Top 18 Colored Desk Chairs to Give a Taste for Office Design
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Top 18 Colored Desk Chairs to Give a Taste for Office Design

|Dec 3, 2021

Designing your office is not something easy, but it can be a fun activity to do. You get to buy the office gadgets that suit your office better, so you can take a lot of time thinking about comfort and aesthetics.  

Ergonomic products are essential when getting items for your office; especially if you don’t have an ergonomic office chair. These products improve your productivity and help you stay active while working.  

However, many people focus on utility and ergonomic functions to then forget about the office’s looks. The way you perceive and see your office directly affects your work, and working at a place you don’t find appealing can significantly reduce your productivity. Therefore, looking for colored desks chairs is always a great idea. 

Not all colorful office chairs are of the same quality, though. You have to take all the time you need to choose the best chairs and products for your office without compromising aesthetics or ergonomic features.  

We are here to help you find the best colorful office chair for you! Dive into this page to know the 18 best multi-colored desk chairs for your workplace!  

What’s the Best Color for My Office Aesthetic?

Although this article focuses on multi-colored chairs, that doesn’t mean you have to buy chairs of random colors. It’s best to look for items that fit each other to make your office look more organized and appealing. Here are the best colors you can use for your office: 

Feng Shui

If you are looking for an office with a meaningful impact on your workers and yourself, you can adopt ideas from other cultures and use Feng Shui colors. You can even divide your office sections according to the colors' meaning.  

Wall Color

Monochromatic offices are always a good alternative, and they work their best when you go for colors that go out of what's normal for an office. Paint all your office walls with a fresh color, such as burgundy or pink, and then buy all the office gadgets you can of the same color (if you’re allowed to). We assure you that doing that makes a difference.  

Black and White

People who prefer a classic and elegant style can always go for a traditional black and white office setup. The best part about choosing these colors is that most office products on the market are either black or white, so no one has trouble finding them.  

Black and white offices always give both customers and employees a sense of professionalism, which inspires workers to work better and improve their productivity. This is the must-go option for people who don’t like having an office with products of different colors.  

What Are the 18 Best Colored Desk Chairs for My Office?

There are many office chairs available for you, and multi-colored desk chairs are not the exception to that. Some options may be more difficult to find than others, but we can assure you there’s a chair of the color you are looking for waiting for you. 

These are the best multicolor chairs for your office:  

1. Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra colored desk chairs

The Autonomous Autonomous Chair Ultra is one of the best ergonomic chairs with lumbar support you can find on the market. This product is available in gray, black, white, and blue models, so it’s perfect if you are looking for a blue ergonomic office chair.  

Buying this Autonomous chair means getting a product with a frameless construction that promotes unhindered movement, which is excellent for your back and blood circulation. Don’t worry about damaging the environment since the TPE with 10x durability used for this colored desk chair is eco-friendly.  

2. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo colored desk chairs

Following up with another Autonomous product, we have the Autonomous Chair Ergo. Unlike the previous colored computer chairs on this list, the Autonomous Chair Ergo is a good option for you whether you want a black, yellow, gray, blue, or red ergonomic office chair. Apart from that, its ergonomic features include full adjustability, back support, and breathable back fabric. 

Speaking more about its ergonomic functions, it also has a smooth reclining feature that allows you to lock five reclining positions. This colored desk chair gives you lumbar support regardless of the position you are in. Apart from that, the chair easily supports up to 300lbs.  

3. Autonomous AvoChair

AvoChair colored desk chairs

It’s not odd to see many Autonomous chairs in a list of the best chairs on the market since this company offers some of the best ones you can find out there. The AvoChair is not an exception to that, and it comes in a beautiful green color.  

Office workers looking for an eco-friendly chair can buy this ergonomic chair knowing that none of its materials are hazardous to the environment. Its recyclable materials are also sturdy, so don’t worry about breaking the chair or making it look worse after using it.  

4. Neo Chair

If you are looking for something untraditional that stands out from other offices, the Neo Chair is the best option for you. Getting this colored desk chair not only gives you an affordable and comfortable gaming and office chair, but also a pink product that makes your office look stylish and modern.  

5. NOUHAUS Palette Office Chair

NOUHAUS Palette colored desk chairs

Burgundy chairs are similar to pink chairs when it comes to making your office look different. This color gives you a sense of authority and elegance. The NOUHAUS Palette chair is a burgundy product that allows you to adjust its armrests, seat, and also raise or lower its lumbar support.  

6. YangMing Ergonomic Chair

As you can notice by reading this page, one of the colors you can see the most when looking for office chairs is gray. It’s not difficult to fit this colored desk chair with others, so many people want it for their office. The YangMing ergonomic mesh chair is compact, minimalist, and lets you adjust its height in a matter of seconds.  

7. Wayfair Basics Executive Chair

Wayfair Basics colored desk chairs

White chairs couldn’t stay off this list, and that’s the reason the Wayfair Basics chair is here. It's faux-leather seat makes it more comfortable than many colorful desk chairs on the market, and its gold finishes make it look like a luxurious and sophisticated product.  

8. Billups Ergonomic Chair

Blue chairs, like red ones, are the perfect alternative for someone who doesn't want black or white for their office. The Billups Ergonomic colored desk chair gives you all the ergonomic features you need in a colorful desk chair, and it also comes in orange, green, red, and purple models.  

9. Daily Chair

Daily colored desk chairs

As its name suggests, the Daily Chair is a product you can use every day without worrying about it deteriorating or losing its brightness after a time. This chair comes in sky blue, slate, and linden green colors, so you can use it if you are looking forward to designing a calm and relaxing office environment. 

10. Porch and Den Voges Ergonomic Chair

Some people are looking for a colorful office chair that doesn’t look similar to the ones from other offices, and they can find that in the Porch and Den Voges colored desk chair. Despite looking different from others, this green office chair is ergonomically-designed, so you can work on it all the time you want without suffering from back pain. 

11. Union and Scale Essentials Task Chair

Union and Scale colored desk chairs

Blue chairs are trend office furniture, and therefore, most of them are more expensive than products of a different color. Fortunately, the Union and Scale Essentials Task Chair is affordable, offers you tilt controls, and has a breathable mesh back.  

12. Steelcase Series 2

Steelcase is one of the best ergonomic chair brands on the market, and its products are always among the best ones on tier lists. The brand’s flagship product is the Steelcase Series 2. This gray modern ergonomic office chair features a wide range of adjustments, a comfortable headrest, and off-the-charts spine support.  

13. Bowthy Office Chair

Bowthy colored desk chairs

One of the best things about the Bowthy Office Chair is that it takes advantage of your spine’s natural curvature to give you optimal back support. This chair supports micro movements to help you avoid fatigue after sitting for extended periods.  

14. NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Chair

Not everyone likes to have armrests in their ergonomic chairs, so some chairs allow their users to remove them if they want to. The NOUHAUS ErgoFlip chair is one of them. Apart from that, this colorful office chair features extra roller castors, which means moving on it feels smoother than ever.  

Its soft breathable mesh back makes you feel like you are sitting on a sofa or even your bed, and it also prevents you from sweating! You can choose the color you like best for this chair since it’s available in burgundy, blue, gray, and black.  

15. AmazonBasics Chair

AmazonBasics colored desk chairs

Although not many people know it, Amazon has its own brand of ergonomic chairs and desks, and they are excellent products. The AmazonBasics Chair is the perfect example of that since it has a minimalist yet sophisticated design, an elegant brown color, and it gives you the possibility to move around your office with no problem.  

Since this product is a high-back office chair, tall people can considerably take advantage of it. Its ergonomic design offers you daily use free from back and neck pain, and its durable polyurethane faux leather makes it comfortable to sit on. Adjusting it doesn’t take much time, so don’t worry about it.  

16. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Chair

Modway is a well-known ergonomic products brand, and it has developed many decent office chairs and desks. However, we didn’t have the opportunity to see a design that stood out from the traditional black, white, and gray colors until now. The Modway Articulate Ergonomic chair is available in blue, brown, yellow, and burgundy.  

The comfort this chair offers you is one of the bests on the market due to its padded and contoured seat. Nonetheless, you can adjust its seat and height whenever you feel like it. If that’s not enough for you, this colorful desk chair has a passive back support that slowly reduces your back and neck pain.  

17. SIHOO Ergonomic Chair

SIHOO colored desk chairs

Ergonomic product developers sometimes design chairs to address specific problems, and back pain is one of the issues they constantly try to solve. The SIHOO chair aims to do that, so it focuses on its lumbar support pillow that reduces your back pain and corrects your posture.  

18. Louise Task Chair

The Louise Task Chair offers you a design different from an average office chair. This product not only looks sophisticated and classy, but it’s also one of the most comfortable colored computer chairs on this list. Its wheels allow you to move through your office without losing any time at all. 


There are tons of color options for you on the market, so it’s up to you to choose the chair and color that best suits your office and working style. People may believe that thinking about a decent color for your office is a waste of time, but that couldn’t be further from reality.  

The colors you use for your office directly affect your mood when working, which means picking the right color can completely change your mood and improve your productivity like you would have never imagined. Regardless of that, you need to pick the best chair for your office if you want to enjoy those benefits.  

All the products listed before are of excellent quality, and you could get any of them and work comfortably. We still recommend you take the Autonomous ones, though. This brand is one of the most reliable on the market, and its products give you all the ergonomic features you need to feel the most comfortable you can while working.  

Whether you want to buy an ergonomic chair or an office desk, Autonomous has it for you, so don’t hesitate to visit its website!

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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