The 5 Best Standing Desks With Keyboard Tray for 2024
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The 5 Best Standing Desks With Keyboard Tray for 2024

|Mar 4, 2024

Standing desks usually lack storage or shelves, making it difficult to choose a suitable place for a keyboard. 

You may not be able to set your desk to a height that is pleasant for both your eyes and your arms if you place the keyboard on the desktop. A standing desk with a keyboard tray is fitted into some desks so that your keyboard does not take up a lot of space on your desktop. 

Then, you can type at a lower level than your computer's display. This is more ergonomic, and it frees up more workspace on your desk for must have office supplies.

Different Types of Sit-Stand Desks with Keyboard Trays

When it comes to standing workstations, there are a few distinct types of keyboard trays to be aware of.

  • Keyboard drawers
  • Stationary trays
  • Ergonomic keyboard trays
  • And accessories are among some options

Benefits of Standing Desks with Keyboard Trays

The keyboard tray improves your ergonomic workstation setup by adding a few useful features. To begin with, a keyboard tray frees up a large amount of room on top of your desk for books and other supplies. 

Secondly, an ergonomic keyboard tray can be placed underneath the monitor, enabling a more comfortable and ergonomic typing position. You'll feel less strained, and your muscles will have more time to rest. 

Finally, a standing desk keyboard tray attachment allows your wrists and forearms to rest, reducing muscle strain and the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Best Standing Desk Keyboard Tray Attachments

Are you wondering what adjustable desk with keyboard tray may be good for you? Check this list of our top picks for this year! 

1. VIVO Mobile Height Sit-Stand Desk with Keyboard Tray

Our first option is this rolling standing desk by VIVO. Standing desks on wheels are popular in active workspaces where people can’t always stay in one place all day- but they can also be used as workstations that provide a little extra freedom of movement. With this desk, you can lock the casters if you don’t want it to move around. 

Other notable features include a spacious U-shaped desk surface that can hold up to 33 lbs.- ideal for a monitor/laptop combination or a monitor with a notebook or other paperwork. You also have a drop-level keyboard tray that slides effortlessly out and in as and when you need it to. The tray has plenty of space for a mouse- and has an integrated mousepad surface for convenience. 

It has a sturdy steel standing desk frame with plenty of support and stability- even if you are moving it around- but it is important to follow the assembly instructions closely to avoid a wobbly desk (pay special attention to the screw pack and what ones go where). 

The desk is fairly compact, overall, but still offers a generous amount of working space. Design-wise, it is simple and uncomplicated but comfortable to work at- and works well with most desk chairs. It took a couple of tries to work out the sit/stand mechanism, but it was very easy and smooth once I got the hang of it. Assembly was mostly straightforward- some parts are even done for you already.

Overall, it is a reasonably ergonomic design that feels comfortable and convenient in the sitting and standing positions. It isn’t the strongest desk out there, but it is more than capable of providing an efficient and versatile mobile workstation.


I immediately fell in love with the ergonomic modern design of the Eureka Ergonomic L60- a sleek corner standing desk with a built-in keyboard tray, a raised hutch- and several other super handy features and accessories. The L-shaped design offers substantially more working space and versatility- fitting perfectly into the corner of a room to avoid taking up too much space. Just check your area against the dimensions of the longest surface to make sure it will fit comfortably. 

The electric height control mechanism runs smoothly and quietly- easily lifting up to 200 lbs. on dual motors. You can even pre-set two specific heights in the desk’s memory to avoid having to figure it out every time. 

Some of the other useful features include USB ports, headphone hooks, a socket holder, a cup holder, and integrated cable management solutions. It also ticks a lot of boxes for ergonomic design- including an adjustable monitor stand with RGB ambient lighting, anti-collision technology, and an ergonomic keyboard tray. 

Focusing on the keyboard tray for a moment, I was impressed by how much space it had. There is plenty of room for a keyboard, mouse, and other stationery. It also has a built-in wrist rest for added long-term comfort and reduced muscle strain. The rollers are smooth, controlled, and quiet- so you can easily move it out of the way or pull it out whenever you need it.

It takes a little bit of time and effort to assemble the desk, but it is not difficult or complicated- and is certainly worth it. The desk is sturdy, stable, spacious, and stylish- available in different finishes and alignments to fit every space and aesthetic.

Here is a quick review of the two most popular design options. 

Maple Finish

The maple finish has a modern, minimalistic, Scandinavian feel to it. Pale wood and white framing is a winning combination- especially when high-quality materials like these are in use. Another benefit of choosing the lighter color option is the room dynamics. It feels less imposing and can make the space feel brighter and bigger.

EUREKA ERGONOMIC L60 L-shaped Standing Desk - Maple

Rustic Finish

Alternatively, you could go for the rustic wood finish with black framing if you want to add rich character to your workspace. It is bold, warm, and luxurious- but still trendy and a bit different from the usual darker wood choices. I love this design- especially for a home office. The added depth it brings to a workspace turns it into somewhere I want to spend my time.

EUREKA ERGONOMIC L60 L-shaped Standing Desk: Key board tray, Rustic

3. Mount-It!

If you need a simple, budget-friendly standing desk that can move with you, the Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk is a good choice. It is not fancy, has very few bells or whistles, and is not designed for heavy-duty use, but it is a perfect small height-adjustable desk with a keyboard tray for tasking and on-the-move work. 

This quirky little desk has four levels. There is a low-level shelf just above the ground that can hold papers, boxes, etc.- ideal for convenient access to items without them getting in the way. You also have a small shelf below the keyboard tray that is perfect for a power bank or holding your stationery. Next comes the keyboard tray. It is fully retractable and glides easily on sturdy rollers. Finally, you have the primary desk surface- which has ample space for a monitor and a few other desk accessories.

Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk with Retractable Keyboard

The total weight capacity of this desk is 90 lbs., so it is important not to overload it. It is built to provide a mobile workstation- not a main office desk. I consider it a perfect choice for collaborative working, people in the service industry who need easy access to a computer, and admin work in the healthcare industry (or any industry where things are constantly on the move).

Only the top two surfaces are height adjustable, and they move together from 33 to 55 inches. This is super handy if you have multiple people sharing the workstation who are at very different heights. 

It requires some assembly, but it took us hardly any time to put it together. This is a worthy contender for convenience, mobility, and budget-friendly working solutions.


Not every modern standing desk is built with only work in mind. Gamers can benefit from having an electric standing desk with keyboard tray just as much as an office worker. My favorite gaming desk that fits this description is this design by Eureka. 

It plays on the classic design of other standing desks but adds a twist to adapt it perfectly for gaming. Small wings on each side wrap the desk ever so slightly around the user- adding to the immersive feeling you want and need during a gaming session. This is a large desk, and you need a decent amount of space to accommodate it, but it uses that space very well. 

The electric functions on this desk are a bit different. Instead of the usual sit/stand mechanisms, it has built-in electrical light control and monitor risers- so you can set the height of your screen at a higher eye level. It also has several other super handy features built-in- including two iPad holders, cable management solutions, a cup holder, a controller stand, headphone hooks, and a mousepad desk surface (yes, the whole desk!). 

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Gaming Desk with Hutch: Keyboard Tray

Now, let’s talk about the keyboard tray. I would say that it doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as some other designs, but that could be because of the 360-degree swivel mechanism designed for freedom of movement. It also has an integrated mousepad for added convenience. The winged shape offers better ergonomic comfort- since everything is easily in reach without forcing you to strain. 

You have plenty of space for dual monitors and all your other gaming accessories. Its steel frame is more than capable of handling it, with a 400 lbs. maximum weight capacity. The overall design feels incredibly sturdy and durable- and it looks fantastic. As long as you have enough space to fit the wide dimensions, it will be tough to find a better option. 

Assembly was a little tricky and took a bit of time, but it is more than achievable with some patience and a helping hand. I also spent some time playing around with RGB ambient lighting- but more because it was super cool, and I wanted to find out everything it could do! Usually, an electric standing desk with drawers doesn’t have space for a keyboard tray, but this model switches things up a bit and includes drawer space on top of the desk instead.

5. iMovR Landing Standing Desk – Keyboard Tray Attachment

The Landing is one of the most innovative standing desk designs we've seen in years with two unique characteristics that set it apart from some competition. Firstly, it comes almost completely pre-assembled and can be put together in minutes without the use of any equipment.

Secondly, the Landing's height is easily controlled with just a tap on its height adjustment paddle, rather than using a traditional hand controller with a variety of buttons and segmented readouts.

The Landing standing desk with keyboard tray, like the other limited-edition models in iMovR's nautically themed Baltic desk collection, is sure to turn heads in any workplace setting as a piece of designer furniture. Additionally, the optional Fly Deck adds some more storage while also assisting you in achieving good monitor ergonomics in style.

Alternatively, you can forego the monitor arm and fully dial in your ergonomics the old-fashioned way. Assembly is a breeze because it's 95 percent factory pre-assembled, and you won't even need a toolbox; it'll take you less than eight minutes to put it all together on your own.

My Top Pick Overall 

My top pick for the best standing desk with keyboard tray overall is the Eureka Ergonomic L60 L-shaped standing desk. It has everything you need across three levels and provides ample working space- without feeling bulky or oversized. Both the finishes detailed in my review look excellent and feel durable- it just depends on the aesthetic you are going for in your office.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it beneficial to have a built-in keyboard tray on your standing desk?

Having a keyboard tray built into your standing desk benefits your posture and makes typing more convenient. Because the tray is below the desk surface, it is easier to set the standing desk height so the monitor is at the correct eye line- but still be able to stand comfortably without straining your arm, shoulder, and neck muscles. 

2. Is it a good idea to have wheels on a standing desk?

That depends on your preferences, priorities, and practical requirements. Wheels are very convenient if you move around a lot while working and need a desk that accommodates that. This is common in team settings, classrooms, or for remote workers who don’t always stay in one place.

That said, the stability is reduced- and the weight capacity on wheeled desks is usually lower- so bear that in mind when browsing your options. 

3. Does an adjustable standing desk with a keyboard tray improve productivity?

It certainly can. Keyboard trays clear up space on top of the desk, leaving less clutter and distraction. Pulling the tray in or out as needed takes a split second, and being able to tuck it away in no time keeps things flowing and minds focused. It also saves you moving your keyboard out of the way whenever you want a clear work surface. 


I tested many different standing desks with keyboard trays and compared them on stability, ergonomic features, the keyboard tray element, extra features, and overall design. The best adjustable standing desks with keyboard trays on my list were selected because they had the best balance of all the must-haves, and each had something unique to offer.

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