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Right-Handed Desk Setup With an L-Shaped Standing Desk
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Right-Handed Desk Setup With an L-Shaped Standing Desk

|Nov 29, 2023

Studies say that about 90% of the population is right-handed, meaning that most of the things we find in our everyday lives are accustomed to us. However, with certain "uncommon" pieces of furniture, things can get tricky, such as when you are setting up an L-shaped standing desk for the first time. Hence, if you would like to build a right-handed desk setup with an L-shaped desk, we’re here to help.

Although it may seem easy for some, it can get tricky to decide on the actual layout. Here's what you need to take into account to make sure that your workspace is comfortable and effective for your specific needs.

Standing Desk Setup for Right-Handed People: What To Consider

When it comes to creating a desk setup, it is essential to think of your needs and your daily responsibilities. It’s also important to prioritize ergonomics based on the type of work you do. For instance, a digital artist may need more space and tools than a writer, while writers need to prioritize space, comfort, and ergonomics.

 That said, if you're a right-handed person who wants to build a desk setup with a small L-shaped desk or a small corner desk, there are a few elements you may want to take into account to ensure that you’ll be at your best during your productive hours.

1. Think About the Return of the Desk

It’s particularly essential to choose the right position for your desk. There are two options based on your dominant hand:

  • Right-handed return: The return is on your right, which means that it will be more comfortable to use if you’re a right-handed person.
  • Left-handed return: The return is on your left, meaning it may be more comfortable for you as a left-handed person.

While this may seem irrelevant, it's important to consider the return on the L-shaped desk if you want to make sure that it is appropriate for you. The return of the desk will also determine the position of certain things, such as the controls or perhaps the cabinets, if the desk includes those elements. In this case, a right-handed return would be the best option for you.

Think About the Return of the Desk

2. Keep Your Desk Uncluttered

The right-handed return on an L-shaped desk setup for a right-handed person is a key factor, but another essential factor in creating a workstation is to make sure that your desk is uncluttered.

For example, while it's important to have access to all your work resources and tools, you should also ensure to keep only what's necessary. For instance, if you're a writer, you may only need your display, keyboards, and mouse. Decorations are valid, but too much can be harmful to your concentration.

Another factor to take into account is cable management. While wired peripherals are still useful, they can get really messy without proper organization. Thus, it's highly recommended to invest in cable trays and organize your desk in the best way possible to ensure that the cables won't get in your way while you're working.

Keep Your Desk Uncluttered

3. Choose the Right Peripherals

This section depends on the kind of work you do. As mentioned, a writer needs different resources than a digital artist does, but in general, here are some recommendations you may want to take into account if you want to ensure that your right-handed desk is comfortable and effective for you:

  • Keyboard: Nowadays, most people would recommend you invest in a mechanical or an ergonomic keyboard. While regular keyboards can still be useful, these new options have less strain on your hands and allow you to work comfortably for several hours without getting tired too quickly.
  • Mouse: A good mouse is one that is proportionate to your hand size. You can find tons of ergonomic keyboards and similar options if you want something that’s more comfortable for you.

Of course, bear in mind that these are the very basics that you need on a computer. You may also want to invest in some of the following items if you would like to ensure that you have an effective and convenient standing desk setup:

  • A desk mat may make the desk more aesthetically pleasing and may also improve your comfort.
  • A docking station may also help you connect more peripherals if you need more than a keyboard and a mouse connected at the same time.
  • If you’re vulnerable to wrist strain, maybe investing in wrist rests may also be a good idea – for both your keyboard and mouse.
  • A good sound device may also be necessary. You can choose between speakers, a headset, or earbuds, depending on your preferences.

Choose the Right Peripherals

4. Position Everything Correctly

Once you’ve gotten or at least made a list of everything you need for your desk, the next step should be to place everything where it belongs. Since you’re building a right-handed desk setup, it is important for you to ensure that everything is reachable.

If you're using an L-shaped desk, you'll have plenty of space and ways to arrange everything. For instance, you can keep the essentials on the right side of the desk while centering your display and peripherals or build your workstation on one side of the desk and keep the other for additional storage or shelving. This will help you maximize your workspace and keep everything organized.

5. Consider a Multi-display Setup

As the last piece of advice, a multi-screen setup may also be a good option for some people, especially if you’re using an L-shaped desk and would like to utilize the whole space. You can build a dual or even triple monitor setup. If you prefer only two displays, you can also explore some ideas for the best dual monitor setup for your new L-shaped gaming desk.

Consider a Multi-display Setup

Wrapping Up

The process to build a right-handed desk setup is fairly simple. You can try out different layouts and accessories based on your needs and preferences. Plus, utilizing an L-shaped desk may also make it easier for you to maximize space usage and be more comfortable while you're working.

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