladder desk.

Saves Space

A ladder desk might help you save room. After all, it has built-in shelves. It lets you keep things close at hand and easily fits into any place, such as the living room or the bedroom. You may use the shelf to store stationery or adorn it with photos and books to give it a more personal touch.

ladder office desk Saves Space


The nicest part about these areas is that they can be used to decorate your home when you're done working. They are highly useful and have more room than they appear to have. It's especially useful if you require a tiny desk sometimes because you can use it as a shelf while not in use.

Built-in Storage

For office workers, not having ample storage is always the issue. One tends to worry over where their stationery would go, how they would place the printer, and how to manage all the scattered files in a clean and accessible manner. But thankfully, with a ladder shelf desk, all of these problems can be addressed skillfully.

Since the design resembles that of a bookshelf with a workstation, you are well aware of the storage options you will get. And you can also opt for ladder desks with a varying number of shelves based on your needs. This helps the user keep frequently used objects close at hand without getting up from their desk. It's a smaller version of the bookcase desk, perfect for apartments. A taller shelf structure can be found on larger variants of ladder desks.

Built-in Storage with ladder office desk

Cons of a Ladder Desk?

Compared to the benefits and advantages of using a ladder desk in a workplace, there are also certain limitations of these types of desks that one should know. Below are some cons of using a ladder desk.

Not Suitable for Multi-Monitors

Not all of us have similar work requirements, nor do we have the same kind of interaction with technology when it comes to working. For programmers and coders who have access to large systems and multiple screens, a ladder desk is the most unwise choice. It doesn't provide the right space, nor is it very sturdy for those heavy monitor setups.

Not Suitable for Multi-Monitors

Low Weight Capacity

Since we complain about a desk being wobbly or not too reliable, you will also realize that a leaning ladder desk has low weight capacity. Probably what makes them so easy to use and carry around in the home? Hence if you have a lot of work with heavy accessories, a ladder desk might not be the best decision you make.

Not Sturdy

Leaning ladder desks can be unstable even when anchored to the wall, as they are usually only held to the wall in two places. Because they must be light to rest comfortably and firmly against the wall, the desk and shelves are typically not as strong as traditional models. Hence, you are more likely to worry about your expensive office gadgets and their safety.

Not Sturdy

Doesn’t Look Professional

For an office desk, there are modern features like adjustability, a control keypad, and various other perks that you would find in a smart office desk. While this is for functionality, it also improves the aesthetics of an office desk and makes it seem more professional. This is hard to achieve with a DIY-looking ladder desk.

A DIY Guide on Ladder Desk

Is your home office or study area in need of an elegant and space-saving solution? Is space, particularly optimized space, something you frequently find yourself short on? The fashionable and functional ladder desk is your best bet. The world of ladder desks is our playground, and we'll cover all you need to know, from the fundamentals to ways to personalize your ladder desk, in this comprehensive guide. Let's take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind piece of furniture and see what it can do.

Design and Planning

  • Measure your space: Determine how much space you want your ladder desk to take up and measure the available area accordingly.
  • Choose your materials: Wood is the most popular choice for its warmth and affordability. You can also opt for metal pipes or reclaimed wood for a more industrial look.
  • Sketch your design: Sketch your ideal ladder desk, including any shelves, drawers, or other features you want it to have. This will help you visualize the finished product and ensure you have all the necessary materials.


  • Durability: Can the material handle the weight of your equipment?
  • Aesthetics: Modern, rustic, or something else?
  • Cost: How much are you willing to spend?

A DIY Guide on Ladder Desk

Materials and Tools

  • Lumber (pine, oak, or plywood)
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Wood screws
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood glue
  • Paint or Hue(optional)
  • Shelf brackets (optional)
  • Drawer slides (optional)
  • Hardware (hinges, knobs, etc.)
  • Safety equipment (gloves, safety glasses)

Materials and Tools

Build Your Ladder Desk: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Cut the Lumber

  • Gather your materials: lumber (pine, oak, or plywood), saw, safety glasses, and measuring tape.
  • Measure and mark the lumber according to your design plan for the frame and shelves.
  • Securely hold the lumber and carefully cut it along the marked lines using the saw. Double-check each piece for accuracy.

1. Cut the Lumber

2. Pre-drill Holes

  • Put on your safety glasses.
  • Before assembling the frame, pre-drill holes where the screws will go into the wood. This prevents splitting and ensures a strong connection.
  • Use the appropriate size drill bit for the screws you're using.

Pre-drill Holes

3. Assemble the Frame

  • Apply a generous amount of wood glue along the edges where the wood pieces will connect.
  • Securely screw the pieces together using the pre-drilled holes and appropriate screws. Double-check your design plan to ensure everything is aligned correctly.
  • Let the glue dry completely before moving on to the next step.

4. Attach Shelves and Drawers (Optional)

  • If your design is of a ladder desk with drawer or with shelves, use brackets or slides to attach them to the frame.
  • Follow the specific instructions for the brackets or slides you're using.
  • Ensure the shelves and drawers are level and secure.

5. Sand the Surfaces

  • Once the frame and any shelves or drawers are attached, use sandpaper to smooth all surfaces.
  • Pay close attention to any rough edges or areas with excess glue.
  • Sanding will give your ladder desk a polished and professional finish.

5. Sand the Surfaces

6. Apply a Coat of Paint (Optional)

  • Choose a shade or paint color that complements your style and the overall design of your space.
  • Apply the coat of paint evenly to the exterior of the ladder desk.
  • Follow the specific instructions for the paint you're using.
  • Allow the paint to dry completely before adding any hardware.

7. Install Hardware

  • If your design includes doors or drawers, attach hinges and knobs for easy access.
  • If you've incorporated lighting features, install the necessary hardware now.
  • Ensure all hardware is securely installed and functioning properly.

The DIY journey of crafting your ladder desk opens up a world of possibilities for maximizing space and personalizing your workspace. From the simplicity of a leaning desk to the added functionality of a ladder desk with shelves or drawers, the options are versatile. As you embark on this creative adventure, remember that the beauty of a DIY ladder desk lies not only in its functionality but also in the satisfaction of creating a piece uniquely tailored to your needs. Let your imagination soar, and enjoy the process of transforming basic materials into a functional and aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture.

Install Hardware


1. What is the difference between a leaning desk and a ladder desk with shelves?

While both leaning and ladder desks are designed to save space, a leaning desk typically leans directly against the wall, while a ladder desk features a distinctive ladder-like structure. The ladder desk with shelves incorporates tiered shelving, providing additional storage and distinguishing it from a standard leaning desk.

2. Can I customize a ladder desk with additional storage options?

Absolutely! A ladder desk with shelves offers the flexibility to customize your storage needs. You can choose the number of shelves and their placement and even go for a ladder desk with drawer for added organizational space.

3. Why choose a leaning desk with shelves over a traditional desk?

Leaning desks with shelves are excellent choices for those with limited space. They offer a sleek and modern design while providing vertical storage. The combination of a leaning desk with shelves allows for a functional and stylish workspace.

4. Are ladder desks with drawers more practical than those without?

The inclusion of a drawer in a ladder desk enhances practicality by providing concealed storage space. Whether for office supplies or personal items, a ladder desk with a drawer offers added organizational functionality without compromising style.


A ladder desk can be a perfect solution when it comes to maximizing extra space in your home or office. These innovative pieces of furniture combine the functionality of a desk with the vertical storage of a ladder, providing a compact and efficient workstation that fits in even the tightest of spaces.

We hope that our list of the top five picks for 2023 gave you the best options on which desk suits your needs and maximizes your home office space. Each desk offers unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize style, storage capacity, or versatility, a ladder desk on our list will meet your requirements. Thanks for reading!

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