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Top Online Interior Design Services to Revamp Your Space
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Top Online Interior Design Services to Revamp Your Space

|Apr 28, 2023

Commercial online interior design professionals are transforming how we work. Nowadays, beautiful surroundings while working can influence numerous factors, including teamwork, attention span, and productivity. 

Workers like you are seeing a surge of thoughtful, innovative, and sustainable virtual interior design ideas from top designers. In this article, you’ll find the best options out there, so read on to see who's on the list! 

What to Know Before Choosing an Interior Designer?

To choose the best virtual interior design services, you’ll need a few pieces of crucial information. Take a look: 

  • Budget: If you know how much you’re able to spend, you’ll be able to narrow down how many designers you can work with. To avoid buyer’s remorse, you should pick a service that adapts to your wallet.
  • Project scope: You must determine what your plan entails. Some people need a furniture decor upgrade while others choose a full renovation. To get the best results, you'll have to pick what’s convenient for your workspace.
  • Timelines: Going through a design project can affect your workers’ ability to get things done in their offices. When you pick a designer, you must ensure they stick to the timeline you agree upon, so your business suffers as little as possible. 

What to Know Before Choosing an Interior Designer?

Best Office Interior Design Services

There are designers for any project type - you just have to find the perfect one. Better yet: when you work with these creatives, they’re often able to put together any office interior you want, such as custom meeting rooms, entertainment areas, or even industrial open-floor plans. 

One thing is for sure - hiring virtual interior design services is a fantastic idea, and your workers will surely thank you for it. Here are the best alternatives: 


People know the brand primarily due to its high-quality office furniture. However, Autonomous has expanded what it offers clients because it knows that putting together a workspace is much more than just buying a standing desk and an office chair

Professionals at Autonomous will design the layout for your workspace and make sure it fits your needs and desires. 

If you hire the Autonomous team, you’ll get to save money and time and avoid the stress of doing things yourself. They’ll not only suggest fantastic office design ideas but also recommend the best tech accessories to ensure your space is as functional as it is beautiful.

Autonomous online interior design

Perkins + Will

The core values of Perkins + Will include innovation, and it’s one of the brands people love the most when they’re getting online interior design professionals to help them. 

Perkins + Will emerged in 1935 and has been a research-based design and architecture firm ever since. Nowadays, its professionals are famous for their contemporary style and modern approach. 

Although Perkins + Will has earned a fantastic reputation among its customers, it doesn’t have free office layout design alternatives like Autonomous does. Plus, its options often have a modern style, so you might want to hire other professionals if you prefer something more classic. 

Even so, many clients still love Perkins + Will because the brand knows how to make things fun, and its designers often add pops of color to the walls, as well as other decorations.

Lastly, Perkins + Will has also gained fame because of its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, particularly because its professionals incorporate it into every project they say yes to. 


Hundreds of talented designers are available in Decorilla, and they can handle anything from a minimalist office design project to a modern layout. 

If you hire Decorilla online interior design services, you’ll see designers have an extensive portfolio for you to check out. Therefore, there is no shortage of alternatives if you’re looking for the perfect option. 

In addition, Decorilla offers some of the most affordable alternatives on the list because it has flat-rate design packages. 

To start the process, you’ll have to attend an in-person or online meeting and respond to an interactive questionnaire. 

After that, you’ll receive concepts from different designers and get to choose the one that fits your vision the most. 

Some vendors offer discount options for Decorilla clients. However, keep in mind that prices might still be high, so if you’re looking for the best bulk office furniture, you should put your trust in Autonomous. 

Decorilla online interior design


According to clients, Benhar professionals create beautiful and productivity-boosting environments that still have a personal touch. 

Behnar has earned its place among the best online interior design alternatives, and it’s due to many reasons. 

On one hand, the team uses workflow analysis and other modern tools to make a design plan. The strategies they rely on allow them to ensure the best outcomes. 

Furthermore, its products are high-quality items. Overall, people say solutions from Benhar are often fantastic, beautiful, professional, and comfortable. 

Nonetheless, keep in mind that working with Benhar could go off your budget, especially since its products could be expensive. Remember: you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to put together an executive office design. Instead, you just have to trust the right team. 

Workspace Interiors

It’s one of the most famous companies for people looking for full-service providers. The Workspace Interiors team is famous for being able to put together everything from an educational room to a Feng Shui office layout, making it one of the best options if you want versatile professionals. 

On some occasions, online interior design companies have a good reputation for offering top-notch products but can’t really adapt to your needs. It’ll never be like that with Workspace Interiors. 

Instead, when you work with Workspace Interiors, you’ll get the best outcome that fits your goals, wants, and needs. Its designers are used to tailoring what they do to fit the client’s desires, so the process will be smooth, and you’ll love the results.

Workspace Interiors online interior design


It’s a leader in virtual interior design services and now has offices in different continents. HOK emerged in 1944, and now, it specializes in almost all areas of design. 

Designers at HOK will listen to what you want and mix technical skills with imagination to deliver the best results. 

People often say HOK designers deliver striking and inspirational results, which boost workers’ productivity and motivation while they’re in the office. 

However, if you’re looking for a team specialized in office designs only, you may want to choose a different alternative. At HOK, professionals handle all sorts of projects. 

Crown Workspace

Finding the best team to handle your design project can be a hassle, especially if you have big plans. You might be thinking about remodeling all the offices in your business or starting a new organization that has an innovative, beautiful workspace. 

Regardless of the case, Crown Workspace can deal with it. It’s one of the best online interior design services to hire no matter the size of your project because its professionals will be able to handle it. 

Office interior designers at Crown Workspace will closely work with you to create the space of your dreams. The team’s motto is to deliver spaces that ‘inspire and excite’ workers, so they’ll do everything they can to help you. 

In addition, professionals pay special attention to the effectiveness of their office space because they understand it’s a crucial part when it comes to boosting productivity and motivation. 

If you hire Crown Workspace professionals, they’ll examine your available space and make sure that the interior design benefits productivity. They understand that efficiently managing your surroundings is critical when you’re an office worker, so they’ll do everything in their power to help your business thrive.

Crown Workspace online interior design

Pacific Office Interiors

The company is based on the West Coast, but due to the popularity of online interior design, now you can hire its professionals regardless of your geographical location. 

Experts from this company have experience in designing corporate, healthcare, educational, government, and hospitality environments. 

The motto of the Pacific Office Interiors team is to create spaces that ‘people want to be in,’ which sounds fantastic. 

When you work with this brand, you can leave your worries aside because its professionals understand they have to design a space to boost the workforce’s productivity, motivation, and drive. 

They know the colors, furniture, and layout they choose could heavily impact how your workers feel. Therefore, they’ll thoroughly examine your needs and desires and deliver the best results they can. 

Pacific Office Interiors is also one of the few online interior design companies that also offers exterior alternatives. Therefore, keep that in mind if you’re thinking about expanding your project beyond the four walls of your workspace. 


It’s a cutting-edge interior design firm, and its primary goal is to push the boundaries of commercial environments to promote resilience, well-being, and equity. 

Many people look at Gensler’s goals and think they don’t make sense, but everything will come together if you see what its designers can do. 

Gensler’s vision comes to life in its projects because its professionals are committed experts who combine what the brand stands for with what clients ask. 

Another fantastic aspect of working with Gensler is that the team will do what’s necessary to improve interior performance. 

If you’re having productivity problems, they’ll make sure the interior design benefits that. Others might be looking to boost creativity, and the team will include that in the environment they create too. 

In the end, Gensler experts will listen to your needs and deliver high-quality results, always tailoring what they do to fit your short and long-term goals.

Gensler online interior design


The last option on the list might not be as famous as others, but it still offers experienced online interior design professionals who can help you build the workspace you’ve always wanted. 

PlanForce tackles large-scale office interior design projects, such as giving you the office spaces you need for everyone in your workforce. 

When you work with PlanForce professionals, the process starts with a discovery phase in which they ask for all the details about your project. They need as much information as they can get to make sure the results perfectly fit what you have in mind. 

A step-by-step process will follow the discovery phase, and during that time, they’ll find the best furniture to incorporate into your workspace, choose the ideal layout, and more. 

Why Should You Choose Autonomous?

You now know about different online interior design companies, so you might be wondering why Autonomous stands out from all the rest of the alternatives. 

There are a few reasons. Firstly, Autonomous offers free online interior design services, which is the best option if you’re on a budget and can’t spend too much when designing your office space. 

Furthermore, Autonomous will supply the best furniture pieces possible. When you work with the brand, professionals will ensure you only get top-notch ergonomic items in your workspace. 

At the same time, professionals at Autonomous understand that renovating an office space or designing a new one can be very stressful. Therefore, they want to guarantee the process is as smooth as possible. 

Working with professionals at Autonomous means you don’t have to worry about anything. They’ll examine the layout in your office, plan and design a new one that fits your needs, and make sure you get the most fantastic results ever. 

Lastly, the Autonomous team is famous for being able to correctly manage their time. Consequently, if you’re in a rush, they’ll stick to the timelines you agree on and ensure they deliver fast and efficient results. 

free office design service

Final Thoughts

Picking the best interior designers could change your life because they’ll put together a workspace that helps you feel motivated, and in turn, you’ll be more productive while you’re working. 

Even though there are numerous online interior design companies out there, you should hire Autonomous professionals. The brand offers affordable alternatives, and the team will help you save time and avoid stress. 

Now, it’s your turn to decide. Whether you want a modern office space, a Feng Shui workplace, or a classic style, designers are here to help you. Get ready to work with a team and begin the process today!

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