How The Right Gaming Furniture Can Up Your Skills

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 14, 2019

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Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: you sit down, turn on your favorite video game, hone in on your screen, and before you know it several hours have flown by and you’ve barely moved an inch.

Time can evaporate when you’re really focused on a mission and not thinking about anything else. And understandably, one of the last things on your mind would be how your gaming setup is potentially causing damage to your lower back, neck or your overall health due to poor posture and lack of circulation.

Let’s face it, in the heat of the battle, those things aren’t high on the priority list. But eventually, when aches and pains lead to you not being able to play games the way you used to, they will climb that priority list pretty fast.

At Autonomous, we create products that help people work smarter and play smarter.

Your gaming setup might look cool, but it may also be holding you back from performing at your highest level, and it could be contributing to health issues that are accumulating without you even realizing it.

But what if you had a gaming desk that allowed you to move, stand and stretch while you game?

And what if you had an ergonomic chair that gave you optimal support leading to better circulation, energy, and focus?

That’s where modern gaming furniture comes in. Standing desks and ergonomic chairs are not just for the office anymore, they’re for whatever you want to use them for. And they can give you a step up on the competition. In fact, with leading game developers such as Electronic Arts and Niantic investing in standing desks for their offices, it might be time for those playing the games to follow the lead of those making them and upgrade their gear.


The problem with sitting

Sitting for long periods of time has long been linked to both minor and serious health problems and gaming can be especially risky because there’s often even less movement and human interaction involved compared to working in an office, for example.

When you sit for hours on end, your metabolism slows, you suffer muscle atrophy and your blood circulation efficiency decreases. All of these reduce the amount of energy getting effectively transferred to your brain, ultimately leading to a loss of concentration. Last time we checked, a lack of concentration can end a game way sooner than planned.

Replacing your current gaming furniture with a standing desk will help to reduce and reverse these problems. And it isn’t the standing, per say, but the act of standing that creates micromovements in the body and engages your core. This increases blood flow which helps get your metabolism going, meaning that your body can burn fuel more efficiently, reducing fat accumulation and increasing energy levels both physically and mentally. It’s amazing how such a simple thing can have such a huge effect on your body, but it does.

A growing number of companies around the world have invested in standing desks for their employees for all of the above reasons, so why can’t you enjoy the same benefits as a gamer?

Standing while gaming isn’t new

Remember arcades? You would gather up as much change as your pockets could handle, grab some friends and head down to the local arcade where you would STAND and play games for hours. Special gaming chairs, or any seat for that matter, were not included or needed for a day at the arcade to be the best time ever. In fact, venues across the U.S are actually investing in bringing back those original stand-up gaming experiences and customers are loving it!

Now, if you’re younger than 30 years old, you may have missed out on this experience, but the point still stands (so to speak): standing up to play games isn’t a revolutionary idea. It’s what everybody did for years without thinking twice. The only thing that’s new about it is that now there’s actually a health benefit to it that wasn’t really considered before.

And from a strictly gaming perspective, standing can actually provide a more realistic playing experience for certain types of games. First-person shooters are an obvious example of this. You don’t see soldiers or other ammo-carrying heroes sitting in chairs as they work their way through an intensive mission, right? Exactly. So now you can stand, crouch, duck and move like the real thing while you play.

Easily adjustable

An important factor to consider when upgrading to standing gaming furniture is how easily and efficiently your new desk can be adjusted. You don’t want to have to pause your game and start cranking a wheel anytime you want to stand up to play or change the height to a different level for a certain moment of gameplay.

With our SmartDesks, you can program in up to 4 different height presets. And at the press of a button, your desk will automatically adjust within seconds thanks to our quiet yet powerful dual-motor system. This means that even a desk shared between two people can be easily adjusted to accommodate each player’s preferred sitting or standing position without any hassle.

Strong and stylish

We understand that the needs of an avid gamer won’t be the same as the needs of an office worker. Gaming PCs are often big, heavy setups with multiple monitors and impressive speakers to really make the experience immersive. A wobbly standing desk isn’t going to cut it.

Our solid wood desktops and sturdy steel frames are designed to comfortably hold up to 300lbs without compromising stability, so you can build the ultimate gamestation to play while sitting and standing. We also have a range of colors to add a little personal style to your setup.


Now that we’ve talked about the benefits of standup gaming furniture, let’s take a look at the other end of the pendulum, because standing all day isn’t necessarily much better than sitting all day. It leads to its own set of issues. The key to better health and circulation at the office is a nice balance between standing and sitting, so the same goes for your gaming set up. It’s all about encouraging movement rather than allowing for stagnation.

With that said, the way in which you sit and what you sit on is also very important. A hard leather racing chair is not going to help you perform at your peak level, even if it does look cool. So how supportive is your gaming chair? If you have a stiff neck or lower back pain after playing for a few hours, that’s probably a sign that you’re in need of an upgrade.

Where’s the support?

There are times when we buy things based on how they look, or the image they portray, rather than for how a given product might actually improve our lives. It’s easy to do this. Looking at the photo below, one chair looks like it belongs in an office. The other chair looks, well, fun.

If you’re a gamer, even when the games are serious, it’s still about having fun, and trading places with somebody sitting in an office somewhere is probably one of the last things you’d ever want to do. But there’s more to the equation than what this image shows. And if you really are a serious gamer, then you’ll want to think seriously about what else is at stake.

While long sitting sessions generally aren’t encouraged, sometimes you do need to sit to really focus on a specific task. And in that case, you need a chair that offers the right kind of support for your neck, back, and hips to limit the damage and keep the circulation flowing as much as possible.

With that in mind, here’s what a good quality ergonomic chair offers: adjustable lumbar support; adjustable head and neck support; customizable armrests; multiple tilt and tension settings; a specially designed cushioned seat; and, adjustable height settings. Some even have add-ons like leg rest extensions for a greater range of seating positions.

No matter how short or tall, big or small, you can set up your chair exactly how you want it to provide the best possible comfort so that you’re feeling good, refreshed and focused on the game.

Where’s the airflow?

Leather gaming furniture is solid. No doubt about that. But it sure doesn’t breathe very well.

Sitting in a stuffy leather racing chair for hours on end is a great way to end up feeling hot, sweaty and drained, on top of probably having a cramp or two waiting to take hold and really mess your game up.

The flexible mesh backing of an ergonomic chair lightly cradles you while allowing optimal airflow, keeping you cool, calm and collected, so you won’t need a sweatband to keep your eyes on the prize.

The end game

These all might seem like minor details, but if you’re serious about gaming then it isn’t just about the time you spend honing your skills, it’s also about the tools you use to put yourself in the best possible position to succeed.

Athletes spend countless hours selecting and fine-tuning their equipment so they can perform at the highest levels when it matters most.

Engineers combine brainpower with the best possible technology available in order to change the world.

Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, why not invest in the best tools to help you perform at the highest level? And in this case, maintain better physical and mental health while you’re at it.

Then, when you’re competitors are struggling and reaching for another can of Redbull to keep them sharp, you’ll be enjoying a natural boost of energy as you press the preset height setting button on your standing desk and rise up with it to face your next challenge.

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