Best Way to Sanitize and Clean Your Office Desk during the Coronavirus
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Best Way to Sanitize and Clean Your Office Desk during the Coronavirus

|Sep 15, 2021

The health of employees should be the top priority of employers. Employers must never compromise on it. Especially as the world is suffering from the deadly Coronavirus, prioritizing the safety of employees has become more vital than ever before. There are a lot of questions associated with cleanliness against coronavirus.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the whole world during the first trimester of 2020. During that same year, most offices were forced to close their doors and work remotely. Still, since then, new advancements have been made and now many workplaces will be back to in-person attendance again, either adopting a “hybrid” model or offering flexible work schedule options.

Still, the pandemic problem isn’t over. Thus, it is still necessary for all of us to keep sanitizing the different spaces where we coexist frequently and ourselves while we’re at them. Following the right health measurements will help us keep ourselves safe as we’re back to the office.

However, many questions surge due to this situation.

Can you clean the workplace with normal soap? What type of disinfectants should we use? How to clean the office desk? Are hand sanitizers effective in preventing the effect of the virus and much more? This article has answered all your queries about sanitizing and cleaning your office desks, which are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Cleaning and Sanitizing During Coronavirus: Tips to Clean and Preserve Desktop

To prevent the spread of this virus, ordinary soaps might not be enough, especially with the delta variant that is more resistant and dangerous. From workplace gadgets and accessories to desks and chairs, you must consider all important things for cleaning. In the coming section, we have listed some tips to clean the office desk and preserve the desktop.

1. Unplug Everything

Unplug Everything

The office desk setup contains a lot of different items. Monitor, desk fans, mobile phones, keyboards, and almost all electronic and non-electronic items like files and documents, etc., are placed over desks. This means it is home to a lot of germs, specifically the coronavirus in this case. All the items placed on the desktop need to be sanitized because they all are prone to the virus. So, the first step for cleaning your office desk should be to unplug all the electronic items before you begin cleaning. Make sure nothing is connected with the power outlet. After you unplug everything, then clean the office desk

2. Disinfectants: Soap or Wipe

Disinfectants: Soap or Wipe

For disinfecting an office desk, you have two options. First, disinfectant wipes, and second, disinfectant soaps. For your gadgets, I would suggest you use wipes. It is easier to use on items, and you can clean every corner of your items. Take a wipe and then begin cleaning the keyboard, speakers, monitor, and mice, etc. During this process, also sanitize pens, scales, pencils, calculators, scissors, and other small items. Make sure to disinfect everything that you or any other employee has touched. Some other possible items can be LED desk lamps, plant pots, files, and even fans, etc. Some items can be hard to clean with wipes like pen holders, desk organizers, and plastic file holders. For disinfecting them, use a combination of warm water and soap and put them in the solution. Then, you can air-dry them. Once you are done with these items, you can move forward.

3. Surfaces


Be it a normal desk or an office standing desk; surfaces are always the most dangerous part of desks. It is a carrier of many bacteria and viruses, and coronavirus is one of their deadliest. So, after disinfecting the gadgets, accessories, and other items on the table, your next task should be cleaning the desk surface. For surfaces, you can use the list of disinfectants with an easy solution. Most of these disinfectants are easy to use. So, you won’t face any trouble. Plus, you can also hire commercial cleaning service providers for this task. Since they are professionals, they have performed the task more satisfactorily. Plus, they also have the right accessories that help them in doing things more efficiently.

For desktops wood, a special method should be followed because some disinfectants might destroy the color of the wood. So, no matter if you are cleaning yourself or hiring a professional, some methods must be considered.

4. Make Sure to Wear Safety Items

Make Sure to Wear Safety Items

During the cleaning and disinfecting process, use all safety items like disposable gowns, gloves, and masks. Usage of the items will prevent the spread of the virus. But remember that safe disposal of these items is also important. Therefore, after you clean and sanitize everything, safely take out everything and dispose of them in the trash.

5. Make It Your Routine

Clean for a day and then leave things for a few days or weeks. It won’t be effective in killing the coronavirus. If you want to save your employees from being the victim, then make it your routine. Every morning, all these methods should be followed before the arrival of your employees. For this, make sure to train your cleaning staff well. If the staff is trained, they will know how to disinfect the desks and every item on them while safeguarding themselves.

Does the Cleaning Method Change with Change in Desk Type?

Does the Cleaning Method Change with Change in Desk Type

You might wonder, is the cleaning method the same for all types of desks? Well, the answer is yes. No matter if you are using a traditional desk, white standing desk, solid wood standing desk, or MDF desktop, the core methodology for cleaning stays the same. You don’t need to change your method with each changing type of desk. Just concentrate on how you do it, get a good disinfectant, follow the right steps and cleaning method, and you can easily disinfect your desks, their surface, and even the items on them without facing any trouble.

So, clean the office desk with the above-mentioned clean desk tips. These tips are not hard to follow. They are not rocket science. It may take some time initially, but once you make it your routine, things will be much easier. Besides, make sure to clean other office spaces and items too, like office doors and door knobs, chairs, windows, washrooms, kitchen and the items in it, light switches, and much more. They are also some of the most important spots to consider if you want safety. So, sanitize and clean office desks well and create a safe and healthy work environment for all your employees and yourself.

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