Celebrating Friendship: Chinese New Year Gifts for Friends
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Celebrating Friendship: Chinese New Year Gifts for Friends

|Feb 5, 2024

For Chinese and people of Asian descent, the most important holiday is the Lunar New Year. Present giving is a common way to show appreciation and love throughout this season. So, if you have run out of gift ideas for the New Year, here are some Chinese New Year gifts for friends that will strengthen your bond with them even more.

1. Friendship Box

Giving a Lunar New Year friendship box filled with various thoughtful gifts is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care. Make sure you create a unique gift set curated with the care of an artist. The friendship box can feature a variety of delectable chocolates, a pocket Chinese almanac, noisemakers, goodies, year of the Dragon stuff, red money envelopes, gifts for back pain, and much more.

2. Wine Gift Set

If there is a wine lover in your group, this is a great Chinese New Year gift for friends for occasions such as New Year Eve parties. Wine is a symbol of joy and success that demonstrates that you've considered the present and give it a personal touch. You can also add a special flair to this present by making it uniquely yours like 'Design Your Own Wine' where you have the option to personalize the bottle with engravings of the Chinese New Year zodiac of your friend or renowned wine labels like CalonSégur, Cloudy Bay, etc.

Wine Gift Set - Chinese New Year gifts for friends

3. Hongbao

Hongbao is a must-do for the Lunar New Year celebration and the nicest present you can give to your friends and family. As a symbol of good fortune and well wishes for the next year, these red envelopes are a common part of many New Year's celebrations. Whether it's Chinese New Year, a wedding, or a birthday, these bright red envelopes containing money are a common gift for friends. The abundance of Hongbao (red envelopes) with an unknown quantity of auspicious money is one of the many reasons why Chinese people look forward to the New Year.

Filling the red envelopes with "lucky" denominations like 200, 600, 800, or 900 is a fantastic idea. As an added precaution, stay away from "bad luck" numbers, which include the dreaded 4.

Hongbao - Chinese New Year gifts for friends

4. Tea Set

A tea set is a wonderful token of appreciation because of the significant role tea plays in Chinese culture. The classic Chinese tea set consists of a teapot, several cups, and a serving platter. Typically crafted from clay or porcelain, the teapot showcases elaborate patterns and decorations and can even qualify as a desk gift. As a timeless token of appreciation for the finer things in life, a tea set makes a thoughtful Chinese New Year gift for friends that keeps on giving. Classic, beautiful, and practical Chinese tea sets will never go out of style. Not only that, they're cheap and easy to find; no matter what your budget is, you're sure to discover one with a stylish design.

Tea Set - Chinese New Year gifts for friends

5. Clothes

If you're still worried about what to give a friend for Chinese New Year, consider gifting them clothes, as giving someone a new wardrobe is a thoughtful and functional present. It is a tradition for Chinese people to give clothing as a New Year's gift. A set of gloves, a scarf, and a hat, for instance, could be the ideal New Year's present. You can tell you care about the recipient's happiness and comfort just by looking at these things.


6. Glutinous Rice Cakes

On Chinese New Year's Eve, glutinous rice cake is consumed as a lucky delicacy. Glutinous rice cake seems to imply "getting higher year-on-by-year" in Mandarin Chinese. For Chinese people, this signifies that life improves in general the higher up you are and the more successful you get.

These rice cakes also represent development, progress, and growth; eating them at the Spring Festival is thought to bring good fortune. Before and around the Chinese New Year, you may get sticky rice cakes wrapped as gifts in nearly every supermarket. So, if you're wondering how to wish a friend a happy Chinese New Year? A scrumptious glutinous rice cake will do your job.

lunar new year dragon hunt

7. Cigarettes

Regardless of one's socioeconomic background or smoking status, the practice of giving cigarettes as a gift is firmly ingrained in Chinese culture. Smoking cigarettes with friends is especially considered in Lunar New Year activities and also on holidays and other special occasions; it is customary to give the gift of cigarettes - especially high-end brands - as a token of appreciation and a status symbol. The cigarette industry takes advantage of gift-giving holidays like the Spring and Autumn Festivals by advertising its products in conjunction with festival values like hospitality, camaraderie, and joy.

8. Fruits

What can be better than gifting your friend healthy fruits, which are a symbol of health, wealth, and vitality - not to mention they are tasty and naturally occurring produce? Fruits such as oranges, apples, and grapes are ideal presents for the Lunar New Year gifts for friends because of their long-standing associations with wealth and prosperity. Carefully selected fruit baskets combine modern and classic touches to make a thoughtful and beautiful present. Lunar New Year fruit baskets are crafted with care and attention to detail that every family deserves on this joyous occasion. Thus, you’re not just getting a fruit basket - you're getting a gift of good health, wealth, and a little bit of a common cultural heritage.


9. Artisanal Chinese Calligraphy

An everlasting Chinese New Year gift for friends can be a calligraphy scroll decorated with lucky Chinese characters or sayings. Expert calligraphers often adorn these scrolls with symbols of prosperity, longevity, and good fortune. For an extra special touch, you can have a personalized message or your friends' names skillfully written in calligraphy. This is one of the best gifts to give friends for Chinese New Year, as it can stay with them for the rest of their lives.


Buying presents for loved ones and coworkers is a classic way to celebrate the Chinese New Year. There is an abundance of choice when it comes to New Year gifts, from the classic red envelopes to more contemporary gift baskets that incorporate elements of Chinese culture.

Not only are these Chinese New Year gifts for friends a wonderful way to express your gratitude, but they also serve as lucky charms for the lucky receiver. So, whether you're going for a more conventional or contemporary look, don't forget to personalize the gift so it means more to the receiver.

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