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Explore the Chinese New Year Zodiac 2024 | Year of the Dragon
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Explore the Chinese New Year Zodiac 2024 | Year of the Dragon

|Feb 4, 2024

The Chinese/Lunar New Year starts on February 10, 2024, and it’s a time for a big celebration. In fact, millions around the world will celebrate.

What’s the 2024 Lunar New Year animal? This year, it’s the Dragon! Ultimately, this is the best time to renew your energy and prepare for the prosperity yet to come. 

However, the Lunar New Year zodiac isn’t just about the celebrations. It’s also a time to draw on the traditions that attract wealth and good health. 

Typically, the Chinese New Year is a time for renewal. The goal is to attract more prosperity and health. This article will help you understand what it is, how to get more good luck, and so much more. Whether you wish to play Lunar New Year games or decorate with appropriate colors, you’ll learn all about it! 

What is the Chinese Zodiac?

The Chinese zodiac is also called Sheng Xiao. It’s a repeating 12-year cycle of different animal signs and their attributes, and it’s all based on the lunar calendar. Here is a list of the zodiac animals: 

  • Rat
  • Ox
  • Tiger
  • Rabbit
  • Dragon
  • Snake
  • Horse
  • Goat
  • Monkey
  • Rooster
  • Dog
  • Pig 

Therefore, the Lunar New Year zodiac changes each Chinese New Year, which is sometimes called the Spring Festival. It marks the transitional period from one animal to the next. The Year of the Rabbit is finishing up (2023), and it started on January 22, 2024. It will end on February 9, 2024. Then, February 10, 2024, starts the Year of the Dragon.

What is the Chinese Zodiac?

Origins of the Chinese Zodiac

It’s important to understand the different Chinese New Year zodiac signs, but you also need to consider how it all started. 

Ultimately, the Chinese New Year originated in the Shang Dynasty. The practices were often simple initially, such as rituals to honor ancestors and gods. Now, they are grand festivals that incorporate the rich traditions created over the years. 

Though the origins of the Chinese New Year date back farther than we can trace, there are several explanations to help us understand how it started.

One legend focuses on a mythical beast (Nian). This means “year” in the Chinese language. Nian came on the first day of the New Year to devour crops, livestock, and villagers, especially the children. To protect the villagers, people would put food at the front door at the start of each New Year. They thought that Nian would eat the food and stop attacking people. 

When one New Year began, people noticed that Nian was terrified by a child who wore red clothing. The villagers started hanging red spring scrolls and lanterns on their doors and windows to scare the creature away. Likewise, firecrackers were used to frighten away the beast. 

The tradition of celebrating the New Year came because of all this. The term “Guo Nian” became synonymous with the New Year because it means “survive the Nian” or “pass over Nian”.

Origins of the Chinese Zodiac

Though this is what most Asians believe happened, many Americans believe a different legend because it ties in better with the zodiac animals. Legend has it that the reigning Jade Emperor at the time summoned the animals to his palace to host a “great race” or banquet. Their place in the zodiac was determined by the order in which they arrived.

In most cases, the story is quite elaborate. Likewise, there are a few different variations. For example, some people wonder why there is no Year of the Cat. Legends say that the rat (winner/first to arrive) tricked the cat into being disqualified or drowning in the river. This is also apparently why cats dislike mice/rats so much. 

Regardless of which story you like more, the Spring Festival is now the most important one for the Chinese. It is a time for the entire family to get together, which is similar to how Westerners celebrate Christmas. Likewise, those in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mauritius, and Cambodia also celebrate the Chinese New Year, so it’s prominent! 

Though the Lunar New Year has a rich history with long-standing traditions, it’s also adapted to be more modern. Therefore, international and regional customs have been added, which makes it a fascinating blend of new and old or global and local. In a sense, it reminds everyone in the world of Chinese culture.

Origins of the Chinese Zodiac

What Is the Chinese Zodiac for 2024?

Chinese astrology uses 12 zodiac animals to represent each year. The 2024 Lunar New Year animal is the Dragon. This creature symbolizes prosperity and power, but its fortunes for the coming year are highly complex. 

Ultimately, the Dragon is often celebrated because of its auspiciousness and strength. However, the luck it brings as the 2024 Chinese New Year zodiac isn’t as straightforward. 

According to the God of Wealth website, the Dragon is the 10th most lucky zodiac sign for 2024. This might be surprising to some since the Dragon has an esteemed status throughout Chinese astrology. However, each cycle brings new opportunities and challenges. 

Though it might not be an auspicious year for Dragons, this doesn’t mean you should anticipate misfortunes. With appropriate strategies and attitudes, you can navigate the year successfully and take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves. 

Likewise, you can decorate in the appropriate colors for your office. Zodiac signs can be either astrological (Aries, Pisces, etc.) or Chinese Lunar New Year zodiacs (Dragon, Rat, Rabbit, etc.) 

As with everything in life, you shouldn’t focus solely on your zodiac sign to tell you everything. Embrace any challenges you face in the New Year and enjoy the opportunities you have. Work on self-improvement and stay open to all the new possibilities that might come your way. The Dragon’s strength ultimately comes from its ability to soar high, regardless of the weather!

What Is the Chinese Zodiac for 2024?

How to Incorporate the 2024 Zodiac into Your Workspace Setup

Understanding the Lunar New Year Chinese zodiac is the first step. Knowing that it’s the Year of the Dragon can help you determine how to decorate your home office and the rest of the house. 

Before the 2024 Chinese New Year zodiac takes over, you should prepare your home and office for the day. This isn’t just about celebration; you must focus on the preparations that lead up to the festival. 

Here are tips for preparing for the Chinese New Year zodiac: 

Cleaning the Home and Office

Some people call the deep cleaning before the New Year “sweeping away bad luck”. The ritual involves cleaning your home from top to bottom to remove any residual bad luck from last year and make room for the good luck to come. It’s also wise to consider rearranging your home office setup to create space for all the fortunes you’ll experience!

Cleaning the Home and Office


There are various Lunar New Year colors you can use in your décor to spruce things up and encourage good luck to flow. Ultimately, red Lunar New Year decorations are the dominant choice because this shade symbolizes good luck and will help you ward off evil spirits. Common décor items can include couplets, red lanterns, paper cutouts, and more.

Food Preparation

It often takes a lot of thought and planning to prepare the meal for Chinese New Year’s Eve. Most people focus on traditional foods, such as rice cakes, dumplings, and fish. However, you can mix it up if you have a favorite Chinese dish. Just remember to plan ahead and know what you’re making. You don’t need to rush out to the store and potentially pay more.

Food Preparation - Chinese new year zodiac

Settling Debts

Ideally, you want to pay off all your debts before the Chinese New Year arrives. This will ensure an unburdened and fresh start. Over the decades, this has become less important. For example, you might have recurring payments on your credit cards you pay off each month. If the due date is after the New Year, you aren’t likely to experience bad luck because you pay it on time.

Welcoming the God of Wealth

This special ritual helps you invite prosperity into your home. Ultimately, you will symbolically invite the God of Wealth into your house. Then, you make offerings and prayers to gain his favor during the upcoming year. In the past, people used ritualistic sacrifice, but this is no longer needed. Simply offer your gratitude and pray for peace.

Place Feng Shui Items

Using powerful symbols for money attraction can help you bring wealth and luck into the New Year. The Feng Shui money frog is one of them. However, you must ensure you place the frog in the right spot. Typically, it’s in the wealth corner of your office or home, which encourages financial prosperity. You might need to do a bit of research to determine where the wealth corner is on your property.

Place Feng Shui Items

Purchasing New Clothing

Typically, people wear new clothes on the Chinese New Year, and red is the most prominent. This is believed to help you bring good luck to your life. However, you shouldn’t go into debt to buy the clothing; people often save up the year before so that they’re ready. If you can’t purchase an entire outfit, consider buying a small red pin! 

Ideas for Decorating Your Work Spaces

Here are some cubicle décor ideas for if you’re in an office setting with a small space to call your own: 

  • Stay Organized – Your desk will likely take up most of the room in your cubicle. Therefore, you should keep it organized with cable trays, document holders, and more.
  • Declutter – Go through the cabinets and get rid of things you no longer need.
  • Decide What to Display – You have limited space, so make sure you choose things to display that bring you joy. These desk decorations for guys will help you focus on masculinity.
  • Invest in a File Cabinet/Bookcase – If you can, add a small file cabinet or bookcase to the workstation to help you keep documents and books safe.
  • Sort Your Belongings – Sometimes, you won’t be able to keep everything you love or want. Limit your assortment of belongings to as few as possible. You can also focus on office décor for women to bring a touch of femininity to the mix.

Ideas for Decorating Your Work Spaces

A List of the Traditions

The Chinese New Year starts on February 10, 2024, and will end on January 28, 2025. The traditional celebration lasts 16 days, beginning on February 9 (Chinese New Year’s Eve) and extending to February 24 for the Lantern Festival. 

Typically, the celebrations for the Chinese New Year focus on family gatherings and grand banquets/feasts. Likewise, red envelopes are often exchanged, and they’re filled with money. Here is an outline of what to do on each day during the festival: 

Chinese New Year’s Eve – Clean the home and have a family reunion dinner.

Day 1 – Welcome the God of Wealth, give out red envelopes, set off firecrackers, and enjoy Lion dances.

Day 2 – All married daughters should visit their birth parents.

Day 3 – This is called “red mouth” day. It’s considered bad luck to visit relatives or socialize.

Day 4 – All corporate spring dinners start.

Day 5 – This is the day to welcome your God of Wealth, and most businesses will reopen.

Day 6 – It’s time to visit friends and relatives, share meals, and hand out any red envelopes you didn’t send before.

lunar new year dragon hunt

Day 7 – This is the day for the “common man’s birthday.” Each person grows a year older.

Day 8 – Have a family dinner to celebrate the Jade Emperor’s birthday eve.

Day 9 – Make offerings to the Jade Emperor.

Day 10 – Continue worshiping the Jade Emperor.

Day 11 – All sons-in-law should pay their respects to their parents-in-law.

Day 12 – Use this as a day of rest after your celebrations.

Day 13 – Honor Guan Yu, which is the Chinese God of War.

Day 14 – Prepare your household for the Lantern Festival.

Day 15 – Enjoy the Lantern Festival, where you can view the lanterns, dance, and eat tangyuan (sweet rice balls).

A List of the Traditions


The changing of the Chinese New Year zodiac is a time-honored celebration that encapsulates centuries of tradition, history, and culture. Even if you’re not Asian, you can still enjoy the Lunar New Year, decorating your home office to bring in more luck and prosperity throughout 2024. Ultimately, the Year of the Dragon promises power and wealth if you’re willing to be patient! 

When you understand the traditional practices and learn how to make it your own, you will increase the energy the Dragon brings. Hopefully, you have a lucky and prosperous Chinese New Year in 2024!

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