Clever Tiny House Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space
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Clever Tiny House Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

|Jun 25, 2023

Storage is a common matter of concern for people that are living in small, compact spaces. You have a lot of belongings but need a place to keep them. Some of you may also have a hoarding problem and need help to throw stuff away. It is important to manage your space smartly so that you can utilize it in the most optimum manner.

It is necessary to have a large space at your disposal if you want to store your stuff. You can explore a range of organizational tools and tiny house storage hacks to make the best of the given amount of space, e.g., in your tiny house in the backyard. We have elaborated upon some amazing DIY tiny house storage ideas that can help you enhance your space.

Great Tiny House Storage Ideas You Should Try

1. Utilize your Corners

You may not realize this, but every space has unutilized corners for excellent storage units. You can install corner shelves in these corners. Such shelves are easy to install and take up very little space. Shelves can be utilized in several ways. You can use them to display your aesthetic décor or secure extra items. Corner shelves can be installed in any free corner of your home. This is a pocket-friendly and convenient storage option.

Utilize your Corners - tiny house storage ideas

2. Use Organizational Tools

Keeping your stuff randomly and using organizational tools to keep it in order can significantly affect your home's storage capacity. This hidden tiny house storage hack can work well with small house kits. There is a broad range of organizational tools that you can use, for example, boxes, baskets, hooks, etc. If your things could be clearer, they would likely take up more space. Keeping your things organized with the help of such tools allows you to pile things one upon the other and eventually take up a smaller space.

3. Use Dividers

You may have several cabinets and drawers designated for a particular category, for example, socks, utensils, books, etc. However, you don't have to limit your drawers to one category of items. You can use dividers to help you utilize your drawers for multiple items. Dividers can help you declutter your stuff and keep it in one place. You can create multiple compartments in your drawer for different kinds of belongings. This is an optimum option for a backyard house as they are intended for storing items in a compact space.

Use Dividers - tiny house storage ideas

4. Create a Makeshift Desk

Do you want to create an effective workstation to work in? However, don't I have the required amount of space? Don't worry because the solution lies in a convenient makeshift desk. You can make a makeshift desk from your existing furniture, which won't require adding another furniture item to your home. You can make a makeshift desk in several different ways, e.g., using a bar table, joining side tables, using a low-mounted shelf, etc. These multi-purpose hacks can help you optimize your tiny house storage furniture.

5. Hang Your Toiletries

This idea is commonly used in guest house plans to conserve space and maximize utility. Instead of placing all your toiletries and bath items on your bathroom counters, you should hang them on the bathroom walls using hooks and hanging shelves. You can get easy-to-install shelves on your bathroom walls and place all your essential toiletries on those instead of cluttering them onto the countertops.

Hang Your Toiletries - tiny house storage ideas

6. Use Empty Spaces

You have a lot of empty spaces in your home that are different from traditional storage spots but can serve that purpose effectively. These empty spaces can exist under your bed, in your closet, in small corners, etc. In these empty spaces, you can place your items in small boxes and baskets. If you keep your stuff organized by using all your excess space, you can store a lot more stuff. These spaces are well-spentsted and aren't utilized strategically.

7. Pull-out Shelves

Another way to maximize your space is by installing pull-out features within your home. Pull-out shelves and cupboards are an excellent space-saving strategy, as these can be used at your convenience and do not take up any additional room. Pull-out shelves and cabinets can be folded into the wall when not being used, saving a significant amount of space. These shelves can be installed easily. They can store various items, such as clothes, cutlery, tools, books, etc. This is one of the best shed house ideas for saving maximum space.

Pull-out Shelves - tiny house storage ideas

8. Include Additional Drawers

You can add more drawers in different spots, e.g., beneath your sofas and tables, the hollow space under your stairs, etc. Drawers make for an excellent storage outlet as they can fit various items and do not come with a complex installation. You can effectively declutter your home by placing all your extra belongings in such drawers.

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To summarize, if you are interested in investing in tiny houses for sale under $15,000, you may want to look into different storage techniques that can help you optimize your space. You may have a lot of items that you are unable to store due to a lack of space.

There is a large range of techniques that can be used in order to get more utility out of the given amount of space that is available to you.  You can save space and give a spacious feel to your tiny space in many creative ways.

We hope you found our list of the best tiny house storage ideas in the above mentioned article. Good luck and enjoy saving space.

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