Top 10 Headsets Choices for You When Working from Home
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Top 10 Headsets Choices for You When Working from Home

|Oct 5, 2021

There are multiple factors that impact the level of productivity of an employee. The motivation to work and energy level is one aspect, but the workstation atmosphere also plays a huge role. If you have been working from home for a while, you must be aware of the challenges that came your way. From improper workstations to the noise in-home, we all wished to have a work-from-home headset, which will be clear enough for those meetings and distance us from the surroundings.

Work from home computer headset might not be the most important home office essentials, but it does hold some importance. It is a part of work from home must-have because it provides you with the noise-cancelling ability and keeps you focused on work. So, while building that home office setup with the right standing desk and office chair, don't forget to add the best work from home headset as a must-have accessory.

Moreover, with our list of work from home headphones, you can surely find something that suits and matches your budget and needs.

10 Best Work from Home Headsets

How would you filter out the best work from home headset for you? From the millions of choices flooding the internet, it is hard to find a product that matches your needs, is affordable enough as well as does the job for years to come.

Most people might not focus on the importance of work from home headsets. Still, for those whose work from home stipend is dependent on those international calls or virtual meetings, the importance of having the right headsets increases by various folds. Hence, we have listed the best products that won't compromise on quality and the level of work productivity you wish to achieve.

1. Plantronics Bluetooth Headphones

plantronics Work from Home Headsets

For people who are sick and tired of wire connectivity, Bluetooth headphones are the only solution. And Plantronics has undoubtedly the best answer for you. Their voyager 5200 consists of a single standard headpiece, but you will be sure to get the sound and clarity of being present in person. So whether it's an important work call or a chat with a friend or even a gaming session, the Plantronics Bluetooth headphones ensure you don't miss out on any details in the audio.

2. Jabra Ear Buds

If you need something discreet that delivers amazing sound wherever and whenever you need it, the Jabra Elite 85T is ideal. If you need to filter out other people at home so you can focus, the active noise cancelling feature is also great. At the same time, its 5.5-hour battery life may be plenty for a full day's work, with some leftover.

3. Earfun Air Pro

Earfun Air Pro Work from Home Headsets

Making your life easier, the Earfun air pro is lightweight and pocket-friendly. These home office essentials are a one-time investment as they will be along your side while working, gaming, or even during the workout. The cost for these tiny headphones makes you doublethink the quality, but you are in for some wonderful and clear sound experience. The long battery is also a plus as you can use them for 9 hours straight without losing the charge.

4. Jabra Wired Stereo

For people who are still up for old-school style, these wired headphones are the ultimate pick. Just because they are still connected by cord doesn't mean they are too vintage or old. The style might be traditional, but the function is all modern. These headphones are, for starters, extremely affordable, and the clarity of sound will make you jump in surprise as someone has come out of the screen to speak to you.

5. Sennheiser Corded Headset

Sennheiser Corded Work from Home Headsets

The Sennheiser is a single-sided work from home headset with a 3.5 mm socket and detachable USB cable designed for professionals who use PCs and mobile devices. This is a single practical solution for all your audio needs, with a sleek minimalistic design and outstanding sound for calls and entertainment.

6. BlueParrott

Noise is our biggest enemy especially when you are looking to focus. The BlueParrott noise-cancelling headphones can help you focus on work amidst the construction. Yes, no exaggeration, these headphones are specifically made for people who have a very noisy environment to work in. With a comfortable ear cushion and a tiny microphone, blue Parrott headphones are known for their noise cancellation ability and sensitivity to the last degree microphone.

7. Sony WH Noise Cancelling Headphones

sony wh Work from Home Headsets

Here is one of the work from home must-have. Sony is known for its collection of noise-cancelling headphones, and that too is not an ordinary quality. Nevertheless, the Sony noise-cancelling wireless headphones are the best in the business, whether you need them for work or play. The only drawback is that they're very pricey, even if you can rest assured that you'll receive your money's worth.

Because of the soft ear pads and overall light design, you can wear these all day at work without feeling uncomfortable. If the battery dies, you can still listen via the 3.5mm connector. However, since you can't utilize the microphones when plugged in, this is useful as a backup.

8. Audio Technica Headphones

This is another option for your work from home headset. They are lightweight, hassle-free and good for everyday use. If you have to wear headphones all day, every day, the Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT will be perfect for you. Its battery will last about 40 hours, which is good because it takes a long time to recharge.

9. Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Bose Noise-Cancelling Work from Home Headsets

Bose is known for its exceptional quality with the headphones, and the Bose noise-cancelling headphones are no less in competition with the best of bests. The Bose 700 is yet another pair of high quality, comfortable to wear headsets perfect for chatting and video conferencing. They feature a lot of basses and a wide range, so they can handle any music and provide your melodies clarity, whether in transparency or noise-cancelling mode.

They're on the pricey side, but they're well worth it if you're spending more time working from home and need to keep yourself focused on music.

10. Antilon Wireless Headphones

A work from home USB headset, Antilon wireless headphones aren't just for noise cancellation purposes, but they are also an ideal addition to a modern work setup. These headphones are attractive white with a black microphone to get both the themes at once. The stick-on mic can be removed and paired with anything, and the wireless mic module can be easily connected to a USB receiver. These work from home headsets can connect and work with a PC, Mac, or any other device.

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