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Should Your Desk Be Placed In Front Of A Window?
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Should Your Desk Be Placed In Front Of A Window?

|Jan 2, 2024

While working remotely, having a good view can make you feel relaxed and less restricted. The basic rule is that the workstation should face the entrance door; however, some people prefer to have a good view and place their desk in front of window on the opposite end. That makes it so much easier to take a short break by looking out the window at the beautiful environment. Daylight coming through from the window can likewise allow you to stay in positive spirits and improve your entire workplace environment.

On the one hand, a window can provide natural light and a view that can help create a pleasant and energizing work environment. Also, a window can also be a source of distractions and glare, which can impact your productivity and comfort. Even though a beautiful sight is appealing, as we previously noted, most designers recommend placing the table desk against the window in the room's middle, towards the entrance. It may be ideal for people who the outside world would catch off guard. It also allows people to view who is entering and exiting the office. This post will take you through a plethora of information about the right area to place your office desk onto. Read on below!

Understanding the Purpose of Placing a Desk in Front of a Window

Placing your desk under the window or in front of a window can serve several purposes. One of the most obvious is to take advantage of natural light, which can help improve your mood, reduce eye strain, and boost your productivity.

A window can also provide a view that can help break up the monotony of your workday and provide a sense of connection to the outside world. Additionally, a home office with window can help regulate the temperature and airflow, which can help create a more comfortable and healthy work environment. However, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks of this arrangement, such as glare, distractions, and privacy concerns, and to find ways to mitigate them if necessary.

Understanding the Purpose of Placing a Desk in Front of a Window

Inspirations for Placing Desk with Window

1. Lofted elegance

Enjoy the view from your elevated workspace with a window on the loft.

workspace with a window on the loft

2. Greenery-inspired productivity

Work by a big square window adorned with a thriving plant for a refreshing and inspiring atmosphere.

Inspirations for Placing Desk with Window

3. Corner productivity hub

Optimize your workflow at a corner desk strategically placed next to a window, blending comfort with natural light.

A corner desk strategically placed next to a window

4. Monitor meets sunlight

Enhance your workspace experience with a desk featuring a monitor strategically positioned beside a large window.

Placing Desk with Window

5. Elevated perspective

Elevate your work environment with a desk complemented by a lift window, offering a unique and adjustable view.

A desk complemented by a lift window

6. Room center focus

Find focus in the heart of the room with a desk positioned in the middle, with its back gracefully turned towards a welcoming window.

The room with a desk positioned in the middle

7. Double-window bliss

Boost your creativity at a desk nestled under two split windows, providing abundant natural light and a panoramic view.

A desk nestled under two split windows

Pros and Cons of Placing a Desk Against the Window

Putting a home office makeover before a window is a cost-effective and realistic option. The most significant benefit of owning such a workstation is the highest lighting and the brightest available area. Studying or typing will be quite convenient as a result. Natural sunlight nourishes the human body with B-Vitamins and is beneficial to eyesight while conserving energy.

When setting up a home office, one important decision is where to place your desk. If you have the option, you may wonder whether it is best to position your desk in front of a window. With a desk-facing window, you won't even be required to switch on the energy mostly in the evenings, which indicates that you can save money on your bills because you will use much fewer light sources even during cloudy weather than if you remained inside all day. This space will be great for establishing a workspace for 2 people if the window wall is broad enough. Two workstations in other corners of the room would be too crowded. 

The capacity to ventilate the space is another benefit when you put the desk in front of window. Pulling in some clean air can relieve the work stress. When it comes to downsides, one must consider that perhaps the window is many times cooler than the interior wall in which it has been installed. Warmer air rises when cold air descends, making the entire area of contact, the window ledge, the lower wall, and the floor, chilly. That could be unpleasant in the winter.

Several homes have heating systems installed beneath the windows. If this is the circumstance and you have your desk by window, you must drill holes in the table to allow proper ventilation. For starters, it warms up the entire wood frame, and also the hot air coming from the heater keeps the window clear of misting, dampness, and mold.

desk in front of window

If hot airflow is hindered, the thermostat under the tabletop will rise, making sitting inconvenient because your legs will be hot. At about the same moment, the window would remain chilly, and you might find yourself in a position where the sitting person's head and body are cold, but his legs are heated.

Furthermore, while natural sunlight is a major positive, it can also be a negative, especially during the hotter months of the year when the sun shines directly on your home office setup. The use of curtains and blinds or even other windowsills to alter the luminosity is very practical when you decide to put your desk in front of window. However, because you may require a workstation or counter with a non-standard form, that should be specially made to match the available area. So, should your desk face a window?

How to Properly Position a Desk?

It's challenging enough to choose the appropriate desk for your office—but have you considered where you'll put it? Each orientation, either forward towards the entrance, window, or walls, will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Although some would argue otherwise, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to workplace desk arrangements.

Although lack of space may decide where your work desk is placed, if you benefit from desk arrangement alternatives, you must surely use them! Take into account your professional habits, interruptions, as well as how you foresee yourself working more efficiently. Here are a few recommendations:

Face your workplace away from visible interruptions

This is the best option for several people because it helps you avoid glancing out the windows or viewing individuals move by. It can, however, provide the impression of being cut off of the entire room. Based on the scale of your workspace, viewing the wall may enclose you in a cramped, claustrophobic nook. If space permits, one solution is to position your workstation in the middle of a room while still leaning against a wall.

How to Properly Position a Desk?

Avoid facing the entrance with your back to it

When you're not distracted easily and have a bunch of in-person interactions in your workplace, even if you're in charge of overseeing the workplace, you might want to contemplate rearranging your workstation so that it overlooks the door or entryway. This arrangement of your desk and Autonomous Chair Ergo allows your colleagues to see how occupied you are in real-time, allowing them to come in and leave without disturbing a telephone conversation.

Avoid facing the entrance with your back to it

Take in the scenery – and feel somewhat less constrained

If you can't fathom the idea of staring at about the same landscape for virtually the entire shift, you might want to consider putting your desk by window or desk facing window. The shifting landscape from outside of the window can inspire you or provide a mental respite between activities. Perhaps in the slightly cooler months, the inflow of sunlight might help you retain a cheerful attitude. Moreover, If you're concerned about additional distractions, position your workstation against the wall, although with the glass window on one end. A workstation in front of or near a window is almost always the ideal compromise and a popular choice for most individuals.

Place your desk in the most convenient location for you

Whenever it comes to deciding the ideal smart desk location, you will have many possibilities. Find something that fits your requirements as well as your workplace. Later, you can see how much more efficient you become when your workstation is in the right place.

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