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7 Modern Office Design Concepts for 2022 That Are Currently Trending

AutonomousAutonomous | Feb 11, 2021

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During the last couple of years, companies have increased their focus on outfitting their workplaces with a good office design, as it’s shown to directly affect their business’ performance. It’s fundamental to have a surrounding that fits and supports the employees, considering the average worker already spends half of their day in the office. This article showcases seven trending modern office design concepts to consider when you want to renovate your office.

What Is the Benefit of Having a Good Interior Office Design?

Good modern office interior design concepts nowadays enhance your company, making it an essential element to your business’ success. It’s challenging to renovate and redesign your office, as it requires you to give it plenty of thought to get the most of it. Having a stimulating workplace that raises your creativity and productivity can better your employee’s morale and wellbeing. It indirectly lets you attract better workers even in a contested job marketplace and reduces your company turnover rate.

A thought-out office interior design concept can increase your company’s bottom line, giving it a boost in its performance. It also can improve your company’s brand and values, as the design your office has tends to reflect the nature of your business. It’s not just your employees that visit your company; occasionally, clients, partners, or associates come around the workplace. For that reason, it’s essential to have a design that strengthens your company’s image and uniqueness, leaving a mark on every person who steps into your workplace.

What Is the Benefit of Having a Good Interior Office Design?

Which Modern Office Design Concept Is Right for You?

It can be difficult to choose what design to incorporate into your next office renovation, especially when the design can affect the workplace’s image and functions. It would be best to contemplate an arrangement that encourages collaboration within the office and considers your employee’s health. Providing ergonomic chairs and desks for your workers can do wonders for their productivity and wellbeing.

If you have trouble deciding on the best office design for your workplace, you can look at the following list of trending office design concepts to guide you to your ideal office. Should you still have trouble deciding, you can employ an office interior designer to devise a workplace design that best suits your company’s image and goals.

1. Ergonomic Workplace

This design keeps your worker’s health and limitations in mind, looking to reduce their fatigue and frustration during their workday. Using cheap office chairs, in the long run, reduces the productivity of your workplace and leads to the employee’s eventual backaches, neck pain, and headaches due to repetitive stress.

An ergonomic office interior design concept looks to adopt a design that focuses on providing the employees with ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and monitors, improving their productivity by lessening the overall stress and correcting their posture.  Nowadays, many technologies and solutions are being incorporated into the workstations to address these issues.

Ergonomic chairs are now easier to find in offices due to the benefits that they provide. These ergonomic office chairs have several features that look to correct your posture and give you proper support. The most important part is the lumbar support for your lower back, but at minimum, they must have adjustable seat height and armrests.

It would be beneficial to get a height-adjustable desk along with the ergonomic chairs. These desks allow your employees to have more leeway when setting up their workspaces. Getting a standing desk riser can let your employees work while sitting or standing, stimulating their productivity and thinking by keeping them active. These desks go hand in hand with a standing stool, allowing them to lean comfortably on the chair in either position and enhance their focus.

Many ergonomic chairs can go for exorbitant prices, but you can scour the web to find the best affordable ergonomic chairs available. The place where you buy an ergonomic office chair can also greatly influence the price, so you should go to a trusted location or website.

Ergonomic Workplace

2. Nature-based Office

Also called biophilic design, which stems from the love of nature, this modern office design concept focuses on increasing the link between the natural environment and the workplace’s occupants through direct or indirect nature and other conditions. Incorporating nature elements in the office has many benefits, both to the employee’s health and the immediate environment.

The nature-based office interior design concept positively affects the worker’s mental health, wellbeing, and performance by incorporating the following nature elements:

  • Light: Having natural light in the workplace is fundamental to the workers because it enables day, night, and season orientation while in the office.
  • Plants: Vegetation, particularly flower heads, is the most direct way to bring a direct experience of nature to your workplace. It is known that plants reduce stress, improve comfort, and enhance performance and productivity.
  • Water: The most alluring part of the water is that it’s a multi-sensory experience. You can see, hear, and touch it, but most of its benefits come from the sound of flowing water. It promotes satisfaction and improves your health and performance.
  • Air: Having natural ventilation can increase people’s comfort and productivity. The easy way to incorporate an airflow is through windows or other more complex strategies.

Other natural elements can be incorporated, such as fire, in the form of fireplaces and hearths, natural landscapes, and animals. The latter isn’t easy to implement, but having an office pet can increase your interest, pleasure, and mental stimulation.

Nature-based Office

3. Activity-based Working

This modern office design concept looks to increase the worker’s productivity through interaction and communication. It also looks to retain the employee’s satisfaction and reduce the overall accommodation costs. The activity-based working concept is meant to improve the workplace’s overall efficiency and satisfaction by allowing employees who perform multiple tasks to move to any place in the office that best suits their job at hand.

Workplaces that implement this office interior design concept can expect to have a considerably more flexible workspace that allows workers to get the best results even while having diverse work styles. The freedom given to the employees makes it easier for them to perform their jobs adequately.  There are a couple of spatial areas that are common in this kind of design, to mention some:

  • Small booths: They are usually enclosed and isolated areas that allow for privacy. It’s ideal for people who need a quiet place to concentrate on their work or call a client.
  • Café atmospheres: These casual areas allow people to enjoy their lunch or snacks while providing them with many seating options such as long tables, couches, coffee tables, and semicircle booths. You can discuss work-related matters with your coworkers or have a brief chat with them.
  • Conference rooms: It has a formal enclosed setting where multiple people can meet to brainstorm ideas or discuss strategies. There’s also the option of using a more informal room when the job is more casual.

Other activity-based working environments include lounge areas, outdoor terraces, open office areas, among others.

Activity-based Working

4. Glass Doors and Walls

This concept isn’t an exclusive design, as glass walls and doors are present in multiple office interior design concepts. It has been trending for a long time now, making it an essential part of many other modern office designs. Using glass walls and doors is more space-efficient while also giving the office an open feeling.

The glass office walls allow the company to establish clear order and structure while promoting transparency. As people become aware of others’ actions through the office’s openness, they stay on their best behavior while reducing their isolation. For this reason, many designs incorporate this design, believing it promotes the worker’s honesty and integrity.

Having glass doors and walls also allow plenty of daylight into the workplace. It grants employees a better sense of orientation throughout the day while also being more beneficial than artificial light.

You can also order custom-made glass office walls from a manufacturer, where you can give it your own company’s flair by incorporating your logo or other designs. They also allow quick office reconfiguration as the interior glass walls can be easily movable, giving you a flexible modern office design concept.

Glass Doors and Walls

5. Home-like Atmosphere

Currently, almost every office job can be done just with a computer or a laptop. As working from a distance becomes more common and practical, employees stop needing to go to their office to work, even when it’s mostly true that people’s productivity increases at their workplace. Although this is the case, many companies still require physical attendance. Because of this, most companies are making the shift to the trend of giving your workplace design a homey atmosphere, allowing workers to feel at home while on the clock.

The idea behind the home-like office interior design concept is to make the workplace experience a relaxing and stress-free one. Just having couches and lounges in some places in the office allows people to take breaks comfortably. It lets them whittle away their fatigue and focus once more on their day.

These pieces of furniture can also have a productive use. Employees can work on their laptops while sitting on a comfortable couch or a long table. Some group meetings take an informal tone as they’re held in places that resemble living rooms. The home-like design favors open-floor layouts with encouraging and enjoyable surroundings. Many offices with this design incorporate modern aesthetics and entertaining aspects such as swings, slides, and even ping-pong tables.

Many home-like office interior design concepts include lounge areas, cafés, break rooms with recreational activities, cozy types of furniture, terraces, and many other things.

Home-like Atmosphere

6. Flexible Workspace

Flexible workspace designs feature an easily customizable office layout that can adapt quickly to the office’s needs by making use of desks, chairs, and tables that can be moved and rearranged. This design directly contrasts with the traditional office layout, where the furniture setting and other things tend to be completely rigid and fixed in place.

When you need to have a meeting with multiple people, you can easily rearrange a couple of tables and chairs to fit any number of participants. Usually, the furniture used in these workplaces must have caster wheels to provide easy movement around the office. It allows for the quick formation and collaboration of multiple teams for any task, whether its duration is short or long.

In a way, flexible workspaces highly resemble the activity-based modern office design concept, except the office doesn’t have the various facilities that adapt to every people’s work style and peculiarities. A similarity is that both can have unassigned seating arrangements, meaning that there isn’t an assigned workspace for any employee. Workers sit and work where they need to or where they feel they can be more productive.

Not having a specific desk or workstation can enhance the employee’s interrelations as they encourage collaboration during projects. It also results in higher satisfaction for the workers.

Flexible Workspace

7. Industrial Office

This office interior design concept refers to a style that takes its inspiration from old factories, barns, warehouses, and other industrial spaces that recently have become lofts, offices, and living spaces. It emphasizes the use of components such as weathered wood, exposed brick, concrete floors, and industrial lighting fixtures. Generally speaking, this design tends to have an unfinished, unconventional, and raw look.

The easy way to acquire an industrial office would be to renovate an old factory, warehouse, or any other industrial building. They would already have many of the common elements seen in the industrial office interior design concept. Some of these elements are high ceilings, open floor plans, large windows, concrete floors, exposed brick walls on the office’s outer wall, and other things. Another common thing would be the sight of exposed pipes, beams, and ducts.

These industrial designs tend to have a natural color palette, such as a mix of grays, rustic,  and warm colors. When walls have these colors, they give the place a feeling of having more space available. They also tend to have plenty of natural light due to their large windows, but floor lamps or metallic light fixtures also blend right into this style if it’s a closed space.

Industrial Office

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