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Top 9 Gaming Desks for PlayStation and Awesome Setup
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Top 9 Gaming Desks for PlayStation and Awesome Setup

|Jun 11, 2021

Are you a hardcore PlayStation User who is looking for the best gaming desk for PlayStation gaming sessions? If yes, you are at the place a gamer wants to be. We understand that as a dedicated PlayStation user, you look for a gaming desk for PS4 or a gaming desk for PS5 usually, as these gaming consoles are trending these days.

To elevate your gaming experience, what you need is the ultrawide gaming desk setup. We know that it is tough for anyone to choose which gaming desk is ideal for accommodating your PS4 or PS5 console along with your monitors, CPU, mouse, keyboard, or any other gaming accessories. So, to make the selection easier, we have shared our reviews on the best ones below to give you an idea of how far each of these gaming desks can be good for accommodating your PlayStation. Let’s have a look!

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka

The Autonomous Desk Eureka by Autonomous is one of the best gaming desks that are available in the market. This desk is available in two variants: one being the regular variant having a normal height, and the other being the XL variant having a wider desk space. It is up to you whichever version you find better concerning size, as the metallic frame and adjustment features are equally good in both sizes.

Core Pro Desk


  •    Efficient motor system for height adjustment

  •    Available in five color schemes

  •    Affordable


  • The desk surface might wobble

2. Autonomous Desk Expanse

You may think of going for a corner gaming desk for your PlayStation gaming setup if you are short on space. In such a case, the Autonomous Desk Expanse would be ideal. The desk is an l-shaped standing desk that lets you use your room’s corner efficiently to place your gaming console. Since the table is quite spacious, you do not have to think much while placing all your gaming accessories and collectibles.



  •    Simple assembly

  •    Affordable

  •    The motors do not make any noise.

  •    Higher load capacity


  •    It might have stability issues.

3. Uplift V2-Commercial Standing Desk

The Uplift V2-Commercial standing desk can be an ideal choice as a gaming desk for PS4 and PS5. Having a larger top surface, this desk allows you to manage your accessories pretty well. You can think of using this desk if you want to fully customize your gaming desk as per your desires, as the desk offers the most adjustment features.

Uplift V2


  •    Available in 22 desk finishes

  •    Comes in five different sizes.

  •    Four frame colors

  •    Does not wobble much.


  •    Too pricey

4. Apex Desk Elite Series Gaming Desk

The Apex Desk Elite Series gaming desk is a suitable gaming desk for PlayStation that is operated by taller people. This standing gaming desk offers various height adjustment options, having a range of 20-inches. The movement of the desk is pretty swift as the makers have used good quality material to design the frame. Therefore, the desk will not be the wrong choice.

Apex Desk Elite


  •    Easily assembled.

  •    Smooth electronic adjustment.

  •    Keeps you active.


  •    There is no cable management setup, so you might look overly crowded.

  •    The desk surface is prone to wear and tear.

5. Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

The Fully Jarvis standing desk is an eco-friendly gaming desk for PlayStation. Featuring a considerable number of adjustment features, the desk allows you to customize it as per your desire. Since this desk is slightly less pricey, you may find it an ideal option if you have a tight budget.

Fully Jarvis


  •    Less expensive

  •    Comfortable to use.

  •    Various adjustment features.


  •    The desk might wobble as it lacks a crossbar.

6. SHW L-Shaped Standing Desk

The SWH L-shaped standing desk is suitable for those gamers who are looking for variants similar to an L-shaped adjustable standing desk. Since the desk is pretty wide, you can easily use it as a gaming desk for PS5. The overall unique design of this desk gives an awesome look to your gaming station, so you would love playing on this desk setup.


  •    The height is adjustable.

  •    Unique design

  •    The frame is designed using high-grade industrial steel.


  •   The process of changing height consumes a lot of time.

7. EvoDesk Gaming Desk

Having an awesome design, the EvoDesk gaming desk is among the most aesthetic gaming desks that you will find in the market. This gaming desk for playstation is ideally designed for placing dual monitors. The desk’s surface has an Evoguard finish that makes it easier for you to operate your mouse from any corner of the desk so that you have a great gaming experience overall.

Evo Desk


  •    There are around 250 different height positions.

  •    Electrically powered height adjustment system.

  •    Comes with expected memory preset options.


  •    Low-quality plastic is used for designing the gliding system of the height-adjustable frame.

  •    The desk might wobble and lack stability.

  •    Low-quality electronics are used.

8. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The Arozzi Arizona Gaming Desk is one of the best gaming desks for PS4. This gaming desk for playstation is ideal for your gaming sessions, offering you a wider area to accommodate all your accessories in one place. The whole desk surface is covered in a microfiber mouse pad to smoothly run your mouse and have a seamless gaming experience. Overall, it is a great choice for your gaming sessions.



  •    Comes with innovative cable management.

  •    Available in five different color schemes


  •   The ergonomic features are not that advanced.

9. COUGAR Mars Gaming Desk

COUGAR Mars gaming desk is one of the most aesthetically pleasing desks that we have on our list. This gaming desk for playstation features built-in LED lights on its edges that make the desk look further mesmerizing. Featuring a carbon-fiber top, the desk allows you to play with your mouse seamlessly. In addition to this, the durable steel frame makes this desk a reliable choice for your gaming sessions.


  •    LED accents

  •   Carbon-fiber top

  •    Efficient control panel with USB ports


  •    The instruction manual is not very clear.

  •   Too pricey
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