Tips to Fit Two Monitors On a Small Computer Desk
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Tips to Fit Two Monitors On a Small Computer Desk

Autonomous|Oct 22, 2021

There are many ways to fit two PC screens on a smaller-sized desk. Computer desks are where most of us spend much of our time every day. So, our desks must be set up properly to increase productivity. A dual monitor computer desk can make your work more effective. Yet, how do you achieve this if you have a small desk? What is the best way to fit two monitors on a small desk? These are questions asked by many computer users. These dual monitor desk ideas or methods will boost the productivity of your work if you turn your desk a bit.

Tips to Fit Two Monitors on a Small Desk

1. Monitor arm

Monitor arm dual monitor computer desk

This dual monitor computer desk solution allows for one monitor to be hung from the desk by a phantom basement. This computer desk for two monitors setup would allow for a second monitor to be placed on your desk. This monitor arm creates a strong, movable hook to secure your monitor. In addition, you can also move the other monitors into the hanging one.

2. Clamp mounts

Trying clamp mounts on the computer desk for dual monitors will increase the desk's space if you can't find a monitor arm. You can find a variety of reputable clamp mounts on the market made especially for computer desk multiple monitors. You will improve adjustability with clamp mounts. So that you have more space for other devices, you can use this method. This will allow you to position a multi-monitor computer desk about 2 feet above your desk.

3. Creating more space

Creating more space dual monitor computer desk

It is possible to increase the space beside your desk by adding an extra piece of wood and fastening it with screws underneath to strengthen it. When adding supports, make sure they are of the highest quality. One example would be steel supports. You can find metal support forms with screws in welding shops. If all else fails, you can upgrade your desk to accommodate more displays.

4. Shopping for bigger desks

The size of the dual monitor computer desk ought to be between 47-55 inches if you want to fit dual monitors on it. For two monitors on a desk, you can use about 50 inches. As you can place your other gaming gear conveniently on a desk that is larger than 50", you should go for a desk that is slightly larger than 50".

There are two points to consider when choosing the table size. In the beginning, you need to think about the room's size and the audience size. In addition, determine what size monitors you will use. In any case, having a large desk is always desirable.

5. Vertical monitor arrangement

Vertical monitor arrangement dual monitor computer desk

Many people believe that their monitors must be placed all the time horizontally. Let's nudge the boundaries! You can place your monitor vertically rather than going through the traditional process. There are some affordable monitors which will be helpful for you if you want to keep your monitor vertical.

6. V-shaped monitor arrangement

The first step in using this method will be to set your desk against one of the room's corners or use a corner desk. On the larger end of your L-shaped desk setup, place one of your monitors. You should then set your second monitor to the smaller size of your table. Using this method, you can achieve a perfect combination for a small desk setup with two monitors arranged in a V-shape.

7. Single raised monitor stand

Single raised monitor stand dual monitor computer desk

You can mount a monitor stand on your 2 person desk setup to make more desk space for laptops and monitors. While waiting for the computer display to be established on the screen, you can place your laptop on a desk in front of you and place the computer display on the monitor stand.

The two screens can be perceived simultaneously because the dual monitors gaming desk installation sits just above the laptop. Asymmetrical pair of monitors is likely to cause neck and head strain. Your health benefits a lot from this asymmetrical monitor placement. It is especially useful for storing papers, books, and files that take up much desk space.

8. Single vertical monitor layout

When you're setting up two monitors on a small table at the same time, the position of the monitors is important. In a horizontal position, monitors are wider, which means they cover the most desktop space. By using a monitor arm, you can position one or both of the monitors so that they are vertically positioned side by side on your desk.

The display settings need to be changed after setting up both monitors to "portrait" orientation. The first time you set up dual monitors on a small desk, you may feel awkward, but you will soon find that vertically installing them is a great option.

9. Switch to smaller monitors

Switch to smaller monitors

The placement of two monitors on a small desk is another solution to your problem. Some large monitors are space-saving that can fit on your tiny desk, available on Amazon as well.

A typical space-saving monitor is usually a small, thin, slim design, with a very thin bezel, as well as a foldable stand that is easier to set up on a desk than a regular screen. There are many compact computer monitors available online and offline and you can get them customized according to the size of your dual monitor computer desk. These days, there are widescreen curved monitors almost the same size as multiple monitors on the market.

10. Cable grommets

Cable grommets

Having two monitors on a small desk is made easier with the use of a cable grommet. You must install grommet mounts in a hole in your desk to be more permanent but more complete.

Clamp mounts offer a greater degree of flexibility to monitor arms that move. The arm can be easily adjusted as a result. It is first imperative to find out whether the grommet can be attached to the display.

For wires behind your dual monitor computer desk, you can also use the mount if the fit is perfect. The display mount can be grabbed from the machine and set into the grommet slot. To ensure the perfect arrangement of your second display, make sure you have an adjustable mount.

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