10 Tips for Remote Work With Home Office in a Shed
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10 Tips for Remote Work With Home Office in a Shed

|Apr 8, 2024

Ever since emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has quickly evolved in many ways regarding how and where people choose to work. This has led to the rise in the popularity of creating a home office in shed structures. Many homeowners now consider having a prefab ADU as an essential part of their property.

However, remote work is not the same as commuting to the office every day. If you are going to be as productive and comfortable working from home as you were in your office, you will need to set up your prefab office shed in the right way. The tips in this article will be very useful in that regard.

Tips to Set up a Home Office in a Shed for Remote Work

Setting up a home office in garden shed spaces is easy if you have the right guidance. The following tips will help you seamlessly adapt to life as a remote worker from 2024 going forward:

1. Purchase a Pre-built Office Shed

Planning is one of the most important things when designing an office shed in backyard spaces. In that regard, one of the best things you can do is simply buy a prefab ADU rather than constructing an office shed from scratch. With the right supplier, you can have your home office ready for work in just a few days.

Purchase a Pre-built Office Shed

2. Get the Home Office Décor Right

Transitioning to a backyard studio shed can be difficult if you are used to working in a traditional office environment. However, you can make things easier and more comfortable for yourself by choosing the right office décor. Unlike corporate offices where you may be limited in terms of how you design your office, you are now free to choose any décor that you want for your home office.

3. Buy Functional and Modern Furniture

One thing that all shed office ideas must include is functional and modern furniture. You need to realize that you may end up spending a great deal of time in your home office, so you need to furnish it accordingly. If you visit online suppliers, such as Autonomous, you can find some great desks, chairs, and other items for your ADU.

4. Ergonomics Matter

You need to be careful when furnishing your office shed. In garden ADUs, ergonomics are just as important as in corporate offices. As such, take time to consider the best types of ergonomic furniture to enhance your work experience. This means going for standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and other similar types of accessories.

Ergonomics Matter

5. Choose the Correct Lighting

The amount, type, and intensity of light that you have in your studio office are very important when it comes to your comfort and productivity levels. If you do not have enough access to natural light, you can make up for that by installing some LED lights around the office.

6. Invest in Insulation

A major concern in any home office in a shed is how the weather conditions will affect the temperature inside. If you live in a hot climate, you may find it difficult to work during the day in summer. To avoid that, you need to make sure your home office is well insulated so that it remains comfortable regardless of outside temperatures.

Invest in Insulation

7. Have Large Open Windows

Having large panoramic windows in your backyard office shed is great for letting in a lot of natural light, which has been proven to improve comfort and productivity. If you happen to have a beautiful garden, such windows will allow you to enjoy wonderful views while working.

8. Consider the Exterior Style

While a lot of attention is paid to the interior décor, you also need to consider how your home office shed will look from the outside. The last thing you want is to have an eyesore sitting right in the middle of your lovely backyard garden. As such, you need to pay particular attention to exterior design elements such as materials, glazing, and painting.

Consider the Exterior Style

9. Remember Security

If you are going to spend lots of time working remotely, you are likely to have a lot of expensive furniture and accessories in your office shed.

In garden ADUs, security is very important, especially if you set up your office some distance away from the main house. As such, consider investing in a state-of-the-art alarm system.

10. Consider Upkeep and Maintenance

If, for example, you create a home pottery studio, you are likely to generate a lot of waste as you go about your work. You should not let your working area become untidy and cluttered. Instead, have a proper upkeep and maintenance plan that will allow you to enjoy working productively in your office for many years to come.

Consider Upkeep and Maintenance

How to Make the Most of Limited Space in a Shed Office

It is not always possible to have as much space as you would like in a home office. In shed ADUs, you will likely have to make do with a limited amount of space in which to create an effective and comfortable workstation.

If that is the case, consider the following ways to make the most of your limited space:

Foldable Furniture

Buying foldable furniture is a great idea when you do not have as much space as you would have liked. You can get yourself a foldable desk that can be stored along a wall when not in use. This will leave a lot more room for walking around while providing you with a ready workstation when you need it.

Minimalist Décor Ideas

If you apply minimalist shed office ideas to your interior décor, it means you will only focus on buying the most essential furniture items and accessories. As such, even when working in a tiny office shed, you will have all the things you require without taking up a lot of unnecessary space.

Minimalist Décor Ideas

Innovative Storage Ideas

Every home office shed requires adequate amounts of storage for it to work properly. However, cupboards and closets can take up a lot of space, which is why you need to be innovative.

You can consider buying a desk with plenty of large drawers so that you won’t need to buy a separate cabinet. Some cupboards can also be used as desks, which will give you a two-in-one solution.

Shed Shelving

What types of shelves will you be using in your office shed? In backyard ADUs, you can consider installing recessed shelving if you are trying to maximize the available space. Such shelves will still provide adequate storage space without sticking out so much that they take up essential space.

Shed Shelving - home office in shed

Essential Accessories and Gadgets for a Shed Office

Accessories and gadgets are very important in any modern home office. In garden shed offices, you can consider adding any of the following items:

Standing Desk

A desk is likely to be one of the first things you consider buying for an office shed in backyard areas. In that regard, you should consider ergonomics and buy a standing desk. This way, you can regularly switch from sitting to standing to make the long office hours a lot more bearable while safeguarding your health and posture.

Ergonomic Chair

As part of your workstation, you will also need an ergonomic chair to accompany your standing desk. There are many essential features such as lumbar support and tilt functions that make ergonomic chairs the best option to go for in any modern office.

Desk Lamp

The better the lighting you have in your office, the more productive your work life will be. If the natural light and overhead light fixtures are not adequate, you can add a desk lamp so that you always have the right amount of light for your work.

Desk Organizer

Another essential accessory that many people tend to overlook is a desk organizer. However, you will be surprised at how much easier it will be to keep your work area clutter-free with such an item on your desk. As such, it should be one of the first things you buy for your new office.

There are many other accessories and gadgets that you can buy, such as:

  • Cable management systems
  • Monitor arms
  • Chargers
  • Speakers
  • Computer stands

Essential Accessories and Gadgets for a Shed Office

How to Stay Focused When Working at Home Office in Shed

It can be difficult to stay focused when working remotely if you are not used to being so close to your home and family. You can easily get distracted and end up falling behind on your work. 

As such, you need to implement some of the following shed office ideas to help you stay focused:

  • Consider adding sound insulation
  • Erect your ADU in a quiet corner away from the house
  • Take regular breaks when working long hours
  • Invest in proper lighting and air conditioning
  • Let your family know when you do not wish to be disturbed
  • Buy ergonomic furniture to help you maintain high levels of productivity
  • Consider buying a StudioPod which offers more privacy

Three Must-have Autonomous Pods in 2024

Becoming a productive and happy remote worker starts with investing in the best office shed. In garden spaces, you will need a structure that will get the job done without looking out of place in your yard.

If you want the perfect balance between functionality, quality, and aesthetics, Autonomous has a range of ADUs that will blow you away. You can go to the website right now and pick any of the following home office ADUs:



WorkPod Lite

One thing you must know is that each of these pods is small enough to allow you to set it up without the need for any building permits. This makes the entire process a lot simpler. All you need to do is order the pod that you want and decide where you are going to set it up. Autonomous will do the rest.

When all you need is a great-looking and functional work shed, the WorkPod is a good option to consider. It has huge panoramic windows designed to give you a great view of your garden while letting in as much natural light as possible.

Alternatively, for a cozier type of office space, you can go for the StudioPod. Instead of the big windows found on the WorkPod, this type of studio shed has solid walls that provide a lot more privacy.

Both of these pods have the option of being delivered fully furnished to your doorstep. That means your office will be ready to go as soon as possible, without you having to spend any more time furnishing your workstation.

Even if you have limited space in your backyard, you can still set up a functional office by going for the WorkPod Lite. It is simply a much smaller version of the WorkPod that still manages to get the job done even on properties with very little space to spare.

All these options from Autonomous are easy to assemble and are designed to work well in a wide range of climates. The effortless plug-and-play features mean it has never been this easy to set up a home office in your backyard.

Thanks to the streamlined construction process, you will need just a few days to have your office ready, without enduring long waiting periods or the need to get any permits from the municipality.

Enjoy Working From Home in Your Very Own Pod

Enjoy Working From Home in Your Very Own Pod

When combined with the best shed office ideas, a prefab office shed from Autonomous can easily become your favorite sanctuary at home. It is very liberating to know that you have a fully equipped, functional, comfortable, beautiful, and modern office right outside your door.

A huge section of the American workforce has been slowly transitioning to remote working over the past couple of years. As such, you need to start preparing for that possibility as soon as possible. Buying a prefab ADU from Autonomous might be the best move you make in 2024.

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