How Modern Floor Lamps Add a Stylish and Unique Look | Top 15
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How Modern Floor Lamps Add a Stylish and Unique Look | Top 15

Autonomous|Sep 18, 2022

A modern floor lamp, as the name suggests, is a tall-standing device for lighting that is positioned on the floor. Considering the fact that the light is elevated, it gives off the illusion of vertical space, which is exactly what makes it one of the best lighting decoration ideas for both your home and commercial spaces. 

This article touches on exactly how modern floor lamps add a stylish and unique look to any space, the different uses for a modern floor lamp, and where to put them. It then goes on to provide a list of 15 of the most unique floor lamps from which you can choose to decorate your home or business. 

The Stylish and Unique Uses of Modern Floor Lamps

Modern floor lamps are both easy to install and are usually presented in an array of designs that are stylish and unique. However, apart from the aesthetic appeal a contemporary floor lamp offers, floor lights also offer several stylish and unique uses. A few of these uses are discussed below: 

Task Lighting

From modern reading lamps to vintage pharmacy lamps, a floor lamp is able to provide a plethora of utilitarian benefits. If unwinding and relaxing over a hot cup of tea and a book in your living room is one of the best parts of your day, then you should opt for a gorgeous modern floor reading lamp that will complement the rest of your décor. 

Modern floor lamps for a living room measure around four feet tall and light-up your shoulder-level area when you are seated. Therefore, thanks to their length, they are perfect for reading in the evening or for other tasks that are also usually done while seated. 


Installation of modern floor lamp

Unlike every other lighting solution, a modern standing lamp offers the unmatched advantage of zero installation. Really, all that is needed to own a floor lamp is a cozy corner for a modern aesthetic and an electrical socket for the supply of power. This means that you can skip the whole process of needing to reach out to a professional for help in terms of installation, cleaning up afterward, and not to mention being charged for their services. 

Unique floor lamps also tend to be a lot more affordable than the wall-mounted solutions that are installed in homes. What’s more is that a floor lamp can also be installed in just about any room – from a busy living room to a quiet balcony – giving home and business owners the dual advantage of elegance and mobility. 

Design Options

Floor lamps are generally available in a wide range of styles and designs, making them a sought-after piece of home furniture. They range from classic vintage lamps to minimalist and contemporary designs that provide a sleek and stylish look; there is no limit to the design options from which you can pick and choose. 

If you are considering adding a pop of color to your area, then you can opt for a lampshade that is vibrant and that will bind together with your decor. You can also opt for a contemporary floor lamp that has multiple light units. This way, you can light up an entire corner instead of just a specific spot. 


Aesthetics of modern floor lamp

Not to mention the fact that a modern standing lamp also has an unparalleled appeal of its own. They truly embody a classic piece of décor that can complement just about any interior décor theme – from new-age modern designs to traditional farmhouse styles. Floor lamps easily increase the charm of a room without needing to compromise on usage or functionality. 

Additionally, a modern floor lamp also offers home and business owners the creative freedom to design their own space according to their needs – it also proves to be a massive benefit for tenants who are not interested in investing in permanent lighting solutions. 

It Heightens Your Space

Who doesn’t love the illusion of more space? One of the biggest advantages of unique floor lamps is how they open up a room through the creation of heightened space. A floor lamp is also able to illuminate an area at eye level, which balances out the brightness that is offered by other ceiling and wall-mounted lights. 


Versatility of modern floor lamp

Another fantastic aspect of a floor lamp lies in the fact that all you need is a space on the floor. This is why floor lamps are considered to be so versatile in nature because whether you are looking for a temporary lighting solution or a permanent reading solution for your office, a modern standing lamp will not disappoint. You can also change the mood and ambiance of a floor lamp by choosing to work with colorful LED lighting. 

Where to Put Floor Lamps in Your Living Room

As already established, a modern floor lamp can be used to achieve all three types of lighting – accent, ambient, and task. However, the type of light a floor lamp will provide is often dependent on its placement. 

We have already discussed how versatile a modern floor lamp is and how it can be placed nearly anywhere. However, before you decide on where to place one, you will need to look at what other light sources you have in your living room so that you create balance rather than disrupt it. To do this, you should look for any bare areas or dark corners where a contemporary floor lamp will add ambiance, such as: 

In a Corner

By brightening a dark corner with a floor lamp, you benefit from the creation of overall illumination. This is, generally, because you are bouncing light off of two walls. 

Behind the Couch

Behind the Couch

Another popular choice for a standing lamp placement in a living room is behind the couch. If your couch happens to be positioned away from the wall, then a modern floor lamp is the perfect solution for creating depth and providing an over-the-shoulder reading light.

Behind or Beside the TV

Placing a standing lamp behind or beside your TV may not be one of the more obvious choices of placement, but a lamp in that area can actually reduce eye strain and glare. It does this by creating contrast, especially in dark living rooms when other light sources are off. 

Next to a Desk

Next to a Desk

Those of you who have a desk in your living room that you often tend to work or read at should be focused on brighter task lighting. You can do this by placing a modern floor lamp directly beside your desk. It is even better if the lamp has a head that is adjustable, as this lets you direct light downwards directly onto the surface you are working at. 

In the Middle of Your Living Room

By having a larger living room, you have the advantage of being able to set your furniture further away from your walls. If your couch happens to be in the middle of your living room, you can easily add a floor power outlet to make the placement of a floor lamp behind or beside your couch possible. This way, you are also avoiding tripping over any extension cords. 

The Top 15 Modern Floor Lamps

1. Benzara Industrial LED Floor Lamp

Benzara Industrial LED Floor Lamp

Emblaze your interior space with this industrial-style metal floor lamp. A metal floor lamp, like the Benzara Industrial LED Floor Lamp, is a common recollection of the modern era. Home and business owners enjoy adorning their interiors with this type of intervention and love the peaceful ambiance it brings.

If you like the idea of functionality combined with modernism, then this modern floor lamp is the perfect choice for you. This standing lamp is both space and cost-efficient, and thanks to its sleek and modern design, it is perfectly suited for positioning beside your bed or couch. 

2. Brightech Swoop LED Floor Lamp

The Brightech Swoop LED Floor Lamp is always a conversation starter because of its unique and asymmetrical design. However, if you are looking to bring sophistication into your space, the accents of this black and gold floor lamp do just that. 

Another great reason to choose this modern floor lamp for your living room is because of the flexibility it offers. You can move the lampshade around 180 degrees, and you can also adjust the lamp’s height, so it can match you both standing on the floor or sitting in a reading chair.

The Brightech Swoop LED Floor Lamp is also extremely affordable and demands less than what a floor lamp of a similar design and perk would demand. This option for unique floor lamps really is a win-win because it is both safe for work time and is cost-saving. 

3. Brightech Logan LED Floor Lamp

With its sleek metal arc, luxurious linen shade, and gorgeous black marble base, the Brightech Logan LED Floor Lamp will add a touch of class and elegance to any space it occupies. This brass floor lamp takes the lead from its competitors in so many ways.

To start, its design is as timeless as it is modern. It is also perfect for use during your reading time or any other work purposes. There is also no chance of this lampstand toppling over, as its strong, durable base ensures this. 

4. Brightech Luna LED Floor Lamp

Another great Brightech creation is the Luna LED floor lamp. It is a picture-perfect fit for a modern standing lamp in any home, and with its powerful LED lumen bulb, it can light up just about every room or shared living space.

Many people rely on their modern floor lamps to keep their modern spaces good-looking and illuminated, and the Brightech Luna LED Floor Lamp is one of the best solutions to this. 

5. Brightech Sphere Floor Lamp

Brightech Sphere Floor Lamp

Featuring two very long-lasting LED bulbs, frosted white glass, and a dazzling brass finish, the Brightech Sphere floor lamp can light up your home just as well as it turns heads. If you are on the lookout for one of the best office lighting solutions, you have definitely come across a flawless option.

6. Lamp Depot Lamp Depot RGB Circular Floor Lamp

You can set the mood for any occasion by creating an impressive light display with the Lamp Depot Lamp Depot RGB Circular Floor Lamp. Even when it is not being used as a source of light, this unique floor lamp serves as a modern art piece that adds a unique and intriguing style to your interior space.

Conveniently, this RGB floor lamp is also controlled via a remote. This included remote allows you to group multiple lamps and control them all from one place. 

7. Arnsberg Lighting Dessau Turbo Double Floor Lamp

Arnsberg Lighting Dessau Turbo Double Floor Lamp

Offering helpful and adjustable task lighting to brighten up a room is the Arnsberg Lighting Dessau Turbo Double Floor Lamp. Its sleek look makes it a great match for floor lamps for reading. You can also choose from gorgeous satin brass, satin nickel, museum black, and bronze finishes that will beautify any modern home.

Other statement pieces that also deserve the limelight are namely the: 

8. John Lewis and Partners Spindle Wooden Floor Lamp

9. Dar Adna Grey and Wood Floor Lamp

10.  Dunelm Hexa Floor Lamp

11.  BHS Jute String Floor Lamp

12.  B&Q Shelved Matt Black Floor Lamp

13.  Pooky Swing Articulated Standing Lamp

14.  Tom Raffield Mooring Floor Light, and  

15.  Amazon Satin Nickel Lever Arm Floor Lamp 

The Bottom Line

After reading this article, you can now agree that a modern floor lamp exists at the very end of greatness. Whether you want a standing lamp that is overreaching to lean over your comfy couch or a sculptural one to blend perfectly into a blank corner, there is a modern standing lamp for you. Regardless of what you may be looking for, these top 15 modern floor lamps will do the most for your interior space.

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