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PwC Employee Discount Program by Autonomous

Autonomous|Jun 16, 2022

Your office hours are extended, and most of your day is spent seated in the same position? Is your office slouching and causing back and neck pain because of its traditional chairs? If so, you need to upgrade your furniture immediately since you are at a high risk of joint degeneration and spinal injury. Office ergonomic furniture on discount in PwC employee benefits has become a standard in modern furniture design, resulting in productive, comfortable, and healthy workplaces.

An ergonomic chair generally costs a lot of money. It takes a long time to develop an ergonomic office chair, and it is costly to implement ergonomic designs, especially for the reclining ergonomic chair. Technology development takes years. Also included are test materials, concept iterations, and input from a diverse group of scientists, designers, technologists, and even healthcare professionals. The manufacturing process is, therefore, extremely expensive. Additionally, manufacturers charge a premium for ergonomic seats because their per-item expenses increase.

PwC Employee benefit

About Autonomous EPP for PWC Employee Benefits

About Autonomous EPP for PWC Employee Benefits

We’re all too familiar with the costs of developing our ErgoChair collections. Loyal buyers have asked if we could do something about the price tags! That's why we've introduced this PwC employee purchase program.

The Autonomous LinkedIn employee purchase program is open to both employees and employers. Employees working from home can enjoy these employee benefits to get a standing desk, ergonomic chair, and awesome office accessories for your desk accessories with special PwC employee discounts.

Logging in using a corporate ID qualifies customers for a special pricing offer. Please specify what you would like, and we'll contact your manager or HR. Moreover, you'll be the first to hear about new products and promotions and receive better discounts on your purchases.

About Autonomous Products

Employers haven't been forgotten either. Wouldn't it be nice if you had ergonomic tools and furniture for your remote team? Implementing this employee purchase program will simplify all the work-from-home purchases your employees make.

Ergonomic office furniture

It is clear that ergonomics has many benefits and contributes to creating an efficient working environment. With ergonomics, you can increase physical efficiency and reduce injury risks.

To implement something successfully, employees must be committed and active participants. You can stay updated on how and when to implement it. You can learn more about how it improves business by changing your workspace. Here are nine impressive benefits of working ergonomically.

Standing desks

Standing desks

Concerns about the ability to complete tasks such as typing or answering the telephone are common among those interested in a standing desk. Other than taking some time to get used to working while you stand, standing desk users report no negative impacts on their daily activities.

In addition to improving mood and energy, back, shoulder, and neck pain will likely be reduced, which may improve alertness and productivity. It is reasonable to expect that a healthy body, functioning more efficiently, would boost productivity in turn.

There is one basic idea behind all standing desks -- they allow you to stand while you work.

Standing height is maintained with a fixed-height office standing desk. Whenever you want to sit or stand, sit-stand desks allow you to do so easily. A power sit-stand desk can be raised by pressing a button. With manual ones, you can lift them with a handle or lever.

You can improve your physical, metabolic, and mental health in ways you didn't think were possible. The SmartDesk, with its adjustable desktop and included seat, makes standing easy. You will benefit from standing as soon as your body adjusts to the new position.

Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs

Working long hours in an ergonomic chair is designed to be comfortable. Compared to standard office chairs, these chairs are more adjustable and can be customized to fit your body or seating preferences. Besides improving productivity and improving work satisfaction, these chairs can reduce your risk of back pain and other musculoskeletal injuries. Here are five ways ergonomic chairs will relieve back pain.

It is possible to position your torso, neck, arms, and legs correctly in any chair, but the reality is that most people, with time, revert to their old bad sitting habits without any proper guidance. Whenever workplace stress takes its toll, it's easy to forget how much progress we've made towards becoming healthier.

In contrast to conventional chairs, ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to promote alignment and reduce stress and tension throughout the body. The ergonomic chair does all the work to ensure that you don't slouch backward or crane your neck, so you don't have to worry about keeping all of your joints aligned.

Office accessories

Office accessories

Maintaining an organized and productive office desk can boost your productivity. Organize your desk with items that allow you to work more efficiently while displaying your style. Any desk will benefit if the right accessories are used no matter where you place them in the work layout.

Buy More, Save More with PWC Employee Benefits Program

We ask your team members to choose the equipment or accessories they need, then enter that information into our automated system and send your pre-approval. Then we process those orders at an additional 7% off for the PWC employee purchase program!


Employers can save money by purchasing in bulk because they can access business-only prices. Just click a button to approve orders. The result is a healthy work environment that both attracts and retains the best talent.

The Autonomous employee purchase program for employers will increase employee satisfaction and productivity. It will also simplify procurement procedures. You only have to invite your team to Autonomous; they can pick out their favorite furniture pieces and order them at a discounted rate.

Upon receiving an order from your employees, you can manage the order and finalize it. It is fascinating to get progressive volume pricing since you can adjust the quantities of your employees' orders.

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