The FENGE Monitor Stand: A Stylish Solution for Your Workspace
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The FENGE Monitor Stand: A Stylish Solution for Your Workspace

|Apr 19, 2024

Multi-monitor setups can be amazing for productivity, but managing them can be a nightmare. FENGE, a brand from the Autonomous FENGE store, offers a range of monitor stands designed to conquer monitor chaos.

FENGE caters to all monitor users, from single monitor minimalists to dual ultrawide monitor setup. Their stands are ergonomic marvels that elevate your workspace for both comfort and style. Need to integrate a laptop and monitor setup or add a sleek monitor arm to your existing monitors? FENGE has the perfect solution.

It's time to say goodbye to monitor clutter and hello to an organized, stylish workspace with our FENGE monitor stand review. Explore my tried and tested FENGE monitor stands and see how they can transform your work life! These are the best sellers on the market.

Top 7 FENGE Monitor Risers

Read through this perfect tried and tested dual monitor stand review:

1. FENGE Monitor Stand No Assembly with Drawer

The FENGE Monitor Stand with Drawer is my desk's lifesaver. This beast is ready to use right out of the box; no assembly is required. It can support my 20-inch monitor (up to 55 pounds) because of its solid MDF base and stylish ABS top. Also, its small dimension (20.5" x 9.3") fits well on my desk without being cumbersome.

However, the built-in drawer wins! It's the perfect size to store my desk clutter—pens, paperclips, etc. It even has a phone holder, so I can keep my phone close without taking up desk space.

Did I mention that it is adjustable? A more comfortable monitor height from the stand has relieved my neck and shoulder issues. This stand is attractive, efficient, and makes my workday easier - FENGE thought of everything!

2. FENGE Dual Monitor Stand with Eco Cork Legs

Conquering clutter and going green at the same time? Yes, please! My new FENGE Dual Monitor Stand with Eco Cork Legs is a total game-changer. This bad boy could hold both my monitors with ease (up to 99 lbs!), thanks to its spacious 42.5-inch top. Plus, the cork legs are not only eco-friendly, but super sturdy and stylish. They even have built-in anti-slip bars to keep everything secure.

The best part? Setting it up for my dual curved monitor setup took a breeze – like, five minutes flat. I could have a ton of extra desk space, and my neck thanked me for the improved monitor height. FENGE definitely gets a thumbs up for this stand – it's functional, looks great, and kind to the environment!

3. FENGE Acrylic Monitor Stand Riser with metal storage

Leveling up my desk setup with the FENGE Acrylic Monitor Stand Riser was like adding a touch of modern magic to my workspace. This sleek stand, available in chic colors like blue and green, elevates my monitor to a perfect viewing height, helping ease my neck from a lifetime of strain. But it's not just about comfort – the built-in metal drawer keeps my desk clutter-free, and the whole thing is surprisingly sturdy, holding up to 99 lbs! Plus, the acrylic design looks amazing – it's like my monitor is floating on air. This stand is a win-win for both style and functionality!

4. FENGE Dual Monitor Stand with 2 Drawers

Doubling my monitor real estate and doubling my storage? Sign me up!  The FENGE Dual Monitor Stand with 2 Drawers is a dream come true for my multi-tasking workspace. This bad boy holds two monitors with ease (up to 99 lbs!), thanks to its extra-wide 42.5-inch top. Plus, the two built-in drawers and extra storage space underneath keep my desk clutter under control.

The height-adjustable legs let me find the perfect viewing angle for my ergonomic dual monitor setup to save my neck from pain, and the whole stand is super sturdy – made from thick MDF wood, not that flimsy stuff. FENGE definitely gets a gold star for this one – it's functional, keeps me organized, and comes in stylish colors like oak and white!

5. FENGE 42.5 Inch Dual Monitor Stand with 12 Color LED Light

The FENGE 42.5-inch Dual Monitor Stand with 12-color LED Light was a game-changer for my workstation! This little one is entertaining as well as practical. Both of my monitors fit comfortably on the roomy top, and the built-in drawers help to keep my peripherals neat. The 12-color LED light strip, nevertheless, is the show-stopper.

To set the ideal mood for work, I can pick between soothing blues and stimulating reds. Also, I can change the height to find the sweet spot where my neck doesn't become strained when watching. Remember the solid aluminum base? Even with my heavy monitors on top, this stand won't budge. FENGE spared no effort in considering form, function, and even some lightheartedness!

6. FENGE Wood & Steel 39.4 Inch Height Adjustable Monitor Riser for Desk: Home-Office

I just used my home office to test out the FENGE Wood & Steel Height Adjustable Monitor Riser. I can assure you that this stand will spare you a lot of pain in the back and neck.

A godsend is the ability to alter the height, which ranges from 3.6" to 4.4". After a long day of testing, my neck felt much less stretched, and finding the ideal viewing angle just took a few seconds. The roomy top supported my 99-pound monitor with ease, and the elegant wood finish completed the set. During testing, everything remained in place thanks to the non-slip pads, and the construction seemed solid overall. This monitor stand has got what it takes.

7. FENGE Dual Monitor Stand with Drawer

The FENGE Dual Monitor Stand with Drawer is an excellent way to save desk space while using several monitors, as I discovered throughout my testing. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of adaptability provided by the three swiveling shelves and the fact that the base could be extended from 29.5" to 46.9". It may not work as well with bigger screens, but it's perfect for 25-27" ones.

No more slouching when taking tests thanks to the height adjustment (up to 4 inches). It was convenient to have the cable management tool to keep cables organized. It's a viable solution for smaller displays and multi-monitor installations.


FENGE monitor stands offer practical solutions and elevate the aesthetics of any workspace. With ergonomic designs and ample storage options, they enhance productivity while reducing strain. Whether you're seeking multiple monitor setup ideas or trying to read up on multiple monitor setup tips for optimizing your workspace, FENGE stands to provide the versatility and functionality you need. Transform your workstation with FENGE today and discover the endless possibilities for creating your ideal setup.

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