25+ Creative Home Office Desk Ideas for Two
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25+ Creative Home Office Desk Ideas for Two

|Apr 14, 2024

There's a lot of material out there that speaks to setting up a remote office for a single person. The question is, where are the home office desk ideas for two people? Well, you are in for a treat today, as this is where you can find all the inspiration you need if you want to do something creative with your dual workstation home office. 

There could be a variety of reasons why this is important to you. Maybe an acquaintance of yours has decided to share a remote workspace with you. Many people are out there already doing this in coworking spaces, but this list is intended for those who want to take the concept a little closer to home. 

Alternatively, your spouse, a family member, or someone else who lives with you may also be working remotely and may need a workspace too! So, there is even more of a reason to wrap your head around what to do. 

The information below implements this concept in several different ways. You may see a two person desk or separate desks entirely. The dual desk decor ideas draw inspiration from a host of already implemented workspace types, some of which already have a creative spin put on them. 

Did you know it was possible to have an electric standing desk that is designed to support two people? If not, there is one on this list that is going to amaze you. So, with your anticipation probably already through the roof, it's time to dive into the content that brought you here in the first place. Here's a list of 2-person home office desk options to inspire your workspace.

25+ Creative Home Office Desk Ideas for Two

1. Double-sided Shelved Cabinet

Here's one for those who may want to use already existing space and facilities for work. If you have a filing cabinet in the house that features shelves of various heights, you may want to consider using the lowest one as a workspace. Of course, this assumes that the said cabinet is long enough to accommodate two people and the office equipment they need for work.

2. Separate Standing Desk Setup

This is one of those desk decor ideas that is as simple as it sounds. Once your room can accommodate it, all you're going to do is get two separate standing desks and set them neatly in the workspace. They can be alongside each other, facing each other, or even set up to have the people using them stand back-to-back.

Separate Standing Desk Setup home office desk ideas for two

3. L shaped Desk Setup for Two

The reversible L-shape design is incredibly beneficial for a dual desk setup because it offers flexibility and convenience. With this design, you have the freedom to choose whether the longer portion of the L-shape extends to the left or the right side of the desk.

This flexibility eliminates the guesswork and allows you to easily adjust the desk configuration to suit your workspace layout or personal preference. Whether you prefer a left-handed or right-handed setup, the reversible design ensures that your dual desk setup can be customized accordingly without any hassle.

4. Cabinet Desk with Wooden Seating

This takes the previous cabinet idea and puts a little spin on it. The cabinet here does not need to be shelved, but for aesthetic purposes, it should at least be a wooden one. For uniformity, you're also going to get special wooden seating for the pair of workers. The intention is to give the office space a nice outdoorsy kind of feel.

Cabinet Desk with Wooden Seating

5. Bookshelf Desk

Here's a transition from cabinet shelf to bookshelf. if you are one of those persons that have a bookshelf with a lower height, it may just be low enough for its surface to double as an office desk. More than likely, there is enough surface area atop it to accommodate two persons. Grab two seats, and that's about it! 

6. Wall Mounted Glass Desk

If you are looking for more exquisite home office desk ideas for two, you have hit the jackpot with this double workstation desk. You are going to likely need some professional help for this one, but you want a long-tempered glass surface mounted against an appropriate wall. Be sure to understand its weight capacity before using it. 

7. Back-to-back Wall Setup

This is not the first mention of a back-to-back 2 person home office desk setup on this list, but the distance between the two persons using the workspace is going to be a bit wider here. That's because it makes use of two separate wall-mounted desks that are placed on opposite sides of a room.

Back-to-back Wall Setup home office desk ideas for two

8. Long Kids’ Desk

Everything here is dedicated to adults, so why not include the kids for one entry? Here, you would purchase a 2 person home office desk that's long enough to accommodate two little ones sitting side by side with appropriate seating. They're going to thank you for it as they can take care of their homework and other little projects they may have easily. 

9. Bedroom Window Layout

Some people have very large bedroom windows, and this is the perfect kind of home office desk setup to take advantage of that. Ideally, you want a desk that's wide enough two allow two people to sit on opposite sides facing each other and using their equipment too. 

Bedroom Window Layout home office desk ideas for two

10. Industrial Style Double Desk

The industrial-style double desk for home offices brings vintage and modern aesthetics together. It makes use of the popular industrial home decor style that combines wood and pipe-like structures. Of course, you want it to be horizontally capable of handling two people working in tandem. Feel free to add shelves atop it to store various office accessories or even souvenirs to bring the visual out even further.

Industrial Style Double Desk for home office desk ideas for two

11. Marble Desk

Are you a fan of marble kitchen countertops? If so, you may have wondered what it would feel like to use such a surface for work purposes. Well, it's time for you to stop contemplating and start constructing. While you could have this design done as a typical desk with legs for two, you could also have it done in a wall-mounted manner. 

12. Minimalist Platform Desk

The minimalist platform desk is another wall-mounted variation. However, the tabletop is a plain wooden design, and even with its mounted style, the desk is also supported by two mini cabinets that double as legs. The plain and simple tabletop is meant to be complemented by the way you arrange your equipment, only keeping necessities atop the desk.

Minimalist Platform Desk home office desk ideas for two

13. Purpose Driven Desk Division

The purpose-driven desk is quite the specialized design type. The use of the word “division” implies the presence of a divider to keep each worker’s affairs separate. Beyond that, the desk may contain special implements that are suited to each person's job title. Therefore, alternating workstations is likely not going to happen since one job becomes all but impossible on the other side. 

14. Full Library Desk

Previously, there was a bookshelf desk entry on the list. This dual workstation home office setup takes it to the next level and is for those who want a floor-to-ceiling full library desk setup. In this home office layout, there is even a ladder present that is used to reach the books at the highest level. 

15. Wide Double-sided Wooden Desk

The desk used in principle here is not too far removed from that of the bedroom window layout. Most of the two-person home office desk options discussed have persons seated beside each other. 

This one, on the other hand, has them seated directly across from each other, so it needs to be a bit on the wider side. Once you are not going to be too distracted, it's best suited to couples who like to have that little dose of looking at each other between tasks.

Wide Double-sided Wooden Desk

16. Farmhouse Shed Desk

Maybe you don't want to go outside as was suggested in the first idea. Well, do you have a farmhouse on your property? A garage works well too! In any case, what you want to do is clear out one side of the structure and set up a two-person workstation there. 

The aesthetic is yours to do with as you please, but the idea is separating work from personal affairs, even though the home is the remote workspace being used. 

17. IKEA Dual Home Office Desk

IKEA is best known for its catalog of affordable yet functional furniture, and it does not disappoint with the implementation of this two-person desk. Realistically, you can get IKEA to build out just about any structure you can imagine. This one has a long L-shaped desk supported by three different cabinets, and it can be used by two or even more people.

IKEA Dual Home Office Desk

18. Pocket Office Layout

The pocket option, like the one above, uses an L-shaped design to support two people. However, this one is not as long as the IKEA design and may be used in an already shelved area that is providing some other unique function. 

19. Curved Desk Pairing

Curved desks are some of the most underrated home office desk ideas for two out there. While you may see them in traditional workplaces, people often don't think to put them in the home. However, they are incredibly flexible. They are best used somewhere where the workers’ backs are facing one corner of the room. 

20. Multifunctional Workspace

The multifunctional workspace is an improvement on the purpose-driven double workstation desk. Instead of having two areas that are specifically designed for a single task, this one has two standard workstations along with other bells and whistles on the outer areas of the desk. 

So, you can already tell that a longer table than usual is required for this one. For example, there may be a repair station on one edge of the desk with a sewing area on another. Typical office workstations are in the center while hobbyist areas are located on the outside.

Multifunctional Workspace

21. Divider Separated Workspace

While not the first option that relies on a divider, this dual workstation home office gets a bit more creative with the separation medium. So, you can have a basic partition, or you can create a unique border with imagery that each person is going to love on both sides. 

It's best suited to couples who get too distracted when they can see each other or people who don't have that kind of close-knit relationship. 

22. Under Stair Corner Space

Not many people consider their stairs a good workspace. However, depending on the way your house is designed, there may be quite a bit of space under it that is not being effectively used. If so, it's the perfect place to mount a corner desk for two

23. Battlestation Layout

Here is one of the interesting home office desk ideas for two you should try. The battlestation design is becoming increasingly popular among couples who are heavily into gaming. Usually, you can identify which side of the battlestation belongs to which member of the relationship as the designs usually center around personality traits or gender. 

So, there's not too much being added to the idea here, especially since it natively brings a lot of creativity. It's more of acknowledging battlestations as a potential place to work. 

24. Facing Opposites

So far, whenever a double desk for home offices that is wide enough for people to sit facing each other is brought up, they are sitting face to face. However, that does not necessarily need to be the case. And when using the facing opposite style, the desk doesn't even need to be that wide. 

That's because while people are sitting across from each other, they are not face to face anymore. Instead, they are using opposite edges of the desk. 

Facing Opposites

25. T Desk

The T desk is an ingenious spin on the L-shaped desk, bringing benefits to two persons. So, each worker is on one side of the “T,” Meaning each person gets a whole “L.” The intention is that the long side of each division hosts equipment while the short side is for meeting in the middle and having conversations.

26. Backyard Dual Desk

While all the other home office desk ideas for two are going to take you inside the house, this one allows you to get a bit of fresh air. If you can afford a backyard office pod that accommodates two people, you can even take it to another level. 

The idea is to have an office set up in the garden or backyard such that there is enough desk space and seating for two people. Of course, you're going to have to get things such as electricity taken care of beforehand.

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Tips for Productivity and Comfort Dual Desk Setup

Optimizing a dual desk setup involves maximizing functionality, comfort, and productivity. Here are some tips to achieve an efficient and ergonomic dual desk setup:

  • Consider Ergonomics: Ensure that both desks are at the correct height to promote good posture. Your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle when typing, and your monitor should be at eye level to reduce neck strain.
  • Organize Cables: Use cable management solutions to keep wires and cables neat and organized. This not only improves aesthetics but also prevents tangling and tripping hazards.
  • Maximize Desk Space: Utilize vertical space with shelves, wall-mounted storage, or monitor arms to free up desk space for essential items and reduce clutter.
  • Position Monitors Properly: Place monitors directly in front of you at arm's length distance, with the top of the screen at or slightly below eye level. Consider using dual monitor stands or mounts for optimal positioning.
  • Invest in Quality Chairs: Choose ergonomic chairs with adjustable features like lumbar support, armrests, and seat height to promote comfort and reduce fatigue during long hours of work.

Final Remarks

How do you feel after now learning so many ways to implement a double desk for a home office? The variety is outstanding, featuring everything from regular to standing desk frame choices. 

All the home office desk ideas for two here are suitable enough to be implemented as is. However, you can certainly expand things a bit further if you see where you can inject your creativity into something that has already been outlined here. 

After all, this is meant to be highly customized to you and the second person that you’re going to be sharing the office space with.

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