The Best Computer Monitor Backlights for 2024
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The Best Computer Monitor Backlights for 2024

|Mar 6, 2024

Welcome to our review of the 6 best computer monitor backlights. Elevate your desk setup with these innovative solutions and desk lighting ideas that not only enhance your viewing experience but also add style to your workspace. In this article, we will explore top-rated monitor backlights designed to provide optimal desk lighting, making it easier on your eyes during extended screen time. Whether you are seeking ergonomic desk setup ideas or looking to revamp your desk backlight setup, we have curated a list of backlights with customizable features, easy installation, and impressive performance. Let's dive into our review and find the perfect match for your needs. 

1. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Gradient PC LED Light Strip

The White and Color Ambiance Gradient PC LED Light Strip from Philips Hue is designed specifically for 24 to 27 inch PC monitors, enhancing your work from home desk setup experience with immersive lighting. With this PC monitor LED backlight, users can enjoy automation, remote control, and a stable connection without draining Wi-Fi.

Utilizing Matter technology, smart home integration with Philips Hue lighting is seamless. The light strip offers millions of colors and gradient-enabled lighting for a seamless transition between hues, providing rich, high-quality illumination. Notable features include energy efficiency, dimmable settings, and color-changing capabilities.

Smart control via the Hue app allows for voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant. Easy installation is facilitated by included mounts, allowing for flexible bending around corners. Users can personalize their lighting experience through the app, adjusting light reactions to monitor content. The light strip operates via an electric cord for reliable performance.

2. Philips Hue Compact Smart Light Tube

The Compact Smart Light Tube by Philips Hue is a versatile addition to any aesthetic desk setup, offering immersive lighting experiences. The white and color ambiance range provides warm-to-cool white tones and millions of colors for customizable lighting.

This PC monitor backlight LED tube dims and brightens instantly to set the desired mood. Installation options include laying it flat at the base of a PC monitor, mounting it under a desk, or placing it on a shelf above. With a 340-degree rotation, users can direct the colorful blend of light anywhere. Control it conveniently via the Hue app with voice commands using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Surround lighting effects enhance video viewing and gaming experiences by reacting to on-screen content and creating captivating visuals. An electric cable powers this 20-watt monitor lamp. For seamless synchronization with movies, music, or gaming, a Hue bridge and sync box are required, which are sold separately.

3. HitLights 32.8 ft LED Strip Lights

HitLights sets a new standard for LED strip lights with its advanced PCB board, carrying more current, ensures smooth and even illumination without color variations at the ends. These strip lights add a touch of ambiance to any setup.

With an included remote control offering wireless operation and a 360-degree control radius, users can easily adjust settings from up to 66 ft away. Installation process is effortless, making it user friendly. The LED light bars boast an impressive service life exceeding 30000 hours of full operation. They can also be cut conveniently between every 3 LEDs, allowing for customization to fit any space perfectly. With a 32.8 ft length, this desk backlight strip is ideal for creating the best dual monitor setup or enhancing a 3-monitor setup.

HitLights backs their quality with a reassuring one-year warranty, providing customers with peace of mind. Their customer service team is readily available for troubleshooting and replacements, ensuring a smooth experience. Operating on a 12V DC power supply, these LED strip lights combine durability and functionality seamlessly.

4. Lytmi LED Backlight

Lytmi LED Backlight offers seamless color synchronization with your screen, eliminating any delays. Choose from movie, gaming, or music sync modes for stunning color-changing effects that enhance every detail of your missions and gameplay.

Immerse yourself in high-performance gaming with vibrant colors, as this backlight kit delivers a fast and seamless experience with impressive viewing quality. The advanced lighting algorithm accurately selects attractive colors to ensure an excellent color appearance that matches your screen content. With RGBIC technology, you can display multiple colors simultaneously and personalize each strip light segment from a selection of 16 million colors.

Assembly is effortless, with no mixed wiring required, and the ultra-compact design allows for easy hiding behind screens. The flexible light strip can be shaped as desired through bending, curving, or cutting to size precisely, thanks to its PVC material construction. This PC monitor backlighting is powered by DC for convenience and durability.

5. GHome Smart LED Backlight

GHome Smart LED Backlight provides easy control through the Gosund App, allowing users to turn lights on and off and explore customization options effortlessly. With compatibility with Alexa and Google Home, users can adjust color, brightness, and modes using simple voice commands.

The upgraded music sync mode adds an enhanced lighting experience by flashing in sync with music or game audio, dynamically changing color and brightness. Offering 8 scene modes and access to 16 million RGB colors, users have the flexibility to create custom scene modes for different ambiances throughout their day. At a voltage of 5V and wattage of 5W, this 9.2 ft LED strip combines functionality with efficiency for your PC monitor backlighting needs.

6. Sengled Ambient LED Backlights with Camera

The Sengled Ambient LED Backlights with Camera incorporates a 1080p smart HD camera and enhanced scanning technology g2 for quick identification that captures colors, enabling independent control of RGB colors on the LED strip. It offers a sync mode that displays multiple colors simultaneously and adjustable dimming settings for color, brightness, and scene customization.

The offline mode allows users to disconnect the network while using video sync or gaming sync. Installation is user-friendly with Sengled LED Lights. The fixed starting positions of the light strip simplify setup through automatic positioning identification.

With compatibility for smart voice control like Alexa and Google Home, users can effortlessly control the lights using voice commands, creating vibrant mood scenes or remotely turning them on and off to achieve the desired ambiance.


Illuminate your workspace and enhance your viewing experience with these top-rated computer monitor backlights. Whether you are a gamer seeking immersive visuals or someone looking to reduce eye strain, these backlights offer customizable options to suit your needs. With easy installation and convenient controls, elevate your desk setup and enjoy optimal lighting for any task.

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