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The Ultimate Pool House Shed Buying Guide for 2024
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The Ultimate Pool House Shed Buying Guide for 2024

|Jun 2, 2024

Who wouldn’t love having a pool house shed? Even though it seems like something expensive to get, there are plenty of options available that suit many budgets.

The key is to pick a design that fits your pool area perfectly. If you take your time to review different pool shed ideas and talk to experts, you will certainly get your dream space to unwind.

Many factors will affect your buying decision, so we want to help you with the process. On this page, you’ll get everything needed to make an informed, detailed, and effective plan for your new pool house.

Do You Need a Modular Pool House?

While you don’t need a pool house, it can make your property much more valuable and convenient. Some people love relaxing by the pool but not in it.

You could set up a few chairs and umbrellas and relax there, but that’s not enough sometimes.

What if you could set up an additional living space near your pool where you can relax? That’s where the pool house shed comes in. Having a tiny house in the backyard comes with many benefits, including:


You won’t need to go back and forth to your main home to look for your pool gear and supplies. By storing everything in your pool house, you’ll be within a few steps away from what you need.

Convenience - Pool house shed


Enjoy an extra degree of privacy by getting a modular pool house. It gives you a safe space to change or give guests some privacy. This is also great for avoiding dirt and water getting into your main home.


Having a pool house can add a lot of value to your property. Usually, these extra spaces are seen as a luxury, making your home more attractive to potential renters or buyers. Even if you’re not planning on selling soon, this is a great factor to consider.

Extra Space

You can use your pool house for different purposes, whether it’s reading, watching TV, or keeping an eye out for your children/pets. If you want to take things one step further, you could get a prefab pool house with a bar to make the space more inviting for your guests.

Extra Space

Design Flexibility

There are dozens of design options when it comes to pool house sheds. Depending on what you get, you could customize your extra space to include the features you need. You can also make the design fit your property’s personality and aesthetic.

Effective Pool Management

Thanks to pool house sheds, it’s easier to store your pool maintenance equipment. Instead of having to look inside your home, you’ll have everything needed for pool care in your shed.

Effective Pool Management

How Do You Pick the Right Pool House Shed?

The main factors to keep in mind are your budget and goals. What do you want the shed for? Are you looking for an entertainment space or something to fit your gear and tools? These questions will help you find something that works.

Next, you must think about how much you’re willing to spend. A pool house shed isn’t always affordable, and you must also think about construction, permits, and other factors that cost money and time.

You could get around some of these problems by getting a prefabricated ADU, as they’re ready to be set up and meet most codes and regulations. Prefabricated pool houses are perfect if you don’t want to think too much about the installation process.

There are two other factors to think about besides the ones we just mentioned:


Think about your pool area and what space you have available for the shed. This will allow you to come up with creative ways to maximize the efficiency of what you get. Even if you don’t have much space available, many factory-built homes will do the trick.



You don’t have to go overboard with the design if it isn’t necessary. Once you identify what you’ll use the shed for, you’ll have a better idea of which style or aesthetic will fit. There are many classic and modern shed ideas to consider; take your time to do research, and you’ll find the perfect option.

It may also help to keep the following elements in mind when choosing a specific shed design:

  • Ventilation
  • Private rooms/bathrooms
  • Storage
  • Lounge/bar areas

How Do You Pick the Right Pool House Shed?

Consider These Pool House Shed Design Ideas

As mentioned, there are many design ideas available for your pool house. If you don’t know what you could do with these spaces, here are some of the most popular uses to consider:

Pool Cabin/Living Space

Use your pool house shed as a small cabin where you and your guests can relax. If you want to make it better, you can create a small “living area” around the shed with a few chairs and a table. That will make the space much cozier.

Pool Cabin/Living Space

Simple Shed

Get a prefab pool house if you want to go for the basics and don’t have any specific needs in mind. It can be beside the pool, and you could use it as a changing room or a space to read books or sleep.

Shed and Deck

If you have a bigger budget, you could build a small deck around your shed. This is perfect if you want a bigger living area where you can relax with your friends and family.

Shed and Deck

Shed with Outdoor Kitchen

Some prefabricated pool houses have a great design that you can use to your favor. If possible, you could create a DIY kitchen with a grill, snack table, or cooler. An outdoor kitchen will make your pool area much more valuable.

Shed with Bar

Like the previous idea, you could use some space around your shed to build a small bar. It doesn’t have to be anything huge; you could set up a few stools and a counter by the windows. These bars are subtle and complement your pool house shed perfectly.

Guest House

You may get a reasonably sized, prefabricated pool house and use it as a guest space. Whether you don’t have enough space in your primary home or want to give people a private area to be in, you can include a few essentials in these sheds to make them the perfect guest house.

Guest House


Your pool house can also work as a quiet space for you to complete tasks. Whether it’s for work or entertainment, you can get a pool house shed that you can go to when you need some “me-time”.

Make Your Experience Easier with Autonomous ADUs

Getting a pool house shed can be exciting, but if you don’t know where to start, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options. Not all pool shed ideas will fit your property, and picking the wrong option will make you lose a ton of time and money.

Thankfully, there’s an option for people who don’t want to risk it with their first pool shed: the prefab home.

Home pods also work as pool sheds, as they provide extra space where you can do anything you want. Depending on the model you get, you could use it for work, entertainment, relaxation, or even sleeping.

Autonomous has three options available for people. These have specific measurements that make them feasible for most properties. All you’d have to do is check your local laws and regulations to see if you can set up one of these in your pool area.

Let’s look at the Autonomous pods and help you decide which one is perfect for your needs.

Autonomous WorkPod

The WorkPod is perfect for those looking for home office pods. Even though it’s designed to offer workers a nice and relaxing space to be in, you can also set it up as your pool shed.

It has the perfect size to set up different items and spaces, and the best news is that it’s suitable for most terrains.



star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon96 reviews

It’s the ideal balance between price and features.You may need to seek installation services for a fee if you don’t have experience setting these up.
It fits most environments.
You don’t need a permit in most localities.


Thanks to the Autonomous WorkPod, you can set up a relaxing space by your pool without much effort. You get some customization when making your order, including the window placement.

If you don’t want to think too much about furnishing the WorkPod, you can buy it with furniture. Also, you can include installation services with your purchase if you live in California.

Even though this is a minimalist pod, it’s great enough for many purposes. Whether you want a space to read, watch movies, or change your clothes, this works great.

Autonomous WorkPod

  • Insulation Range: 45 to 100°F.
  • Weight Capacity: 2.9 tons.
  • General Measurements: 98 sq. ft.

Autonomous WorkPod mini

The WorkPod mini is a toned-down version of the previous product. It’s even more minimalistic than the WorkPod, but it still provides enough space and features for those who want a neat pool shed.

WorkPod mini

WorkPod mini

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon4 reviews

Its size fits most outdoor areas.It’s smaller than other options.
It’s stylish.
It’s simple to set up.


You can use the WorkPod mini as a useful pool house shed if you’re creative. The inside area allows you to set up many different furniture pieces, allowing you to create any space you consider appropriate for your shed.

Moreover, you get plenty of space around the WorkPod mini to create a few extra areas. You could, for example, set up a small bar area beside the window.

Even if you don’t want the pod to store any pool essentials, you can set it up as an extra workspace or a guest room. Trust us; there are many possibilities even with the “Lite” version of the WorkPod.

Autonomous WorkPod mini

  • Weight Capacity: 1.3 tons.
  • General Measurements: 80 sq. ft. 

WorkPod Versatile

This prefab studio is great for those who want the ultimate relaxation space around their pool area. The Autonomous WorkPod Versatile takes the experience to the next level by including a unique, multi-purpose design that will fit most needs.

WorkPod Versatile

WorkPod Versatile

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon38 reviews

It’s a multi-purpose unit.It’s the most expensive option on the list.
It’s suitable for most terrains.
You won’t need a permit in most localities.
It has a stylish design.


Consider the WorkPod Versatile if you have a bigger budget. It combines the best of the WorkPod and WorkPod mini to offer an amazing shed for your outdoor area.

Its design allows you to get creative with the rest of the space. Whether you want to set up an outdoor kitchen, bar, or living area outside, rest assured they will fit the pod’s design.

Something that makes the WorkPod Versatile special is that it’s sturdy and quiet, ensuring no one can bother you if you’re working, sleeping, or relaxing.

Since it has a lot of space, you can set up different areas inside, which may not be possible with smaller models. You could get a working area, a storage space, and other essentials you might need.

The WorkPod Versatile also does an excellent job as a guest house, so this could be a great addition to your property if you tend to have people over.

WorkPod Versatile

  • Insulation Range: 40 to 105°F.
  • Weight Capacity: 2.9 tons.
  • General Measurements: 105 sq. ft.

Bottom Line

That’s all you need to know about prefabricated pool houses and their different uses!

Remember, there’s no “best” pool house idea; the right option is the one that works for your needs and budget. 

If you want to go for the safest option, pick one of the Autonomous pods. These were designed for maximum efficiency, comfort, and creativity. Once you get the right one, you can set it up however you consider appropriate.

We hope this guide has given you everything necessary to start your search. Do proper research before choosing an option, and get ready for a new way to enjoy your home and pool!

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