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Lunar New Year Decoration Ideas to Bring Fortune to Home & Office
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Lunar New Year Decoration Ideas to Bring Fortune to Home & Office

|Feb 1, 2024

This may not be the first time you’ve heard about the Lunar New Year principle, but where does it come from and what should you be looking to do if you want to be a part of it?

After all, it doesn’t hurt to understand where the inspiration for Lunar New Year colors and other design choices comes from if you’re going to be making big changes to your space. 

With that said, not only will you learn about the origin of the principle, but you’ll also be introduced to some fantastic choices to start yours off on the right foot.

The Significance of Lunar New Year and the Symbolism Behind Decorations

Another name for the Lunar New Year principle is the Spring Festival or the Chinese New Year. While some who are unfamiliar may look at it as nothing more than another holiday, it happens to have a lot more significance than that. 

It brings a refreshing and peaceful feeling as it’s also about bonding with family and trying to manifest prosperity for the year that’s on the horizon. 

That’s why as aesthetically pleasing as the decorations are, there’s a taste of intent and symbolism that graces it all. What you’re dealing with is a tradition that has centuries of history behind it.

The Significance of Lunar New Year and the Symbolism Behind Decorations

Beautiful Lunar New Year Decorations Ideas for Home

Welcome to our list of stunning Lunar New Year decorations for home! These festive and traditional decor items will help bring good luck and prosperity to your home during the holiday season.

Spring Festival Couplets

Welcome wealth and prosperity into your home with this classic Chinese New Year decoration. In many traditional settings, poetry lines are displayed vertically on both sides of the main door. You can also find these poetic descriptions in homes, shops, businesses, and schools. They are a common and essential custom during the celebration of Chinese New Year. 

In addition to expressing people's delight in the event, spring festival couplets also serve as a way to wish for a better life in the coming year. A four-character scroll represents prosperity, good health, good fortune, and good luck, and people often hang it above the doorway. Furthermore, make the most of the red color for wealth by including spring festival couplets in your new year decorations. 

Red Packets

Red packets are a staple of any Chinese New Year celebration! Parents and married couples typically give them to unmarried youths and their children to wish them happiness, prosperity, and success. Though if you get many red packets, don't worry - you can use each to add wealth, prosperity, and luck to your New Year festival. 

Simply decorate your orange or mandarin trees with the packets, and enjoy the festive and meaningful touch they bring to your decorations. No need to throw them into the dump - reuse them to enhance your Chinese New Year theme!

Red Packets

Upside-down Fuk (福)

Looking for a unique and meaningful Chinese New Year decoration? Then, consider adding a Fuk (福) to your home! This Chinese character represents good luck or fortune. When it is displayed upside down, people believe that it brings wealth and abundance. The term "upside down" is a homophone of "here," which signifies that good fortune is on its way or has already arrived. Bring luck and prosperity to your celebrations with this traditional and symbolic decoration.

Chinese Red Lanterns

Looking to add a festive and encouraging atmosphere to your Chinese New Year theme? These iconic Chinese red lantern decorations are used during mid-autumn festivals and CNY to mimic the full moon. You'll see them hanging outside homes and businesses around Singapore during the holiday season. Whether you use them inside or outside, they will surely add cheer and luck to your Chinese New Year festival.

Chinese Red Lanterns

Cherry, Orchids, and Plum Blossoms

Consider incorporating cherry and plum blossoms and orchids if you want to add floral flair to your Chinese New Year theme. These elegant and symbolic flowers add beauty and meaning to your decoration. These long and delicate branches symbolize longevity, spring, and rebirth, making them a perfect choice for the holiday season. 

Moreover, these flowers are also closely associated with Chinese traditions and New Year, as they are the first blossoms to appear after the winter season. 

Kumquat, Orange, and Mandarin Trees

Orange and tangerine trees are famous as CNY ornaments since their names and colors symbolize good fortune and wealth. Not only are they a symbol of luck and fortune, but the more fruits the tree has, the more wealth and luck it might bring. 

Therefore, when choosing a tree as a Chinese New Year decoration or gift, grab the fruitiest one you can find! If you're looking for a unique and meaningful gift, consider giving a kumquat tree.

Lunar New Year Decoration Ideas to Bring Fortune to the Office

So, what do you do to improve your feng shui for home office purposes? Here are a few strong contenders for appropriate decorations. 

Paper Cutouts

If you’re looking for DIY Lunar New Year decorations that would fit perfectly on your desk-facing window, paper cutouts may be exactly what you need. 

Typically, these cutouts denote auspicious symbols such as zodiac animals. The idea is to represent prosperity, health, and good luck. How’s that for a positive work environment?

Paper Cutouts - lunar new year decoration

Upside-down Fu

The word “Fu” speaks to a character in Chinese that’s associated with happiness and fortune. What’s the significance of it being upside-down, though? Well, it just so happens that the Chinese word “Dao” denoting upside-down, also sounds like another word, also “Dao,” but written with a different character. 

The latter means “arrive.” Therefore, flipping Fu upside down, effectively means “fortune has arrived.” That’s quite the inspirational message, which explains why sticking the character upside down on the front door to your office is the perfect start.

Office Table Decorations

Choosing the right desk accessories is another big part of getting the Lunar New Year decoration puzzle right. There’s no need to go crazy with out-of-this-world decorations that are loud and command attention. 

Instead, consider crystal trees, figurines, or red and gold coasters. Not only do you give off the vibe of prosperity, but you also add some cheer to your office space.

Office Table Decorations

Chinese New Year Flowers

When haven’t the right flowers made things feel fresh and new? After all, they are associated with renewal and growth. This extends to Chinese culture too, with certain flowers such as orchids, chrysanthemums, and peonies being associated with high status, wealth, and good luck.

With that in mind, why not spice up your desk décor by adorning it with some of these well-meaning blooms?

Spring Blossoms

Flowers were alluded to above, and spring blossoms follow the same line of representing welcome ideas such as growth and new beginnings. If you want specifics, consider plum or cherry blossoms.

Spring Blossoms

Shop New Office Furniture for This Lunar New Year at Autonomous

Now, you have a few solid Lunar New Year decoration ideas for your office space, but what about the furniture and other fixtures? If it’s a time of new beginnings, isn’t it the perfect time to finally buy that adjustable desk or to get those accessories you’ve always wanted? 

If you’re looking for some solid options, then Autonomous has you covered. There’s a vast array of perfect office elements to kick off your lunar new year right. 

Autonomous Desk Series

The Autonomous Desk series is an excellent place to start. Being seated at a desk the whole day is one of the best ways to open yourself up to low back pain and other health concerns. Standing the whole day isn’t a good idea either. 

Building your standing desk setup around Autonomous’ offerings puts you in a position to enjoy a happy medium. This line of adjustable desks allows you to easily switch between standing and seated positions.

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

The first desk that falls under this umbrella is the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard), which you want to consider if you’re looking for something that’s budget-friendly while meeting ergonomic needs. It’s available in a series of colors, meaning you can find something for any aesthetic.

Enjoy less than 45 dB of noise with electrical adjustment in a desk made of warp-proof MDF wood and an SPCC steel frame.

Autonomous Desk Eureka

The Autonomous Desk Eureka is next and offers a better height range, alongside more sizes to choose from. Take advantage of four programmable settings to make those sit-stand sessions more seamless than ever before. Other improvements to the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) include a better load capacity and an even quieter 40 dB adjustment operation. 

Choose from warp-proof MDF wood, chunky oak, or natural bamboo in different color options to complement your SPCC steel frame.

Autonomous Desk Expanse

The whole design profile changes with the next desk of focus, which is none other than the Autonomous Desk Expanse. As the name implies, this is the one you get when you’re looking for an L-shaped option that allows you to take full advantage of that corner space you may have in your office. 

While the previous desks used a double motor setup for adjustment, you’re getting a triple motor here that can only be described as “whisper quiet.” The modular segments allow for the perfect fit from a desk that offers an outstanding 400 lb. weight capacity. For the icing on the cake, once you purchase a Autonomous Desk Expanse, you get a free cable tray!

Autonomous Desk Levitate

Last, but not least is the Autonomous Desk Levitate, which takes the concept of innovation and runs with it. Lunar New Year decorations will play very nicely with the visual of this desk as the design is one of the sleekest you will ever lay your eyes on. You’re getting a solid ash wood tabletop complemented by an all-steel, four-motor frame. 

The adjustment capabilities here are quick and seamless and there is even a corresponding mobile app that you can download and use to adjust your desk and take control of those sit-stand sessions.

Autonomous Chair Series

If you’re going to be engaging in sit-stand sessions, then the ergonomic office chair you’ll be using needs to be supportive and adjustable to meet your unique needs. On that note, the next order of business is to talk about Autonomous’ Autonomous Chair series, which is most certainly recommended as far as pairing with the Autonomous Desk series goes. 

Have no fear as all the different flavors listed will allow for a comfortable seating experience, regardless of how long you need to use an office chair each day. However, there are nuanced differences that you can use to identify which option appeals the most to you.

Autonomous Chair Core

First, there is the Autonomous Chair Core, which as you probably guessed, is the budget-friendly offering of the pack. Even so, you’ll find it to be more comfortable than even your couch, and that comes along with a seating experience that’s healthier than whatever your existing computer chair may be. 

It’s filled with useful ergonomic features to ensure that you have pain-free work sessions. These include seat pan, back recline, lumbar support, armrests, and adjustable height. The comfort element is reinforced by the design choice to use contoured foam. Finally, most people will have no issues using one of these units as they have a welcoming 250 lb. weight limit.

Autonomous Chair Curve

The next option you can consider is the Autonomous Chair Curve. Some chairs feel like they were uniquely made for their users at development time, and the Autonomous Chair Curve will give you that kind of feeling. A big part of this is the way the back support element can adjust to whoever may use it. 

Customization is available for the lumbar support, back recline, seat pan, armrests, and height. The contoured foam seat makes a return here, complemented by a breathable mesh back, alongside an excellent lumbar support pad. As far as weight support goes, the limit is a comfortable 300 lbs.

Autonomous Chair Ergo

Now, you’re beginning to step into the elite territory as it’s time to talk about the Autonomous Chair Ergo. This is what you call adjustability in every way. Exercise all the control you want over the seat tilt, backrest, headrest, armrest, and height. It goes even further though, with you now getting five lockable positions along a smooth recline. 

Never get hot and uncomfortable thanks to a woven mesh design that’s engineered to ensure the best possible airflow. On top of everything else, the chair is a testament to looking out for the environment as it is made with 100% earth-friendly materials. 

Right up there with the Autonomous Chair Ergo is the Autonomous Chair Ultra, which is where the true principle of ergonomics begins to show. The human body was made to move, and this is the kind of chair that was designed with movement in mind. 

Enjoy a frameless construction that allows for an unrestricted experience that encourages your natural mobility. Adaptive spinal support brings superior comfort that can be enhanced through your choice of either breathable mesh or cooling naked TPE.

Accessories Galore

At this point, you should have your desk and chair ideas based on the insights you were given above. What about the other accessories that bring your fresh lunar new year look to life? Here are some accessories from Autonomous that are nothing short of perfect!

Autonomous Cable Tray

First, there’s the cable tray. Included with designs such as the Autonomous Desk Expanse, you can buy this add-on to organize your cables and maintain a sleek visual in your office space.

Autonomous Monitor Arm

Another great option is the Autonomous monitor arm. It allows you to freely adjust the position of your monitor while reclaiming the tabletop real estate that would have been compromised by the presence of the stand. Therefore, you end up with an optimal combination of modern and functional.

Deltahub Carpio 2.0: Ergonomic Wrist Rest

The ergonomic wrist rest is next on the list, allowing you to use your mouse in a more comfortable fashion that lessens the likelihood of repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

VogDUO 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger

If you happen to be an Apple user, you can consider the VogDUO 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger. It offers a minimalistic look from a device that allows you to charge your iPhone, Air Pods, and Apple Watch simultaneously and wirelessly.

Autonomous Filing Cabinet

While there are many people who no longer use filing cabinets, there are others who still use a lot of documents and could use one. Thankfully, there’s a simple and elegant minimalistic filing cabinet, complete with two small drawers for your accessories and one large drawer for your documents.

Autonomous Light Bar

One of the often-forgotten elements of ergonomics is lighting. It’s just as important to protect your eyes as it is to ensure that your back and neck are taken care of. Artificial and natural lighting sources must be balanced well to prevent light concentration or any dangerous glare. The adjustable light bar from Autonomous makes this a breeze.

Autonomous Desk Pad

Desk pad options are also available for you to use your mouse and keyboard freely without having to worry about the potential damage that you could be doing to your desk surface. Choose from the sustainable cork or the microfiber vegan leather options based on whichever suits you better.

ErgoFoam Foot Rest: Adjustable Height

The ErgoFoam Footrest is another outstanding accessory for your workstation, allowing you to sit and take some of the pressure off your legs, allowing for better circulation and comfort.

Bear in mind that these accessories don’t account for an exhaustive list.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to break out the Lunar New Year games and start thinking about the elements of freshness and prosperity that you’ll be implementing. Feel free to consider all the ideas provided above and trust Autonomous to supply you with all you need for your office space.

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