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The Top 20 White Office Desk Options for 2021 You’ll Love

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Jan 28, 2021

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It’s no secret that a personalized workspace is an essential component to creating a comfortable workflow. Adequate motivation and productivity can be linked to your surroundings, which means that typing away at a broken down or old desk simply isn’t going to cut it. You owe it to yourself to work in a well-organized, concise, and clean working area.

One major contributing factor to an environment that encourages motivation and productivity in your office desk. However, the market is filled to the brine with office desk options, which can make your purchase incredibly difficult. Our first means of cutting down the endless load of office desk options is by providing you with 20 of the best white desk options that you're going to love.

Why Should You Choose a White Office Work Desk?

The Top 20 White Office Desk Options for 2021 You’ll Love

White is an excellent color to incorporate into your workspace, and one of the easiest ways to use this color in your office is by purchasing a white office desk. White executive office desks represent light, purity and offer a calming effect to your working space.

In addition to this, a white office desk places a certain charm that’s highly recommended in a variety of offices and other business spaces. Not to mention, a modern white office desk works wonders for those who are looking to brighten up and add light into their office environment.

Pros and Cons of Adding a White Home Office Desk

  • icon checkIt offers light into your workspace and makes it look brighter.
  • icon checkYou’re provided with a piece of office furniture that works to add a calming effect to your office.
  • icon checkIt’s equipped with a certain charm that offers a clean and refreshing appearance.
  • icon timesA white office desk is more prone to visible stains and dust.

What are the Best White Office Desk Options for 2021?

Here are our top picks for the best white work desk options for 2021:

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Core

When purchasing the SmartDesk Core from Autonomous, you gain a quality product. This is another electric standing desk that holds the ability to make your workspace more ergonomically beneficial. It's designed to offer robust technology that allows you to lift a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs while producing virtually no noise. Thus, you're provided with the ability to transition from a sitting to a standing position effortlessly.

Autonomous SmartDesk2

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

The Autonomous SmartDesk Corner is a brilliant option to add to your workspace. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the most prevalent is that it's designed as an electric standing desk. The desk is available for an incredibly reasonable price. It is equipped with a motorized system that allows it to move from sitting to a standing position, which means that you're provided with the ability to negate the negative effects of sitting too much, like lower back pain, while improving your blood circulation.

Autonomous L-Shaped SmartDesk

3.  Autonomous SmartDesk Pro

This Autonomous SmartDesk Pro is designed with a similar layout to the original SmartDesk Core. However, the features included in this white executive office desk are more advanced to provide the best experience while in the workspace. An amazing feature about this white desk version is that it offers a dual motorized system to effortlessly lift you from a sitting to a standing position within seconds and in virtual silence. All of these elements make this one of the best white office desk options on the market.

Autonomous SmartDesk2 Premium

4. Autonomous Double Desk

This is yet another Autonomous white office desk on this list. However, something significantly different about this white standing desk is that it’s equipped with a double desk component. Due to this, you’re provided with double the workspace than other white office desk options. When purchasing this Autonomous, you’re guaranteed the world-class technology incorporated in all Autonomous products, as well as a refreshing white appearance that can brighten up any workspace and a device that’s an excellent collaborative tool.

Autonomous Double Desk

6. Art Desk

An ordinary white office desk isn't going to cut it for some customers. Autonomous understands this. That's why customers have the option to choose the white Art Desk, which is perfect for developers and those who need a large workspace to conduct their daily tasks. Something well-liked about this white office desk specifically designed creative works is that it works as a standing desk. There aren't many white office desks like this that are equipped as a standing desk, and this Art Desk is known as one of the best, making it one of the best white office desk options for your workspace.

Autonomous Art Desk

5. Floyd Table White Computer Desk

The Floyd Table white computer desk is designed in a unique way that blurs the lines between household and office use. With this feature, you're provided with an appearance that makes your home look more efficient and put together and an office space that looks more welcoming and homelier. This unique design includes the incorporation of solid birch plywood and a high-tier birch veneer that protects the desk from external inhibitors for a more durable and long-lasting product.

7. BlueLounge Modern White StudioDesk

Is your workspace a little cluttered? When looking at a modern office desk, one of the most important features surrounding the piece of furniture is that it aids in reducing unwanted clutter. In a busy workspace, your workload can quickly become cluttered and hard to handle. That’s why the BlueLounge StudioDesk is such an asset, as it aids in providing a clutter-free workspace. It comes equipped with a black leatherette wrapped drawer, as well as an elongated slot and sturdy birch legs.

8. Joybird Gaia White Home Office Desk

This Joybird Gaia modern white office desk is designed with the idea of creating a modern workstation while still embodying character that's found in classic furniture pieces. Thus, you're provided with a piece of furniture that gives your workspace a refreshing and new design while still incorporating a timeless and classical style. Although this is hard to achieve, this Joybird model perfectly blends the two mediums together along with top-quality materials to offer one of the best white modern desks on the market.

Joybird Gaia White Home Office Desk

9. Artifox White Computer Desk 02

A minimalist's dream inspires the core of the design of this Artfox modern computer desk. It's equipped as a modular and tech-friendly piece of furniture constructed with a fantastic-looking walnut tabletop and steel accents against a dark stain, which perfectly highlight the white incorporated into the design. Overall, this desk is equipped with features that make it an excellent device to optimize your workspace and encourage productivity. Not to mention, its versatile design works well when incorporating the desk into any working station.

10. Everywhere Rectangular White Work Desk

The Everywhere Rectangular white executive desk is likely one of the most minimalistic desk options on the market. However, this design works exceptionally well in offering a refreshing and clean appearance to any workspace. With the inclusion of simplistic linework, unmatched versatility, and exceptional strength, this white work desk provides effective efficiency that works to boost productivity and motivation.

Everywhere Rectangular White Work Desk

11. Herman Miller White Office Desk

The Herman Miller Eames is designed as a contemporary white office desk while including undeniable timeless features. The manufacturers behind this modern desk have blended together standout and neutral features that make this desk's appearance versatile enough to be incorporated into any office. Not to mention, its refreshing design provides light while making the workstation look cleaner.

12. DWR Nelson Swag Leg White Executive Desk

If you’re looking for a modern office desk that’s artistic and charming, then the DWR Nelson Swag Leg White Executive Desk is the right choice for you. This modern office desk is the result of incorporating artistic ideas into the construction of a sturdy and durable piece of furniture. The desk is designed with a collection of drawers and storage cubicles to help keep your workspace organized. Overall, this desk is one of the best additions to any office space. 

DWR Nelson Swag Leg White Executive Desk

13.  Bludot Swish Console White Office Desk

This white executive desk is designed as an excellent piece of office furniture. The features included in this design make it a well-rounded white office desk that places great importance on the overall appearance of the desk. However, this doesn’t mean that the functionality is lacking. This white office desk is equipped to be incredibly stable and durable, which ensures that you can get your work done in comfort.

14. Sean Woolsey Smart Desk

This is another Smart Desk that's available on the market. Smart Desks are growing in popularity and for a good reason. This particular standing desk incorporates a handful of technological advancements into a design that can be considered traditional. Due to this, you're provided with a modern standing desk that still manages to include classic charm found in more conventional and timeless pieces of furniture. 

15. Tribesigns White Computer Desk

This white executive office desk is designed with a modern approach to the traditional features commonly found in conventional office furniture. This is done by combining sturdy materials and a minimalistic design to create the most reasonably priced and affordable white office desk options on the market today. The inclusion of adjustment pads and metal legs ensures a wobble-free design even when the desk is placed on uneven ground. 

Tribesigns White Computer Desk

16. APT2B Whitaker Modern White Office Desk

When looking at white executive desk options on the market, you’re bound to come across the APT2B contemporary white desk. The reason for this is that this modern white executive is built with efficiency in mind. One of the most well-liked features surrounding this desk is that it was created to blur the lines between classical and contemporary styles. Due to this, you’re provided with a modern office desk that has a timeless appearance.

17. Fully Jarvis White Executive Desk

When purchasing the Jarvis white bamboo office desk, you’re provided with all of the top-notch features incorporated into all Fully models. However, one significant difference between this ergonomic office desk is the inclusion of an adjustable furnishings feature. Due to this, you’re given the ability to personalize your modern white office desk to fit your exact preferences.

Fully Jarvis White Executive Desk

18. Article Culla White Home Office Desk

The Article Culla is the perfect piece of furniture for those who are working in an office and wanting to take the appearance of their workstation to the next level. The inclusion of white and the slimline table top aids in keeping the overall design of the white executive desk stylish yet simple. This ensures that it can fit into a wide variety of office spaces. It’s refreshing appearance also holds the ability to turn any dull and tired looking workspace into a welcoming and inviting environment.

19. CB2 Drommen White Executive Desk

The CB2 Drommen White Executive desk is known as an architectural piece of artwork that offers the finest design styles in the industry while being equipped with versatility. It's excellent-looking appearance, and its robust design make this product a must-have in the office space. This is especially the desk for you if you're looking to keep your work area in optimal working order. Not to mention, it also includes a cable management system to keep rogue wires in check and hidden.

CB2 Drommen White Executive Desk

20. Modern Digs Hayes Desk

Unlike the other modern white office desk options on this list, the Modern Digs Hayes Desk brings an entirely different design level into your workspace. It's contemporary performance and its classic design principles make this desk an extraordinary table for prospective buyers. It's equipped with a simplistic desktop, a slew of modern materials, as well as subtle linework for a well-rounded piece of modern office furniture that can enhance the overall design quality of any office area.

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