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10+ Modern Office Design Ideas and Trends for 2024
Workplace Inspiration

10+ Modern Office Design Ideas and Trends for 2024

|Apr 3, 2022

During the last couple of years, companies have increased their focus on outfitting their workplaces with a good office design, as it’s shown to directly affect their business’ performance. It’s fundamental to have a surrounding that fits and supports the employees, considering the average worker already spends half of their day in the office. This article showcases seven trending modern office design concepts to consider when you want to renovate your office.

In the workplace design movement known as modern office design, today's needs and wants are considered. Spaces with a modern office design that feel more human and homier are preferred instead. Instead of a 9-5 prison environment, they want to work in an environment that feels more inviting. Gone are the days when modern office space was packed tightly under flickering fluorescent lights and eggshell-colored walls.

Instead, the modern office layout is filled with open, bright spaces and splashes of color that encourage creativity and boost morale. We have some modern office ideas to spice up your desk, whether you're curious about the benefits of a modern office look or just want to spice up your mundane workspace. To inspire you next time you want to upgrade your office decor, let's look at the elements in a modern office interior design.

What Is the Benefit of Having a Good Interior Office Design?

Good modern office space concepts nowadays enhance your company, making it an essential element to your business’ success. It’s challenging to renovate and redesign your office, as it requires you to give it plenty of thought to get the most of it. Having a stimulating workplace that raises your creativity and productivity can better your employee’s morale and wellbeing. It indirectly lets you attract better workers even in a contested job marketplace and reduces your company turnover rate.

A thought-out office interior design concept can increase your company’s bottom line, giving it a boost in its performance. It also can improve your company’s brand and values, as the design your office has tends to reflect the nature of your business. It’s not just your employees that visit your company; occasionally, clients, partners, or associates come around the workplace. For that reason, it’s essential to have a design that strengthens your company’s image and uniqueness, leaving a mark on every person who steps into your workplace.

What Is the Benefit of Having a Good Interior Office Design?

As a result of the changes in the workplace in the last 18 months, expectations, predictions, and aspirations have never been so divergent. What was once known as the 9-5 office now has a completely different character, although it's not necessarily bad. What has changed since last time? The last 18 months have seen one of the biggest gulfs between the modern office's expectations, predictions, and aspirations. In the meantime, the office has shifted from a place where people worked 9-5 to something else entirely.

It can be difficult to choose what design to incorporate into your next office renovation, especially when the design can affect the workplace’s image and functions. It would be best to contemplate an arrangement that encourages collaboration within the office and considers your employee’s health. Providing ergonomic chairs and desks for your workers can do wonders for their productivity and wellbeing.

If you have trouble deciding on the best office design for your workplace, you can look at the following list of trending office design concepts to guide you to your ideal office. Should you still have trouble deciding, you can employ an modern office layout designer to devise a workplace design that best suits your company’s image and goals.

Designing for Productivity, Inclusivity, and Employee Engagement

1. Technology Integration:

Modern offices rely heavily on technology to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration. It is essential to integrate the latest technology seamlessly into the modern office design. This may include:

  • High-Speed Internet: Ensure a robust and reliable Internet connection throughout the contemporary office design to support data-intensive tasks, cloud-based applications, and smooth online communication.
  • Wireless Charging Stations: Incorporate wireless charging stations in common areas and workstations to enable employees to charge their smartphones and other compatible devices conveniently.
  • Video Conferencing Facilities: Designate spaces equipped with video conferencing tools to facilitate remote meetings with clients, partners, or employees from other locations. High-quality audio and video capabilities are crucial for effective communication.
  • Smart Automation: Consider integrating smart automation systems for lighting, climate control, and security. Automated systems can optimize energy usage and create a more comfortable and efficient workspace.

2. Sound Management:

A productive modern office space requires managing noise levels to minimize distractions and promote focus. Here are some sound management strategies:

  • Sound-Absorbing Materials: Use sound-absorbing materials, such as acoustic ceiling tiles, carpets, and wall panels, to reduce sound reverberation and echoes.
  • Acoustic Panels: Install acoustic panels strategically in areas prone to noise, such as open workspaces or meeting rooms. These panels can absorb sound waves and improve speech intelligibility.
  • White Noise Systems: Consider installing white noise systems to mask background sounds and create a more consistent and calming acoustic environment.

3. Private Spaces:

While open layouts encourage collaboration, employees also need private spaces for focused work or confidential discussions. Here are some private space solutions:

  • Private Workstations: Designate individual workstations with partitions or acoustic panels to provide a sense of privacy and minimize distractions.
  • Phone Booths: Install soundproof phone booths or pods where employees can make phone calls or engage in video conferences without disturbing others.
  • Meeting Rooms: Include various sizes of meeting rooms or huddle spaces equipped with audio-visual tools for team discussions and brainstorming sessions.

4. Branding and Identity:

Modern office design can be an opportunity to reinforce the company's brand and values. Consider these branding elements:

  • Color Scheme: Use the company's brand colors in the modern office interior design to create a cohesive and recognizable visual identity.
  • Logos and Graphics: Incorporate the company's logo and relevant graphics in strategic locations, such as reception areas or meeting rooms.
  • Mission and Vision Statements: Display the company's mission and vision statements prominently to reinforce the organization's goals and culture.
  • Artwork and Decor: Use artwork and decor that align with the company's values and resonate with employees, clients, and visitors.

5. Accessibility:

An inclusive office design considers the needs of all employees, including those with physical disabilities. Here are some accessibility considerations:

  • ADA Compliance: Ensure that the modern office space complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. This includes accessible ramps, elevators, and restrooms.
  • Adjustable Furniture: Provide height-adjustable desks and chairs to accommodate employees of different heights and mobility needs.
  • Wide Aisles and Doorways: Design wide aisles and doorways to allow easy navigation for wheelchair users and individuals with mobility aids.

6. Health and Safety Measures:

Recent events have highlighted the importance of health and safety in the workplace. Consider the following measures:

  • Social Distancing: Plan the office layout to allow for adequate social distancing between workstations and communal areas.
  • Hygiene Stations: Install hand sanitizing stations throughout the office to promote regular hand hygiene.
  • Air Quality: Invest in high-quality air filtration systems to improve indoor air quality and circulation.
  • Cleaning Protocols: Establish rigorous cleaning protocols for shared spaces, including desks, meeting rooms, and kitchen areas.

7. Feedback and Involvement:

Employees' input and preferences should be considered when designing the modern office space. This involvement fosters a sense of ownership and satisfaction. Here's how to gather feedback and involve employees:

  • Surveys and Polls: Conduct surveys and polls to collect employees' opinions on various aspects of the office design, such as layout, amenities, and color schemes.
  • Focus Groups: Organize focus groups to have more in-depth discussions and gather valuable insights into employees' needs and preferences.
  • Prototyping and Testing: Create prototype workspaces or design elements and invite employees to test them out and provide feedback.
  • Employee Committees: Establish an employee committee responsible for collaborating with the design team and representing the broader workforce's interests.

By carefully considering these factors, a modern office can be designed to cater to the needs of employees, foster productivity and creativity, and reflect the company's values and culture.

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Modern Office Design Concepts for Productivity and Innovation

1. Ergonomic Workplace

This design keeps your worker’s health and limitations in mind, looking to reduce their fatigue and frustration during their workday. Using cheap office chairs, in the long run, reduces the productivity of your workplace and leads to the employee’s eventual backaches, neck pain, and headaches due to repetitive stress.

An ergonomic office interior design concept looks to adopt a design that focuses on providing the employees with ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and monitors, improving their productivity by lessening the overall stress and correcting their posture.  Nowadays, many technologies and solutions are being incorporated into the workstations to address these issues.

Ergonomic chairs are now easier to find in offices due to the benefits that they provide. These ergonomic office chairs have several features that look to correct your posture and give you proper support. The most important part is the lumbar support for your lower back, but at minimum, they must have adjustable seat height and armrests.

It would be beneficial to get a height-adjustable desk along with the ergonomic chairs. These desks allow your employees to have more leeway when setting up their workspaces. Getting a standing desk riser can let your employees work while sitting or standing, stimulating their productivity and thinking by keeping them active. These desks go hand in hand with a standing stool, allowing them to lean comfortably on the chair in either position and enhance their focus.

Many ergonomic chairs can go for exorbitant prices, but you can scour the web to find the best affordable ergonomic chairs available. The place where you buy an ergonomic office chair can also greatly influence the price, so you should go to a trusted location or website.

Ergonomic Workplace

2. Nature-based Office

Also called biophilic design, which stems from the love of nature, this modern office design concept focuses on increasing the link between the natural environment and the workplace’s occupants through direct or indirect nature and other conditions. Incorporating nature elements in the office has many benefits, both to the employee’s health and the immediate environment.

The nature-based office interior design concept positively affects the worker’s mental health, wellbeing, and performance by incorporating the following nature elements:

  • Light: Having natural light in the workplace is fundamental to the workers because it enables day, night, and season orientation while in the office.
  • Plants: Vegetation, particularly flower heads, is the most direct way to bring a direct experience of nature to your workplace. It is known that plants reduce stress, improve comfort, and enhance performance and productivity.
  • Water: The most alluring part of the water is that it’s a multi-sensory experience. You can see, hear, and touch it, but most of its benefits come from the sound of flowing water. It promotes satisfaction and improves your health and performance.
  • Air: Having natural ventilation can increase people’s comfort and productivity. The easy way to incorporate an airflow is through windows or other more complex strategies.

Other natural elements can be incorporated, such as fire, in the form of fireplaces and hearths, natural landscapes, and animals. The latter isn’t easy to implement, but having an office pet can increase your interest, pleasure, and mental stimulation.

Nature-based Office

3. Activity-based Working

This modern office design concept looks to increase the worker’s productivity through interaction and communication. It also looks to retain the employee’s satisfaction and reduce the overall accommodation costs. The activity-based working concept is meant to improve the workplace’s overall efficiency and satisfaction by allowing employees who perform multiple tasks to move to any place in the office that best suits their job at hand.

Workplaces that implement this modern office setup idea can expect to have a considerably more flexible workspace that allows workers to get the best results even while having diverse work styles. The freedom given to the employees makes it easier for them to perform their jobs adequately.  There are a couple of spatial areas that are common in this kind of design, to mention some:

  • Small booths: They are usually enclosed and isolated areas that allow for privacy. It’s ideal for people who need a quiet place to concentrate on their work or call a client.
  • Café atmospheres: These casual areas allow people to enjoy their lunch or snacks while providing them with many seating options such as long tables, couches, coffee tables, and semicircle booths. You can discuss work-related matters with your coworkers or have a brief chat with them.
  • Conference rooms: It has a formal enclosed setting where multiple people can meet to brainstorm ideas or discuss strategies. There’s also the option of using a more informal room when the job is more casual.

Other activity-based working environments include lounge areas, outdoor terraces, open office areas, among others.

Activity-based Working

4. Glass Doors and Walls

This concept isn’t an exclusive design, as glass walls and doors are present in multiple office interior design concepts. It has been trending for a long time now, making it an essential part of many other modern office designs. Using glass walls and doors is more space-efficient while also giving the office an open feeling.

The glass office walls allow the company to establish clear order and structure while promoting transparency. As people become aware of others’ actions through the office’s openness, they stay on their best behavior while reducing their isolation. For this reason, many designs incorporate this design, believing it promotes the worker’s honesty and integrity.

Having glass doors and walls also allow plenty of daylight into the workplace. It grants employees a better sense of orientation throughout the day while also being more beneficial than artificial light.

You can also order custom-made glass office walls from a manufacturer, where you can give it your own company’s flair by incorporating your logo or other designs. They also allow quick office reconfiguration as the interior glass walls can be easily movable, giving you a flexible modern office design concept.

Glass Doors and Walls

5. Home-like Atmosphere

Currently, almost every office job can be done just with a computer or a laptop. As working from a distance becomes more common and practical, employees stop needing to go to their office to work, even when it’s mostly true that people’s productivity increases at their workplace. Although this is the case, many companies still require physical attendance. Because of this, most companies are making the shift to the trend of giving your workplace design a homey atmosphere, allowing workers to feel at home while on the clock.

The idea behind the home-like office interior design concept is to make the workplace experience a relaxing and stress-free one. Just having couches and lounges in some places in the office allows people to take breaks comfortably. It lets them whittle away their fatigue and focus once more on their day.

These pieces of furniture can also have a productive use. Employees can work on their laptops while sitting on a comfortable couch or a long table. Some group meetings take an informal tone as they’re held in places that resemble living rooms. The home-like design favors open-floor layouts with encouraging and enjoyable surroundings. Many offices with this design incorporate modern aesthetics and entertaining aspects such as swings, slides, and even ping-pong tables.

Many home-like office interior design concepts include lounge areas, cafés, break rooms with recreational activities, cozy types of furniture, terraces, and many other things.

Home-like Atmosphere

6. Flexible Workspace

Flexible workspace designs feature an easily customizable office layout that can adapt quickly to the office’s needs by making use of desks, chairs, and tables that can be moved and rearranged. This design directly contrasts with the traditional office layout, where the furniture setting and other things tend to be completely rigid and fixed in place.

When you need to have a meeting with multiple people, you can easily rearrange a couple of tables and chairs to fit any number of participants. Usually, the furniture used in these workplaces must have caster wheels to provide easy movement around the office. It allows for the quick formation and collaboration of multiple teams for any task, whether its duration is short or long.

Flexible Workspace

In a way, flexible workspaces highly resemble the activity-based modern office design concept, except the office doesn’t have the various facilities that adapt to every people’s work style and peculiarities. A similarity is that both can have unassigned seating arrangements, meaning that there isn’t an assigned workspace for any employee. Workers sit and work where they need to or where they feel they can be more productive.

Not having a specific desk or workstation can enhance the employee’s interrelations as they encourage collaboration during projects. It also results in higher satisfaction for the workers.

Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk: Lockable Casters

Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk: Lockable Casters

Desktop dimensions27" x 20" x 29" - 41.75"
Material‎Steel, aluminum, MDF & PVC
Height range29" - 42"
Weight capacity33 lbs
Warranty10 years
Modernsolid Mobile Laptop Cart

Modernsolid Mobile Laptop Cart

DimensionsProduct: 27.56”L x 27.56”W x 53.15”H
Laptop holder: 11.42"D x 15.75"W
Mouse tray: 7.09"D x 8.66"W
Material‎Aluminum alloy
Laptop holder loadingUp to 11 lbs
Warranty2 years
Techni Mobili Compact Computer Cart With Storage

Techni Mobili Compact Computer Cart With Storage

Dimension28.25''L x 25.5''W x 35.5''H
MaterialHeavy-duty particle board panels with PVC laminate veneer
Weight capacityMax 100 lbs
Warranty5 years
Trio Supply House Laptop Cart

Trio Supply House Laptop Cart

Dimensions21”W x 16”D x 28” - 46”H
ColorWood Grain
Weight capacityMax 20 lbs
Warranty1 month
Trio Supply House Desk

Trio Supply House Desk

Dimensions37.75”W x 22”D x 35.25”H
MaterialMDF panel, Steel frame
ColorWood Grain
Weight capacityDesktop: 80 lbs
Desktop shelf: 30 lbs
Storage drawer: 30 lbs
Keyboard tray: 22 lbs
Open shelf: 30 lbs
Bottom CPU shelf: 22 lbs
Warranty1 month

7. Industrial Office

This office interior design concept refers to a style that takes its inspiration from old factories, barns, warehouses, and other industrial spaces that recently have become lofts, offices, and living spaces. It emphasizes the use of components such as weathered wood, exposed brick, concrete floors, and industrial lighting fixtures. Generally speaking, this design tends to have an unfinished, unconventional, and raw look.

The easy way to acquire an industrial office would be to renovate an old factory, warehouse, or any other industrial building. They would already have many of the common elements seen in the industrial office interior design concept. Some of these elements are high ceilings, open floor plans, large windows, concrete floors, exposed brick walls on the office’s outer wall, and other things. Another common thing would be the sight of exposed pipes, beams, and ducts.

These industrial designs tend to have a natural color palette, such as a mix of grays, rustic,  and warm colors. When walls have these colors, they give the place a feeling of having more space available. They also tend to have plenty of natural light due to their large windows, but floor lamps or metallic light fixtures also blend right into this style if it’s a closed space.

Techni Mobili L-Shape Industrial Desk

Techni Mobili L-Shape Industrial Desk

DimensionL-shaped: 59''L x 59''W x 35.3''H
Straight: 118''L x 23''W x 35.3''H
MaterialRich engineered wood, scratch-resistant steel frame
Weight capacity88 lbs
Warranty5 years
Techni Mobili Industrial Writing Desk

Techni Mobili Industrial Writing Desk

Dimension47''L x 24''W x 36''H
MaterialRich engineered wood tabletop, steel frame
Weight capacity88 lbs
Warranty5 years
Benzara Industrial LED Floor Lamp

Benzara Industrial LED Floor Lamp

DimensionsΦ 15”W x 62.5”H x 10.1 lbs
MaterialsMetal base
Input voltage110-220V
Lumens960 lm
Bulb typeLED 3,000K
Warranty1 year

8. Dynamic Layouts

Re-inventing the stale cubicle office has proven to be one of the best outcomes of a modern office design space. Flexible workspaces and "pod" style set-ups became increasingly popular as many businesses adopted open-concept office designs. During social distancing, this modern office design proved particularly useful. Still, even now, in post-pandemic office settings, they are useful for adding a sense of privacy to open spaces. 

It is common for employees to find a safe and confidential workplace when they are at the office. Remote workers returning to the office and the number of employees in the workforce fluctuating, employees may feel disenfranchised at their workplace. Pods offer a modern office setup solution to this problem.

Dynamic Layouts

9. Neurodiverse Space

Some considerations are being introduced into offices with greater intention as companies move towards more inclusive workplaces. Our brains' neurodiversity refers to how they function and how we interpret information differently.

10. More Outdoor Spaces

Many companies and modern office spaces are lucky enough to have a private terrace, courtyard, or rooftop garden in their modern office ideas. In some cases, there will be a shift to outdoor spaces becoming a "must-have" in some cases. Prospective employees will find that an attractive outdoor area will differentiate your organization from the competition. Biophilia, a concept known for its benefits for health and well-being, will be at the center of many modern home office ideas.

More Outdoor Spaces

11. Relying More on Natural Light

The natural light in a workspace can make employees more relaxed and positive and give visitors the impression your workspace is larger than it is. A recent survey shows that 47% of employees feel tired or gloomy due to a lack of natural light and windows in the workplace.

Partitions or architectural accents are used instead of interior walls – or smart glass panels that adjust from transparent to opaque using an app or button. Mirrored surfaces maximize the impact of natural light. Pale colors, glossy finishes, and mirrors all let natural light through. Maintain a clean and minimalist look with your furniture and storage options to allow the light to reach every corner of your living space.

12. Ergonomic and Active Furniture

Making your furniture more ergonomic is one of the best and most affordable ways to improve its design. A rickety, uncomfortable modern office chair is a distraction to anyone who has ever sat in it. The pain in your back and hips makes it difficult to be productive.

Moreover, ergonomics reduces time lost due to injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sore backs, and repetitive strain injuries. The engagement and productivity of your employees will improve when they are physically fit.

An example of modern office design in action is providing employees with various ergonomic sitting and work surfaces. The design proves that modern design isn't just about aesthetics but also a scientifically-based approach to improving employee wellness.

Ergonomic and Active Furniture

13. Rooms for Relaxation or Recreation

Rather than sitting in a drab break room or eating lunch in your car, say hello to foosball or relax on a comfortable couch with co-workers. It might seem counterproductive to have lounge spaces and recreation rooms since work is for working, right?

Creating a homey atmosphere is a staple of contemporary office design. Workers like it. If you're in the mood for an air hockey game, it's the perfect way to build morale and release tension. In addition, such spaces will impress clients and attract potential recruits.


Autonomous WorkPod

Autonomous WorkPod

Dimension8’6’’W x  11’9’’L x 11’H
Ceiling height6’10’’ to 9’4’’
Window materialWooden frame, 5/16” tempered glass
Door materialAnodized aluminum frame,  5/16” tempered glass
MaterialSiding: bitumen, housewrap, vinyl silding
Roof: bitumen, housewrap, shingles roof
Floor: plywood
Balcony: composite wood
IncludeOptional: SmartDesk Connect, ErgoChair Pro+, Dual Monitor Arm, Cable Tray, Steel Cabinet, Anti-Fatigue Mat. Always included: Electrical Cabinet & Bookshelf
Floorspace98 square feet
Capacity2.9 tons
Autonomous StudioPod

Autonomous StudioPod

Dimension8’4”W x 12’6”L x 9’10”H
Floorspace105 square feet
Ceiling height7’3”
Weight capacity2.9 tons
Pedestal18”W x 43”L x 7”
Window & door materialPowder-coated aluminum,  5/16” tempered glass
MaterialSiding: plywood 1/2”, steel frame, honeycomb paper, plywood 3/8”, bitume, housewrap, vinyl siding
Roof: roof shingles
Floor: plywood
Pedestal: steel frame & wood plastic composite
Electrical devicesRCB, Wall outlet, Ceiling light switch, Ceiling light, Ventilator switch, Ventilator, Ethernet wall port, 66ft power cable with 2 connectors
IncludeOptional: Cabinet, Desk, Small & Big Bookshelf, TV Shelf, Foldable Sofa Table, Convertible Sofa Bed. Always included: Electrical Cabinet
Power inputMaximum voltage : 110V AC (US standard)
Maximum current : 25A
Maximum power dissipation : 2750W
Thinktanks Compact Office Pod

Thinktanks Compact Office Pod

Dimension7 x 7 x 7.5 ft
MaterialDouble laminated tempered glass, R200 aluminum
ColorBlack, Green
InteriorWashable PET Felt
Standard outlet110-220V
LightingLED 140W
Warranty3 years
Thinktanks Quad Pod

Thinktanks Quad Pod

Dimension87"W x 61"D x 91"H
Product weight860 lbs
Power supply1100-240V/50 - 60HZ
Natural lighting system4000K/421LM
ColorBlack, White
Warranty3 years

14. Mixing Residential and Commercial Design Concepts

Incorporate soft seating areas with pillows and throws; add living-room decorations such as rugs, plants, coffee tables, and photo frames; and make the floors and walls warm and welcoming with warm wood finishes.

This again relates to creating a positive employee "experience" at work. Companies are making their workspaces as attractive as possible to attract and retain staff in a world where people work from home for so long. Make the design too appealing, and the employees won't want to leave!

Mixing Residential and Commercial Design Concepts

Which Modern Office Design Concept Is Right for You?

As of right now, COVID-19 will undoubtedly transform office space for years to come, perhaps forever. Even though many people still work from home, many others have returned to the office, even if it is only for a few days a week, and many offices have become completely different. Several trends in office design are currently focused on safety, comfort, and sustainability.

These trends will continue into 2022 and beyond. The goal of designers and companies is to enhance productivity by maintaining a healthy and happy working environment, including aesthetics such as acoustics and greenery.  

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Feng Shui Elements in Modern Office Layout

Parts of your home are symbolic of different areas of your life, according to feng shui. A desk and office are associated with your career, for example. If you want your work life to improve, you should look at how your home is handling this issue and make some changes to make it more supportive.

You can optimize your home office with these feng shui tips, whether you're setting up a new space or refreshing your existing one. Try adding a desk dedicated to your career, which signifies stability. We think it would be ideal if you could set up your desk in a room that's exclusively for work. Unfortunately, that's not always an option.

If you need to put it in a multifunctional space, the best place for your feng shui desk is not the bedroom. It is not only a distraction in the bedroom when you are trying to work; it is also harder to wind down after a long day. When a desk in the bedroom is the only option, use a room divider, bookcase, or curtain to separate the two areas and store all work supplies at the end of the day.

Make sure your desk is placed in a commanding or leading position as well. While sitting at your desk in your modern office design, you can see the door to the room, even if you aren't directly in front of it. By seeing what is approaching, you can feel more in control of your life and career. Even if no one is expected at your home office, the feng shui office layout command works on a subconscious level.

Ensure your home office has a good flow. Does your desk have sufficient space? Do you have any obstacles to getting easily to your chair? It may indicate blocks or that you make things unnecessarily challenging for yourself. You may be able to remove or rearrange any blocks and obstacles you notice. If you want to have room to grow, you want to approach your desk and your career with ease.

Feng Shui Elements in Modern Office Layout

Office Equipment for Modern Office Interior Design

One more office interior decorating style involves adding exercise equipment to your regular work layout. This gives you a chance to be able to balance out staying healthy and being productive. When you are at your modern L-shaped desk, you need to see two emails and other work tasks. And, when you need a break, all you do is simply get onto any of these exercising equipment to keep fit.

1. Lighting

Our office lighting options are endless, and we have plenty of options at home too for your modern office design. Lumicharge LED Lamp with Wireless Charger, for instance, combines wireless charging, a docked cradle, and a built-in USB port in one ultra-portable wireless charger suitable for any three smartphones.

This ultra-wide led desk lamp is a great choice for any home or office because of its three adjustable hues and 10-level brightness. With an LED Desk Lamp that clips on the side of the desk, you can create a well-lit workspace that will make you more productive. With less eye strain, you can concentrate better on your work. Otherwise, brighten the room with the Swoop floor lamp or the Logan floor lamp.

Light Bar

Light Bar

Dimensions31.5”L x 1.8”W x 35.4”H x 12.56 lbs
MaterialsDie casting Aluminum & Metal
Input voltageAC 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Brightness1200 lm
Light colors3000k, 4000k, 5000k, 6000k
Lamp lifetime50,000 hours
Warranty1 year
LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp

Dimensions21”L x 3”W x 7.5”H x 18 lbs
MaterialsDie casting Aluminum & Metal
Input voltageAC 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Brightness600 lm
Light colors3000k, 4000k, 5000k, 6000k
Lamp lifetime50,000 hours
Warranty1 year
Stella Lighting Wireless LED Task Lamp

Stella Lighting Wireless LED Task Lamp

Dimensions11"W x 9.25"D x 5.5 lbs
MaterialsAluminum, Alloy Steel, Silicone, Plastic, Rubber
Input voltage12V DC, 1.5A
Light colorsWarm White (2800K)
Pure White (4500K)
Cool White (5500K)
Lamp lifetime50,000 hours
Warranty2 years
Lumicharge LED Lamp with Wireless Charger

Lumicharge LED Lamp with Wireless Charger

Dimensions8"L x 8"W x 15.8"H x 3.75 lbs
ColorsBlack, Silver
MaterialsAluminium + ABS
Input voltageAC 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Brightness850 lumens
Light colorsYellow 2800-3200k, Soft White 3750 k-4250K, Bright White 5500K -6000K
Lamp lifetime50,000 hours
Warranty6 months

Using the Ocushield Oculamp, you can adjust the amount of blue light it emits based on the time of day, permitting you to keep your body clock on time. Your nightstand, desk, and bedside can make all houses. It's small, portable, and easy to use. With Brightech Solar Hanging Lights, you can brighten an otherwise dull room and complement the Brightech Luna floor lamp too. These solar-powered light strings have a vintage design that resembles exposed filament bulbs. You can now take the Arnsberg Lighting quality and design with you when you go camping with the new portable lamps from Arnsberg Lighting.

Lighting in modern office design

2. Air purifiers

It's a nightlight, sound machine, diffuser, and air purifier all in one device from CleanLight. 99.99% of allergens, smoke, dust and other harmful particles are captured by an H13 HEPA filter and UV light. The HEPA filter is easily accessible and should be replaced every 3 months for best results.

It monitors the air quality over a 550 square foot area and is the bigger version of the CleanLight Air XL. Harmful particles can move through the air and inhale, causing multiple ailments and illnesses. CleanLight Air XL removes 99.995% of harmful particles from the air using a combination of UV light and a certified Hepa filter.

Airdog X5 Purifier

Airdog X5 Purifier

Dimensions12.4"L x 12"W x 25.6"H x 23.6 lbs
MaterialsFlame resistant plastic
Coverage spaceUp to 450 sq. ft.
Power100-220 V (AC)
Energy consumption27 W
Ozone emission<10 ppb
Particle destruction0.0146 microns
Warranty1 year with proof of purchase

By changing the color on the screen, the PM 2.5 sensor displays the air quality. CleanLight comes with a 20,000-hour ion generator, more than 20x longer than conventional filters. A cup holder is included with the CleanLight Air Pro, which cleans 161 square feet. Whether you're in your car or on the plane, CleanLight Air Pro lets you clean the air around you in an easy, effective manner.

Air purifiers in modern office design

3. Treadmill

The Indoor treadmill, like the WalkingPad C2 Foldable Walking Treadmill, is smaller and more compact. This is just so that it can fit into most houses easily. The treadmills are a great way to catch up on running, walking, or jogging and keep your heart rate. When you are done with the treadmill, you can fold it away and keep it aside.


Foldable Walking Treadmill C2 by WalkingPad

Foldable Walking Treadmill C2 by WalkingPad

DimensionsUnfolded: 56.9’’ L x 20.4’’ W x 4.9’’ H
Folded: 32.5’’ L x 20.4’’ W x 5.4’’ H
Item weight48.5 lbs
ColorWhite / Black
MaterialsPanel: ABS plastics
Power1 HP
Speed range0.3 - 3.7mph
Weight capacity220 lbs
Warranty1 year
WakingPad Double-Fold Walk-Run Treadmill X21

WakingPad Double-Fold Walk-Run Treadmill X21

DimensionsUnfolded: 55.9” L x 28.3” W x 40.2” H
Folded: 30” L x 37.6” W x 8.9” H
Walking area: 47.6” L x 18.1” W
Item weight81 lbs
MaterialsPanel: Acrylic
Layer: EVA cushion
Body build: ABS + Aluminum Alloy
Speed Range0.6 - 7.5mph
Weight capacity240 lbs
AppAvailable for both IOS & Android
Warranty1 year
Walkingpad Foldable Walk-Run Treadmill R2

Walkingpad Foldable Walk-Run Treadmill R2

DimensionsUnfolded: 57.2” L x 28.3” W x 40.6” H
Folded: 39.4” L x 28.3” W x 6.4” H
Walking area: 47.2” L x 17.3” W
Item weight79 lbs
MaterialsRunning board: HDF
Shell cover: IML injection
Layer: EVA cushion
Body build: Aluminum Alloy
Speed range0.3 - 6.2mph
Weight capacity240 lbs
AppAvailable for both IOS & Android
Warranty1 year

4. Indoor cycling

The indoor cycling bike isn't new. What is new is the way that it is incorporated into office layouts. If you don't have the space for a treadmill in a modern office, you can always opt for the indoor cycle.

Indoor cycling

Ovicx Indoor Cycle

Ovicx Indoor Cycle

Product dimensions44” L x 22.5” W x 43.5” H
Product weight82 lbs
MaterialsCS Frame
Aluminum cage pedals
Weight capacity250 lbs
Workout recordedTime, Distance, Cadence, Output, Resistance, Calories Burned
Seat & handlebar ddjustments12x seat height adjustments (33.1″ H - 40.6″ H)
7x front rear seat positions
8x handlebar heights (47.2″ H - 51.6″ H)
Warranty1 year
Wagan HealthMate EL2773 Mini Cycle

Wagan HealthMate EL2773 Mini Cycle

Dimensions16" W x 13.5" L x 12.8" H
Digital displayScan, time, distance, count, steps/min, calories
Item weight15 lbs
Warranty1 year

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