8 Tips to Stay Focus on Studying for College Students
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8 Tips to Stay Focus on Studying for College Students

|Oct 29, 2021

Do you also search for ways and hacks to focus on studying? Studying is hard, especially if everything, such as even the air, seems more interesting than the actual job. Losing concentration and experiencing fatigue is one of the major reasons children can't improve their study focus.

While there are many serious to casual reasons for not being able to focus on studying better, some issues can be addressed to help overcome the lack of concentration. And while we are at how to stay focus on studying, let's not forget that not every child is not lazy every time they complain about not being able to focus. There are truly some external factors that can play with the focus of the student while studying.

This article will cover some reasons why kids cannot focus and some productive tips for college students on how to not get distracted while studying.

How to Focus on Studying for Long Hours. Our mind plays wonderful (annoying) tricks on us, especially when trying to do something important. Not focusing on studying better is one such scenario that we all loathe but go through. And the problem is that multiple things can distract you while trying to focus. But with the right tips and tricks, you can improve your focus.

how to focus on studying

1. The Right Colors

Color psychology is a study that highlights the impact of various colors on the human brain. This is why you see the same repetitive colors in workplaces and even schools. If you are looking for study room ideas, then choose colors wisely. Calm colors such as blue and green can positively impact the mind and improve study focus, making the learner feel more energetic and focused.

2. A Study Space

Any good study session begins with the creation of a proper study place. We are creatures of habit as people. And you'll need a designated study location where your brain understands it has to study if you want to get into a habit and stay focused on your studies.

If you're studying at home, attempt to situate your study space in a location that you don't identify with relaxation. Understandably, it's tough for students at home or in university housing to devote a whole room or desk to their studies. In this scenario, attempt to find a modest, open area where you can sit each day and clear once you've completed your studies.

3. Cancel Out the Distractions

cancel out the distractions

Try listening to music with headphones– noise-canceling headphones work incredibly well if you have them. Also, try to find a corner in the room where no one visits so you can get some time to focus. Setting up a study station near the window is also a great hack to improve focus.

4. Right Furniture

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Ever since the ergonomic setup has taken a hit, many practices in our work or study place seem irrelevant. From discarding the old wobbly chair to learning about the best desk setup, we all need to revisit how we consider things comfortable. But the truth is, to make things work, you need to invest in the study desk setup wisely and take comfort into special attention.

This means getting an ergonomic chair and pairing it with an ergonomic desk such as a standing desk. Ergonomic furniture has a close link with productivity and focus. Many studies prove that it's easier to concentrate on the task at hand when you're at ease. Ergonomics helps people feel better by reducing discomfort, strengthening muscles, and increasing blood flow. When these factors are together, mental insight improves.

Less anxiety increases awareness, improved emotions, and you and your kids will experience increased attention. As a result, everyone will be able to focus more on their study. The more focused they are, the more productive they are.

5. Organization

From cleaning our surroundings to focusing on hygiene, cleanliness is an important part of our daily routine. But why tidiness and organization are given so much importance? Many studies over the years claim how organization and tidiness in surroundings can positively impact the human brain.

Our minds are designed in a way to take up huge influence from our surroundings. This can be both positive and negative; hence you need to invest in your workspace smartly. Thus, one must keep their study place clean and organized if they need that upsurge in productivity.

And avoiding desk clutter is the first step to achieving efficiency in the study place. Later on, you can use tools such as a desk organizer or a filing cabinet to reduce clutter in the study place.

6. Set up a Schedule

set up a schedule

Once you've decided what you want, you'll need to create a weekly study schedule. Make a schedule for everything. Your schedule may include when you should go to bed, when you should eat, and, most importantly, when you should study. There is no hard and fast rule, and depending on how things go, you should allow for some flexibility. On the other hand, establishing a routine is critical, and you should strive to stick to your study schedule as closely as possible.

You can also get calendars or accessories like sticky notes to track your progress and make a to-do list of important tasks. This will help in achieving efficiency and keeping things on track.  

7. Staying Healthy

Our health and productivity are closely linked. The phrase you are what you eat is a true depiction of how we perform. And you cannot be active if you aren't eating or sleeping well. Before you start cramming those numbers, you must take care of your physical and mental wellness properly.

Try adding a healthy diet to your routine. Pick food items that are high in energy and give better brain health. Try cutting out carbs and sugar as much as possible as they might lead to sluggishness. And even though caffeine overdose seems like the solution, don’t take up more than safe amounts of caffeine.

8. Detox


Each aspect is important in keeping your body well and running, from detox water to detoxing your thoughts. Practice a few minutes of meditation each day to relax your mind and eliminate any negative energy. Make exercise an important part of your routine, and focus on the positives rather than stressing over tiny things.

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