Sovenomund Ferrofluid Speaker: A Unique Sonic Experience
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Sovenomund Ferrofluid Speaker: A Unique Sonic Experience

|Feb 16, 2024

Join me on an immersive audiovisual journey as we delve into the extraordinary realm of Sovenomund's Ferrofluid Speakers. I will review the enchanting fusion of sound and sight through three remarkable models. Drawing inspiration from Marvel's "Venom," these speakers boast ferrofluid designs that will captivate your senses. Prepare to be amazed by their cutting edge features and embark on a journey where technology and artistry intertwine, creating a new dimension of auditory pleasure. 

About Sovenomund

Sovenomund is a brand that brings together science, art, and technology to offer an array of captivating desk gadgets. One such product is their Ferrofluid Speaker, a unique sonic experience that combines the power of sound with mesmerizing visuals. 

Harnessing the power of ferrofluids, these speakers utilize a special liquid that becomes magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. As music flows through the speaker, the ferrofluid dances in sync with the rhythm, creating stunning visual patterns that are truly mesmerizing to behold. 

Sovenomund also offers other fascinating gadgets incorporating ferrofluid technology. Their Ferrofluid Music Visualizer allows you to witness your favorite tunes come alive through enchanting moving patterns. And if wireless charging is what you desire, look no further than their Ferrofluid Speaker with Wireless Charging feature.

For those seeking a one of a kind sensory experience where science meets art meets technology, Sovenomund has got you covered. Explore their range of visually captivating products and immerse yourself in this extraordinary fusion like never before.

About Sovenomund

Sovenomund’s Product Review

Sovenomund Dancing Ferrofluid Speaker Mate

Introducing the Sovenomund Dancing Ferrofluid Speaker Mate, a unique audiovisual experience and a cool desk accessory, inspired by the captivating ferrofluid substance featured in the Marvel film Venom. Designed to bring your music to life, this innovative speaker dynamically visualizes sound through mesmerizing patterns. 

At its core is the integration of ferrofluid, complemented by a high clear glass window with an LED backlight for enhanced transparency. Measuring just 6.77 by 2.20 by 4.05 inches, this compact speaker is your perfect audio companion. The built in lithium battery ensures up to 8 hours of continuous use, while the included microphone adds versatility to its functionality. Plus, it offers two distinct modes of operation for added versatility. 

Backed by a reliable one year warranty, the Sovenomund Dancing Ferrofluid Speaker Mate demonstrates their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Experience a new level of audio immersion with this exceptional product.

Sovenomund 360 degree Panoramic Ferrofluid Speaker

Experience the captivating magic of Marvel's Venom with the Sovenomund 360 degree Panoramic Ferrofluid Speaker. This visionary masterpiece, equally a great office accessory or a home office essential, brings your music to life through dynamic sound visualization. With a transparent container that seamlessly integrates, you can now witness the enchanting spectacle of ferrofluid dancing in harmony with your music. 

This innovative audio companion goes beyond traditional speakers, offering a mesmerizing fusion of ferrofluid music visualization and 360 degree panoramic visuals. Immerse yourself in high quality sound from its compact design while enjoying personalized aesthetics with its four color adjustable light. Thanks to Bluetooth 5 connectivity, this speaker effortlessly integrates wirelessly into your setup. 

With a one year warranty, this speaker exemplifies superior craftsmanship and durability that you can rely on. Measuring just 4.9 by 9 by 5.1 inches and weighing only 1.55 lbs., it delivers an impressive maximum output power of 402 Watts with a frequency response reaching up to 18000 Hz. 

With USB connectivity and battery powered operation options, this versatile speaker becomes a captivating addition to your audiovisual repertoire, allowing you to enjoy its splendor wherever you go.

Sovenomund Ferrofluid Bluetooth Speaker: With 15W Phone Wireless Charger

Indulge in the seamless integration of music and technology with the Sovenomund Ferrofluid Bluetooth Speaker featuring a 15W Phone Wireless Charger. This multifunctional speaker, an ideal addition to your desk setup, not only elevates your auditory journey but also wirelessly charges your devices at an impressive 15W. 

Inspired by the ferrofluid substance from Marvel's movie Venom, this speaker goes beyond conventional audio experiences. Immerse yourself in its dynamic Ferrofluid Music Visualization and explore three unique Rhythm Beating Modes that synchronize with the beats of your music. 

Despite its compact size, measuring 4.9 by 9 by 5.1 inches and weighing only 3 lbs., this speaker packs a powerful punch. It delivers an impressive Maximum Output Power of 15 Watts with a Frequency Response reaching up to 18000 Hz, ensuring exceptional sound quality. The inclusion of Bluetooth 5.1

connectivity, along with options for both battery powered operation and a convenient 12V Input Voltage, adds versatility to its functionality. 

For added peace of mind, this speaker comes with a one year warranty, showcasing both innovation and reliability in one exceptional package.

What to Consider When Buying a Ferrofluid Speaker?

Application and Purpose

Consider the intended application and purpose of the speaker. Determine if it is designed for home audio, work from home office, professional studio use, or integration into a larger sound system. Each application may have distinct requirements that need to be considered.

Speaker Size and Type

Consider the size and type of speaker that best suits your requirements. Take into account factors such as frequency response, sensitivity, and power handling capacity when making your decision.

Ferrofluid Type

Make sure the speaker utilizes a non toxic type of ferrofluid, guaranteeing a safe and user friendly experience. Nontoxic ferrofluids are carefully formulated to eliminate harmful substances, making them ideal for situations where human contact is possible.


Ferrofluid speakers can be relatively pricey for the power they offer. Consider your budget and seek out speakers that offer optimal performance within that price range. Prices can fluctuate depending on the brand, features, and specifications of the speaker.

What to Consider When Buying a Ferrofluid Speaker?


Sovenomund offers the best ferrofluid speakers for sale, I am absolutely convinced of their unmatched combination of aesthetics and acoustics. These speakers undoubtedly claim the title as the finest ferrofluid speaker available on the market, showcasing an unparalleled fusion of technology and visual artistry. If you are in search of an audio companion that surpasses all boundaries, look no further. Elevate your listening experience with the ultimate ferrofluid speaker, a true testament to innovation and sonic excellence.

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